Horoscope for the week of September 9, 2018

In the Heavens: New Moon on Sunday at the start of the week. The New Moon is in Virgo, and in opposition to Neptune, ruling in Pisces. So, the normally healthy and uplifting ‘bring in the harvest’ energy which we associate with Virgo, will be undermined by some foggy, illusionary, deceptive narrative. Neptune, while ruling in Pisces, is also retrograde, so the critics are doomed to some typically Pisces undoing down the road. I suspect our Silicon Valley know-betters do not have access to competent astrologers who would advise them to more auspicious timing for their censorship in the service of social engineering.

Venus and Mars are in square. This aspect of domestic violence, infidelity, rough sex, and the intense which flows out of male-female relationships (and has been doing so since the start of time) peaks at the start of the week. Venus (still in aspect) changes sign from Libra (which she rules) to Scorpio (where she is in detriment). This happens on Monday. Characters caught up in the Venus role move suddenly from control to subjugation. They fall. On the Monday when this happens, Mars, as opponent, is still en-nobled (being that Mars is exalted in Capricorn). So, the fall of these characters does not fall to the darker depths that Venus in Scorpio can experience. At least until Wednesday, when Mars itself changes sign from Capricorn to Aquarius. Mars loses it’s exaltation and transforms from quest knight to something more MGTOW. So, there are three phases: the second phase begins with a fall on one actor, and the third is the withdrawl of the other actor. These events are best observed, participation will put you in danger of infamy and incarceration.

Aries: Your pursuit of an opportunity lasts until Wednesday, when new facts change your direction. What you were after was not real, or has changed it’s nature to something unappealing.

Taurus: A vision of the future hastens your steps. A complication arises on Wednesday when an associate is unveiled as an immoral fraud. Road rage and a mob scene could occur on Wednesday as well. Be cautious in travel.

Gemini: You will discover a cache of misfiled books in a library or book store. The mystery of who is responsible and who is profiting from this will be up to you to discover. Be discrete.

Cancer: Rabies is spreading in your community. From housepets to obnoxious humans. Be cautious on Thursday that you do not get bit.

Leo: Wonderful money making opportunities exist until Wednesday when some young punk interjects himself into the cash flow pipeline.

Virgo: You rule this week. The world is full of gardens that need weeding. You will the lottery on Friday. Impose order.

Libra: A lover out of the past will be discovered to have third stage syphillis. Get thee to a doctor for some needed anti-biotics. Be discrete. Your current stable of lovers might be queasy about the grisly details.

Scorpio: Food served to you will be unacceptable, and questioning its compliance to food preparation laws in your jurisdiction could lead to charges of racism. Some problems need back alley solutions.

Sagittarius: You will be drawn into a distasteful secret combination that multiplies complexity through the week.

Capricorn: A full week of moving your agenda forward even as you look to the past for examples of how not to get things done.

Aquarius: You will be revitalized on Wednesday, with both a romantic opportunity and an intellectual question.

Pisces: You will have a mystical experience on Monday, to be experienced by yourself alone, although other non-corporeal beings will be in attendence. You stand at the threshold of the future as shaped by the past, and the present in reaction to the past.

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