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The Mayor has just been informed by reliable sources that Donald J. Trump has not fulfilled every last campaign promise that he made. Terrifying. And the promises that he did make and has followed through on, well, nobody saw them coming. Terrifying. Also, some things that he is doing are either being implemented too quickly, or too slowly. Terrifying. The Mayor wishes someone else had been elected, then no one would have to worry about anything ever again. Sigh…

Leftism succeeded because it enabled people to manipulate society. Instead of having social standards that people were rewarded for obeying, society adopted an assumption of reward and need at the same time, which let people be “equal” by separating their actions from the consequences of those actions.

This allowed them to play the society “game” and win by contributing little, removing standards that would restrict them, and simultaneously force others into behaviors that destroyed them unless those ideals were recognized as insincere, and the others also adopted an attitude of public compliance and private manipulation as well.

Ukraine – Coup Government Tries To Sabotage U.S.-Russia Rapprochement

Höcke also said that the country’s past had been distorted to look “lousy and ridiculous,” called the Allied bombing of Dresden in 1945 a “war crime,” and called for school history books to be rewritten.
“This ridiculous coping policy paralyses us. We need a complete 180-degree turn. Until now, we have not been able to mourn our own sacrifice.”

A big moral chasm between conservatives and liberals is the feeling of disgust; cons have low disgust thresholds (they are acutely sensitive to disgusting things or disgusting people) and libs have high disgust thresholds (they can tolerate, even enjoy wallowing in, disgusting things). Gathering tit-to-tit and fagface-to-fagface by the thousands, hoisting obscene placards and wearing obscene costumes, and cursing for hours at the top of one’s lungs feels disgusting to cons. Libs, otoh, practically live for the degenerate slop life.


The state of Catholicism in Quebec today is indeed desperate. In 1966, there were 8,800 priests; today there are 2,600, most of whom are elderly; many live in nursing homes. In 1945, weekly mass was attended by 90% of the Catholic population; today it is 4%. Hundreds of Christian communities have simply disappeared.

The Quebec Council of the Religious Heritage has reported that in 2014 alone, a record 72 churches closed. The situation is even worse in the Archdiocese of Montreal. From 257 parishes in 1966, there were 250 in 2000, and in 2013 only 169 parishes. Christianity seemed at the risk of extinction; the Archbishop of Montreal, Christian Lépine, launched a moratorium on the sale of the churches.

Japan is putting together a package it says could generate 700,000 U.S. jobs and help create a $450-billion market, to present to U.S. President Donald Trump next week, government sources familiar with the plans said.

U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism

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  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    Ontario is a racist shithole. We have fascist police putting little six year old girls in handcuffs! We have fascist meanies in Georgina townships using the forbidden N-word! We have inadequate weeping and JesuisQuebecCity spirit showing slurping up white guilt when Islamophobia is everywhere in everybody! Aaaargh!

    Great links to a great site Mayor

  2. The Mayor Says:

    On the bright side, that skunk saw its shadow, so only 6 week’s until spring.

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