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It takes a ton of vagina to declare your intention to run for President and then 15 minutes later live stream to your kitchen where you start drinking imported beer and showing the world your knickknacks of black men eating watermelon. Only someone with no non-white blood could get away with something like that. By the way, that watermelon looks delicious.

Mere hours after German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier assured the German public that the country’s economy will continue to expand despite a recent raft of discouraging economic data, official data – unlike the US, Germany’s government is open and economic data continue to be reported – showed German industrial activity plunged the most since 2009 – the only way to fix the German economy is to bring in millions of illiterate and untrained 3rd world foreigners who hate the host country and want all of its citizens dead, but not before stripping Germany of all its wealth. Yup.

The 5 Best Selling Handguns of 2018

On Friday, the Swiss government announced it had signed off on the text of the new agreement it said should form the basis of business and trade relations between the two countries after the UK quits the European Union – The whole No-Brexit thing is the beiggest crock of shit ever. Britain owes the EU nothing and they should offer the EU just that. What can the EU do but piss and cry? And then England should send them 2 million vibrants if the EU gets extra pissy.

The Catholic Church in Illinois withheld the names of at least 500 priests accused of sexual abuse of minors, the state’s attorney general said Wednesday in a scathing report that accused the church of failing victims by neglecting to investigate their allegations. – I’m not sure if you’ve ever noticed on a personal level, but guys who are unlikely to commit sexual abuse of little boys are for the most part – 99.999999999% straight guys. The report from the Times doesn’t mention whether the sexual abuse was perpetrated on little boys or little girls, but everyone with a functioning braincell knows the truth about these disgusting, filthy peddo priests and who they attack.

Employers and their insurance providers are reeling at the proliferation of fraud rings — groups of employees who work together to abuse and exploit benefit plans, with medical services providers as their eager accomplices. – When society has rotted to the core, these kind of crimes pop up more often. It’s not as if the people receiving the bennies need the cash, if they have a work plan they probably make decent money, but now that wrong is right, up is down and Simon is Garfunkal, people are taking what isn’t theirs. Equality rules, look it up.

The path to the Global Depression

A reflection on my month without Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, plus a how-to guide if you want to quit the biggest companies in tech – It isn’t easy, for sure, but it’s possible. Revolution might be easier, actually.

Monarch butterfly numbers plummet 86 percent in California – drought, wildfires, and a late rain season is to blame. Plus, loss of habitat. How to solve problem, bring 25 million more immigrants into the country. It’s the answer to everything.

Could Venezuela’s Socialist Disaster Get Any Worse? Just Ask Its Oil Company – yes, it could get worse.

Sorry, But Giving Up on Meat Is Not Going to Save The Planet – meat is life, go virtue signal about something else, you little sissies

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