From the Desk of the Darklord

I am trying to find a picture of whats-his-name, the diversity guy who won the NDP leadership. There are pictures of him everywhere. The progressives really have their tongues up their rectum for this one.

Dark rumors have it that the trans-progressives infiltrated the NDP with members to secure his victory. I have never heard of progs infiltrating anything to shift things around. Never. Go talk to some of your old-core, hard-core Bolshevik friends … they do not know who voted for the guy. Of course not. Trans-progs slithered in and did it. Har har har.

Dark Rumors are that the actual guts of the NDP (you know, the ones who actually work campaigns, make phone calls, place signs) are ghack vomiting over the elevation of this wet dream for white guilt slurpers.

My Ouiji board
tells me that whats-his-name will be the end of the NDP. Do not believe me? Does not anything the trans-progs infiltrate just shrivel up and die? You know it is true.

My Crystal ball tells me that the labor movement … the real one that represents people who work … has had the derelict scab of the leadership of the NDP torn off. The proletariat is leaderless yet again. Hmmm. While the Social Parasite Party gains strength and prepares to absorb the NDP into the arms of the Stalinist beurocracy, the over taxed and over regulated working class is out looking for leadership … a leader. Will it be Peron? Franco? Cromwell? Go figure.

A prediction. Just like whats her name of the Wild Rose bolted for the Alberta conservatives, you can add the migration of this white guilt dream boat to the party of Trudeau. I said it first. Expect some charges of the usual racism and sexism and ismism; and he gets a cabinet post.

I, the Dark Lord, wrote this, from my desk.

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