Green Shoots & Leaves #2463

I know we’re living in the end times and all, but i’m still really impressed that I can have an authentic Italian pizza delivered right to my door in less than 30 minutes. They couldn’t even pull that off during the last days of Rome. They were all like, “Ah fungoo, it’s beenalike 45 minutes and still no pizza. This whole-a country is going to a shit.”

A Kentucky woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of rape has been referred to the Department of Justice after she admitted that she lied.
The woman, Judy Munro-Leighton, took credit for contacting the office of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as “Jane Doe” from Oceanside, California. Jane Doe claimed – without naming a time or place – that Kavanaugh and a friend raped her “several times each” in the backseat of a car. Harris referred the letter to the committee for investigation.

For those of you keeping track, 2 Kavanaugh accusers have now admitted that they are lying whores, and the biggest lying whore hasn’t admitted she lied (yet), but has walked away with over 1 million dollars. The whoreiarchy of whoredom works this way – she who whores first and hardest walks away with a whore-fist of dolla’s, and all proceeding whores get nothing. Whores.

Moments ago GE found itself completely shut out of the Commercial Paper market, when Moody’s downgraded its senior unsecured rating to Baa1, from A2, and downgraded the short-term rating to P-2, from P-1, making future sales of CP impossible.

It seems like only yesterday when Obama and his henchmen bailed out GE to the tune of 132.5 billion (yes, billion, with a B). And since that time 9 years ago, GE hasn’t paid a red cent of tax to any level of gov’t. And now they are bancrupt. Bra Vo, GE. Another display of liberal ineptitude, brought to you by diversity inc.

Prescriptions for Millions of Opioid Pills Lead to Charges Against 5 Doctors – have a boo at the names of the doctors.

This is what diversity does to our society. Those that don’t have the same values and culture as us, have no problem eliminating us. At least when we are exterminated we can say we weren’t racists. Yippee.

Mattress Firm’s Moral Bankruptcy – Scam company meets scam economy, giant scam ensues

Two years of non-stop campaigning, denouncing and doxing—and all the Resistance has to show for it is a House majority smaller than the one Republicans currently have and a net loss of three Senate seats? (Thank you, Justice Brett Kavanaugh!)

Alyssa Milano Refuses to Speak at Next Women’s March, Cites Anti-Semitism

This may not be relevant to the article, but Alyssa Milano is one of the hairiest women ever to step foot on this planet. Apparently, she spends upward of $300 a month on Lady Bic razors.

If anyone needed any further proof that Africa is shaping up as the next major hot spot in oil and gas, this year’s edition of Africa Oil Week will provide it. The event launched amid higher oil prices and booming exploration activity across the continent with supermajors and independents both upbeat about their prospects there.

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