Green Shoots & Leaves

What are those “resisting Trump” proposing as solutions to the profound structural ills afflicting the empire? Gender-neutral bathrooms? A continuation of a dysfunctional immigration policy? Blaming Russia to mask the catastrophic failure of the past 25 years of neocon imperial over-reach? Cost-free “virtue-signaling” proclamations in support of diversity? “Safe places” on college campuses paid for by student loans crushing a vast indentured class of debt-serfs?

The Jerusalem Post said the Soviet secret police last year secured the release of three kidnaped Soviet diplomats in Beirut by castrating a relative of a radical Lebanese Shia Muslim leader, sending him the severed organs and then shooting the relative in the head.

But new research suggests that professing such third-party concern—what social scientists refer to as “moral outrage”—is often a function of self-interest, wielded to assuage feelings of personal culpability for societal harms or reinforce (to the self and others) one’s own status as a Very Good Person.

Why the high IQ lack common sense

Big media has steadily been pushing the gay agenda for decades, something the public have reluctantly put up with, because it has been in relatively small doses. But now it looks like the TV companies have gone too far, after they rolled out a number of big budget, gay-themed TV shows that flopped disastrously with viewers.

It’s not just a question of letting Django off the chain. It’s who he gets directed towards once all the weapons are locked and loaded. Every time the SWPLs unleash a new policy to “undo racial discrimination” or “rectify the mistakes of the past” these never quite seem to rectify the goddam hell out Chelsea Clinton or one of The Kennedys.


In its last months the Obama administration ordered the intelligence agencies to collect and distribute information of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia. This to prevent any change by the Trump administration of the hostile policy towards Russia that the Obama administration instituted. The intent was also to give the intelligence services blackmail material against the Trump crew to prevent any changes in their undue, freewheeling independence.

Norway’s immigration and integration minister, Sylvi Listhaug, does as Donald Trump and calls out the fake news media.

Online English Vocabulary Size Test

3 Responses to “Green Shoots & Leaves”

  1. Steamboat McGoo Says:

    I brag. My English vocabulary test result was in the top 0.19%. It said I “… could be a Shakespeare and make up my own words!” Woot! Some of those questions were a bit tricky.

    Oddly, it said of my American English test that “My A-English is average,” and that “I have traveled in the US and watched American movies but never lived there”. This puzzles me, and makes me wonder just which country I’ve been living in? Gawd, I hope I wasn’t in Alberta.

    Trump needs a platoon of those Soviet Secret Police. For the Libtards & journalists, y’know.

  2. We are defenders of the faith Says:

    Western media is in full collapse. They no longer offer anything relevant. People do not trust the narrative. As a result, they are like Soviet papers: communiques from the Cathedral and not much else!

  3. The Mayor Says:

    Steamboat – The Mayor took the test and is the top 72.4%. Imagine, smarter than 1/4 of the entire population. Feels good.

    Defender’s – It’s an all out activist vs activist war. Fenris has been saying this for 8 years on these pages. One day (it’s here), activist’s will start eating other activist’s. So yes, media, as well as all the mouthpieces, are on their last legs.

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