If You Build It They Won’t Come

So, you’ve just been to the Home Depot parking lot to pick out your newest work crew, and for some reason you have this niggling feeling that you are being watched. By ICE. And not Vanilla Ice, either. But the immigration kind of ICE.

Well, be still your beating (and scum-filled) heart. There’s a page that might help you stay 15 seconds ahead of the immigration deportation station.

It’s also a fun page with minutes and minutes of entertaining reading for those of you that have no intention of tearing out the heart-and-soul of the American workforce..

One Response to “If You Build It They Won’t Come”

  1. Fenris Badwulf Says:

    I burst into tears reading this insightful post.

    Those happy river reptiles, waiting.


    This gave me renewed faith in Set, the Snake God.

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