Norway Deports 10,000 Criminal Immigrants – Crime Plummets – Cops Have No Idea Why

Norway puts the boot to a whack of immigrants and crime goes way down:

The Progress Party’s justice policy spokesman, Ulf Isak Leirstein, told Dagbladet that this significant drop in reported crime is partly because they have deported nearly 10,000 criminal immigrants under the current government.

Last year had the lowest number of reported crimes in Oslo in 14 years.

Police in Oslo, however, say they can not verify a connection between the decrease in crime and the many deportations.

Yes, it’s a real head-scratcher.

Kind of like when there are less abortions more babies are born. Kind of like that.

And just think – Norway has a population of just over 5 million people. Out go 10,000 gimmedats and crime plummets to decade lows. Imagine if Norway got rid of ALL immigrants? Would crime go down even further? Why not try it and find out, what do you have to lose? Sure, you might not be able to get a falafel at 3 am any more, but chances are you won’t get raped either.

Listen up all countries that aren’t Norway. Do you want to have less crime? You know what to do, the template has been established.

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