Green Shoots & Leaves #1743

Canada Post says it recorded a loss of $71 million in its latest quarter, which it is directly blaming on costs related to a pay equity dispute with its largest union. The country’s postal service says the net loss compares with a loss of $44 million in the third quarter a year ago. – Give or take $50 million, Canada Post loses about $140 million a year. Maybe postal worker’s should go on strike for more money and bennies. That would definitely make them more productive.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Broadway show set to close following struggling ticket sales. The show that marked Paltrow’s Broadway producing debut oddly paired music by the ’80s band with a story inspired by a 16th-century English prose poem. It will have played just 188 regular performances when it shuts down. – A story inspired by a 16th century English prose poem failed to make it on Broadway? Colour The Mayor surprised. If Paltrow wants to make it on Broadway, The Mayor has a suggestion for her – get into snuff movies. Preferably on the snuffing end.

Gap Inc. said it exploring whether to close hundreds of underperforming stores at its namesake brand, after the unit reported a 7% decline in quarterly comparable sales. – The Gap reminds me of when I hear a story about an old person that just died, and I think to myself, “wasn’t he already dead?” That’s The Gap in a nutshell.

After Wasting $14 billion on Share-Buybacks, GM Prepares for Carmageddon & Shift to EVs, Cuts Employees, Closes 8 Plants – If GM was a horse, they would have shot it years ago and made it into something useful – glue. However, after 2008, billions of taxpayer’s money was wasted on GM, only for them to turn around and stiff us, the taxpayer. They repaid us by moving large portions of their business overseas, funneling back hundreds of millions to their leftist overlords, and various leftist causes. When times were good, the *poor worker’s* went on strike and basically held GM for ransom. And now things implode. Good riddance.

German Think Tank: Trump Winning in Trade War with China – This whole trade war has been a giant financial boon for the US. Look at the raw numbers the US is taking in on Chinese tarrifs alone, and do the math on what it will look like when Trump ramps this up over the next 6 months.

As “the right wing” of politics has quickly turned into a vast jungle of ideologies and political parties it has also become more and more obvious that these groups have developed into different subcultures that have been neglected for too long by science. – It’s the only diversity that really matters.

Robert De Niro and his wife of over 20 years, Grace Hightower have split, Page Six has exclusively learned. – Boy, I sure hope this doesn’t unhinge him and make him angry and unreasonable. Just keep being the same level-headed, good natured Robert De Nero you can be.

Ahead of Airbnb’s expected initial public offering next year, the home-sharing startup announced more than $1 billion in revenue during Q3 2018.

One Million Chinese Moved Into Muslim Homes to Monitor Political Beliefs
– It’s hard not to be envious of the Chinese when it comes to solving *complex* problems. Moslem problem? No problem. NEXT!

Federal Government Has Spent $2.3M to House Asylum Seekers in Toronto Hotels – That continental breakfast better be halal, you white devils!

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  1. marc in calgary Says:

    A few years past, I moved into this dump of a basement suite, it’s “close in” in the the parlance of real estate folk, meaning it’s walkable to home from the central business district, about 20 short (not the long) avenues, if I stay too late being refreshed after work some Friday. This has only happened once to me. And not in the past months as I’m not employed in the central business district at the moment. I have a couple of interviews Monday, which happens often enough, but no cigar. There’s a solid chance my former employer will have room for me in January (though he didn’t say which January..) They have 200 resumes from people that want to be plumbers, and 200 from folks that are plumbers, and he seems wiling to hold this job and give it to me. Anyhow as an aside, I’m not here to rip about our Premier Notley sometimes pronounced, “Premier Not a Pipeline”. But I have some commentary regarding my landlord.
    And, living here in the western bunker isn’t so bad, rent was cheap as she’d (the landlord) not raised the rate from the previous tennent, and not so many folks were looking then, people try to hold onto what they’ve got when a slide begins as they never know where they’ll land.
    $850 / month, all in, including internet, and no cable for me.
    So after work ended here, “suddenly” like it does for everyone, some folks even almost abandoning their moderately successful blog because “shit got real” or whatever.
    After the first year was up, we didn’t write a new lease, I’m stable, always pay, no parties or lewd/loud goings on. And she waited until I was out of work for what comes next. One day I was telling her of how Concept Electric was shutting down, or bankrupt, and those 600 people here were out of work, and I don’t know if they’d gotten their final paychecks. It was known as a good company, bar b ques, and other good spiffs, My commercial plumbing company went from +330 folks to about 130, half in the office. I say “my” because I really did like it. I’m just a guy that knows how to deliver hot water to the top levels of towers, and ensure the pee/poo runs downhill. You’ll find plenty of the women folk like those two things.
    So the landlord raised the rent when I told her I was out of work, gave me the req’d 90 days notice, which was October.
    Then I guess she got tired of seeing me watching the world go by, mostly just commenting on idiots posts on the Failbook and National Post articles, your confederate Mr. Badwulf sometimes sees my commentary and gives me “a like” and the hope that there are more like him and I… that would prefer to see our imbecile PM Trudeau choke on a perogy or a cock and then pin a “Do Not Resuscitate” sticker on him while he’s still twitching.
    So the EI benefits ran out, like it has for another few thousand folks here, and she (landlord) thought that me sitting around for months drinking President’s Choice coffee was too much to take anymore, so she left a letter for me at the top of the stairs 3 days past (we share one common door to the outdoors, very much in contrary to the fire code, I’ll get to that too eventually), indicating I’ll have to start paying 1/2 the utilities as I use too much water having a daily shower, and do sometimes 3-4 loads of wash on Saturday with the long cycle only and hot water always, and of course I have a hot shower every day, and some other shit about her having cancer so she wasn’t thinking straight when she signed the lease. So this change will take place 1st January. Which is 32 days notice of this change, and is in addition to the actual rental increase in the past October. I looked into it, because you know, I really haven’t much to do except talk with my daughters online, and sometimes with my ex wife from 18 years ago, it’s been really nice talking to Tess again. I may have said some shit about her in the past but I was invited to last Christmas party with our kids, and I went knowing she’d be there, got a great hug, and we laughed all evening. It was truly nice. She looks great, (not “for 53″, but looks great regardless of age) has kept her bum looking swell with plenty of yoga. So the landlord can’t raise de rents twice in a year, and needs to give me 90 days before a change, so I’m going to pay like I’m good with this, and after I move I’ll go to the Alberta Tennent Resolution Board and they’ll order the cancer girl to reimburse me in full and pronto. She told me I’ll have to start shoveling the snow for 1/2 of the sidewalk out back from the side gate to the actual back, it’s about 120 feet. That’s a change, not in the lease agreement. So I looked online, as that’s what I do now that my callous’ have all gone from my hands, and apparently the deal is to simply keep track of when I shovel snow, and get a snow removal company to estimate how much they’d charge, and include this in the Tennant Resolution Board paperwork. The rate here in Cowntown is about $200 / month regardless of if it snows 18 or 3 times, which will come in handy as well. I don’t really know how she’ll pay this either. She’d mentioned to me she doesn’t issue receipts as she hasn’t sent her federal / provincial taxes in for at least 5 years when I moved in here. I looked online as that’s what I do these days. Did you know that basement rent is applied directly at the top of your income tax form and is fully taxed as income? I doubt she’s set any aside for tax. So about $4k of tax added to her levy each of the past 7 years as she’s been renting this suite out for that long. She became quite tired after the radiation therapy last winter, so she asked to be laid off, and the little electric company she worked for laid her off so she’d be able to collect E.I. like me. Still, I’ve been sitting here for too long for her to stand it so she thought she’d put the squeeze on me. She has a lot, when I say a lot, I mean she is ALL WRINKLES ALL OVER HER. She’s been smoking since she was 14 or so and I can only guess she’s 60 now but she looks a bit like my grandmother did when she was +90, seriously. Hence the cancer has moved into her jawline. I bet it hurts. She said she can’t taste any food now, and I nodded like I cared deeply.
    So I don’t know how she’ll pay this 7 years x $4k = $28,000 in federal / provincial tax next spring. Did you know Rev Canada has a snitch line, actually two. 1 for domestic scoundrels and 1 separate for international scoundrels. I’d be sweet if Rev Canada paid folks for snitching. I could tell them some stories of Mr. Cheap Water Heater Replacement Inc of Calgary, a guy with the new new Ford F-150 Harley edition every year. But he works honestly, and doesn’t fuck me over while I’m somewhat down, so I wave to him and say, “Hey how’s it going, coffee sometime ok”? But the landlord… no! she doesn’t want to drink coffee with me. Did I mention the landlord “staging houses” for cash? Apparently it’s what some women folk do while claiming E.I. from the Federal Gov’t. Did I mention the single door serving 2 separate suites? Did I mention that Calgary zoning requires separate heating appliances for separately occupied suites? Did I mention the carbon monoxide detector must be hard wired into the house and co connected with the separate suites? How about co connected smoke detectors for both suites? How about double drywalled walls around the furnace room and separate heating appliances for separate suites? How about reading of the fines the Calgary Fire Dept has won (well actually the “Justice Dept” has won) for these infractions. They’re typically $10,000 for each infraction, I’m not dwelling on this but I think it’s about $50,000 in fines for this list of fines, and she won’t be allowed to rent to another until she repairs the mess. Course she may have to sell to pay her back taxes. Course she may be liable for some capital gains taxes against her as she did suite the basement out so she’d be able to rent it, so it became like a business, not just something that may have happened without a direct reason. Sounds like a pot full of shit to take on because she didn’t like me washing my towels and sheets in hot water each week without fail, like Alberta Health suggests. Or having a hot shower every day. On all my checks (with this current address on them) for rent it’s noted, “December rent” for example. It’s not like I’m paying her for hugs.

    Hope it’s worth it Robin.
    PS. It seems almost like you’ve stepped in some shit.

  2. marc in calgary Says:

    1 more thing…
    I worked in a sawmill in Cochrane Alberta 20 years ago, and met / worked with Mitzi Halliday. Terrific gal, really hard working, funny, super pretty. Had 3 daughters, my oldest daughter was a friend of her daughter in high school. Mitzi’s 2nd oldest daughter Tiffany (same name as my daughter) finished high school, moved to Calgary 15 kilometers away, and shared a basement suite with 3 others and her dog, directly out of high school, and taking the first step to being an adult.
    The basement suite didn’t have large enough windows to crawl out of, and the fire detector was not functioning. On 26 January 2009 there was a basement fire, there was inadequate heating so they’d had a space heater. 1 of the 4 survived, and later on, Calgary changed much of their Fire Code requirements,
    Akif and Bushra Amin were the landlords, and the fines were $89,000 but they didn’t go to the final court proceeding.
    2 bedrooms with undersized windows
    2 basement windows with security bars that couldn’t be removed quickly
    1 none functioning smoke detector.
    Several other infractions under Public Health and housing standards.
    CBC has the link still, with photo of the house.

    for Mitzi…

  3. The Mayor Says:

    I read every single word. And it was awesome, horrible, and awesome again.

    Robin definitely stepped in some shit.

  4. marc in calgary Says:

    Writing non fiction is a lot easier than fiction. Fuck u Robin, living your non fiction will be shit.

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