Green Shoots & Leaves #6231.8

Why are the Yellow Vests protesting, you ask? Well, from what we are reading, it has absolutely nothing to do with a proposed gas tax Macaroni wanted to implement on his fellow French. As a matter of fact, it has to do with everything BUT the proposed gas tax Macaroni wants to see implemented. It’s about increasing the minimum wage, pension benefits, the expansion of the social safety net. It’s about immigration. But it’s not about the gas tax. And now, immigrant groups are involved in the protests, left wing unions, SJW’s and university student’s (redundant) are also participating. When all is said and done and the yellow vests are co-opted by government moles, Macaroni will hand out a few more gibs and by Christmas this whole thing will be finished. And within a year, Macaroni will re-introduce some form of other tax to make up for his gas tax, and the proceeds will go to everyone except the citizens of France, and the Globalist’s will laugh in their creme brule and drink the blood of a thousand white babies.
Or something like that.

The money that GM will save by not paying those 15,000 workers – and not building those cars – won’t be refunded to the taxpayers whose generous, at-bayonet-point “contributions” made it possible for GM to keep its doors open. The money will be pocketed by GM – including CEO Mary Barra, whose annual compensation package amounts to in excess of $21 million. She is the highest-paid CEO of any car company and heads a company that is losing market share, contracting its operations and firing its employees en masse. – A very worthwhile read, a very worthwhile site.

Newly discovered cave in Wells Gray Park could be Canada’s largest – It looks like Pamela
Anderson officially has the second biggest hole in Canada now.

Link between poverty, obesity developed in last 30 years – It use to be that the only fat people you would find were rich folk. Now the only fat people you find are poor folk. Mind you, we have the richest poor folk in the world.

Recognizing Propaganda Among Common Trends – Everything is propaganda in one form or another, so it’s best to live by the rule *believe nothning what you hear and half what you see*. To be safe though,believe nothing what you see as well

Ford guts grant to help further truth and reconciliation – The word *guts* in this case means the Ontario Premier is cutting 2.5 million and keeping the 62 million dollar program running. 2.5 million is now considered gutting. So, the Orwellian *truth and reconciliation* program lives to distribute middle class wealth another day

Number of poor in Brazil grows by two million – Too many bodies fighting for too few resources.

Stone Tools From North Africa May Have Just Shifted The Human Origin Story… Again – *again*, as in every single year they change the *origin story*. It should be called The Never Ending Story

Robot Janitors Are Coming to Mop Floors at a Walmart Near You – Robots are the purest form of diversity hiring there is.

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