Deported Back To Mexico – The Good & The Bad

The Mayor is surprised he can even type this post – as the tears flooding down his face have short circuited his keyboard 6 times already. Reading the Washington Post on the horrors of Mexican’s deported, has cause a tsunami of eye-water that cannot be soaked up by even the brawniest of Brawny paper towel.

For instance:

José Armando López García, 50, is trying to make a life in Mexico after being deported about a year ago. He left a wife and five children in Las Vegas after a routine traffic stop revealed he was using a fake driver’s license.

This is sad, si? Imagine, kicking a man out for the non-crime of being in the country illegally, and driving with a fake driver’s license, meaning, he didn’t have any insurance either. Which in turn, had he struck someone in the street, no insurance means medical care for injured person would be a shit-show.

Jose was an outstanding citizen, there is no doubt in The Mayor’s mind. Sure, he has no inkling whatsoever about bringing his FIVE kids home, or his wife, but that doesn’t mean he’s insensitive and cruel and half a man, it just means that Jose is…. The Mayor isn’t sure where to go with this.

And what else did that dirty rag of a newspaper have to say about the poor deported?

More returnees means lower wages for everybody in blue-collar industries such as construction and automobile manufacturing, where competition for jobs is likely to increase, economists say.

Funny how economists in Mexico and the US have a different opinion when it comes to wages and low/no-skill immigrants. In the US, we’re told that illegal immigrants are a boon for the economy and great for the America worker. But when you ship them back to Mexico, they become a drain on the Mexican worker. It’s kind of like magic in a way.

But it’s not all bad. Sure, returning Mexican’s may be driving down wages of other Mexican’s, but just being in the US may just prove to be the great reset the Mexican economy needs:

At the same time, though, there will be more English-speaking Mexicans entering the workforce who’ve honed their skills in the United States, a development that in the long run could position Mexico to be a stronger player in the global economy, analysts say.

Then the government of Mexico are going to be downright giddy with happiness when the Trumperfuhrer ships another 14 million illegals back home in the next 8 years. Mexico will be like China by then.

The Mayor would link to the article, but it’s from the Washington Post, and, well, you know.

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