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Keep The Dream Alive

Monday, July 18th, 2011

If only Laquanda wasn’t a part of a marginalized and discriminated against minority, and had access to free high speed internet, she would never be asking that question.

He was hit by a bus, Laquanda. Some drunk chick named Rosa Parks hit Dr. King in her bus as he was crossing the street to get to Carl’s Jr.

Lest we forget.

Thinking about the Unthinkable

Monday, November 15th, 2010

I keep getting emails from people wanting to speculate about this, wanting to hear the doom about that. Well, there is no free speech in Canada, so there is so much I cannot really talk about. Like a coup to overthrow Obama, that would be unthinkable. And not politically correct, neither. But what could be more politically correct than a coup? It is very third world. So diverse. So multi-cultural. Something new that has not happened before. The Christians would disapprove, so it must be politically acceptable. It only takes one faction to get a coup started; and the left have already shown a taste for extra-curricular methods of obtaining power. What is a coup, but the same thing, relative ethically speaking. So, it may be unthinkable, but it sure is on the table.


A Victims Perspective

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

My bowels become loose when I am confronted with the reality of invisible white privilege. You can see it everywhere, the invisible knapsacks, the invisible potato mashers, the invisible Unicorns. Just the other day I was talking to Joketurd * (not his real name; you cannot use a real name in a country that does not have free speech) and he told me all about his dog poo under the shoe experiences with white privilege. This is his victims perspective.


Man, The Mayor Really Hate Banks

Friday, September 10th, 2010

The Mayor isn’t sure what he despises more – the low interest banks give you on your savings, those pesky bank fees, or the way they treat you when you miss one lousy mortgage payment.

Definitely those pesky bank fees. Man, I hate them.

**Big Red Kev is to blame for this

Winnipeg Weather This Week

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Winnipeg Weather.jpg

The 14 day forecast isn’t much different, either.

I went to Winnipeg for 2 days last summer, it was the worst month of my life. I was at a campfire at Portage & Main (it was less of a campfire and more Indians just sitting around burning shit), when I got attacked by what I first thought were blood-sucking hummingbirds. Turned out to be mosquito’s. No one but me noticed.

If you ever decide to go to Winnipeg in the summer, don’t bother bringing any bug repellent, it won’t do you a hill of good. Instead, drive a nail through a stick, it’s the only thing that MIGHT work.

MADsent The Mayor this weather forecast. And now I’m all scratchy.

Computers Are Racist

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

And don’t get me started on that whole “master/slave”  designation on a hard drive.

Strategy and Tactics

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

At one time, in my youth, I would play board games. There used to be a product line called Strategy and Tactics * . The company went bust, and lousy customer service might have been a factor. Those free market forces are relentless, unless you are a socialist, but I digress.


Fight Violence – And Kill Those That Disagree

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010


In an effort to combat teen violence, a group in Edmonton has come up with an unique idea:

Fight Violence…talk to your friends and take a stand! Fight Violence is an outlet for Edmonton’s youth to share success stories, talk to other people about their experiences, and to get information that will help them to take a stand and Fight Violence in Edmonton. Let’s fight violence together!

That is absolutely brilliant. In order to combat violence, we must FIGHT violence.

In order to get rid of violence, we must take those that are violent and kill them dead. Take those violent pigs and slit their dirty, violent throats. In order to achieve peace, we must kick the living hell out of the violence lovers.

The Mayor is all for this.

When it comes to fighting terrorism, liberal corruption in government and illegal immigration, the average garden variety leftist becomes a limp-wristed ineffectual maggot. But when it comes to fighting non-existent global warming, supposed gender inequalities, or *fighting* violence, the average leftie would slit your throat and set your dog on fire to get their way.

But combating violence through violence is a very appealing to The Mayor. Which, I suppose, means that I am now officially bipartisan.

Hi, I’m Charles Manson’s Son

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009


Like many an adopted kid, Matthew Robert’s needed to find his adoptive parents so he could finally fit all the pieces of his life puzzle together (life puzzle? WTF!). What he found though sent him into a major depression:

… he hoped that discovering his father’s identity would help him to work out what made him the man he had become.

But nothing could have prepared him for being told his dad was… serial killer Charles Manson.

Matthew, 41 – who bears a haunting resemblance to his father – sank into depression after discovering his identity.

He has since been in contact with his dad in a series of letters to his California prison and Manson has replied – each time chillingly signing off with a swastika.

He says: “I didn’t want to believe it. I was frightened and angry. It’s like finding out that Adolf Hitler is your father.

“I’m a peaceful person – trapped in the face of a monster.”

Like his father, Matthew is a songwriter and poet. He is even worried that he may have inherited his father’s schizophrenia.

Matthew, now working as a DJ, recalls hearing mum Terry’s bombshell: “She even said, ‘You look just like him’.

“I’m not nuts but I’ve got a little bit of it. It’s scary and upsetting. If I get worked up, my eyes get really big and that’s really freaked some people out before.

That’s encouraging. To be on the safe side, you may want to keep this guy away from Roman Polanski’s wife.

If this guy is ever writing poetry and asks, “What rhymes with Skelter”, I suggest running until the rubber falls off the bottom of your shoes.

Matthew might want to tone down that psycho look he has going. If you know you’re the son of a maniacal mass murderer and you look EXACTLY like him, you may want to hit the barber’s quick-smart and tidy up a wee bit. Like, if you were Hitler’s kid, it wouldn’t be wise to sport that tiny little mustache, you may want to forget altogether about facial hair.

The article goes on and on, blathering about nothing in particular, until it gets to the part where Matthew Robert’s starts rambling on about how different he is from his father:

“I don’t even like the fact that I’m big. It makes me even scarier. My hero is Gandhi. I’m an extremely non-violent, peaceful person and a vegetarian.

“I don’t even kill bugs. I’ve had long hair all my life. I could make it go away, but I can’t let the world and their fears change me.”

His hero is Gandhi? What kind of a hero is Gandhi? Didn’t Gandhi bathe in urine? Of all the heroes to pick, he picks Gandhi. Man, I know buddy guy wants to differentiate himself from his father, but he needs to grow a pair and cowboy the hell up. He doesn’t kill bugs, he hates that he’s a big man, his hero bathes in piss, pal, it’s time to put down the purse and embrace your inner psycho. I’m not saying it’s time to go over to the relatives of Gary Hinman with a sword and demand they pay back the loot Gary owed his dad, I’m not saying that at all. I am saying though that this guy could make a FORTUNE of the back of his nutjob father. Book deals, talk-show circuit, radio, websites, advertising. “I’m Matthew Robert’s and my dad is CHARLES MANSON….BOO!”

$100 an autograph. You get where I’m going with this.

The general flaw in the honour system for blood

Monday, October 5th, 2009


Remember how we’re all supposed to be our own worst critics? Apparently it doesn’t apply to donating blood tainted with syphilis:

Kyle Freeman, 36, relied on his own self-assessment that he wasn’t infected with any sexually transmitted diseases when he lied about having sex with men on a donor-screening questionnaire in June that year, said Sally Gomery, the lawyer for Canadian Blood Services.

Yes, Sally is the daughter of John Gomery, former investigator into the sponsorship scandal that likely ended the Liberal Government rule–provided the Canadian population was even paying attention to the scandal.

If their outrage over tainted blood was on the wane already, this new issue might have a finding of a new human right–the ability to be able to infect your fellow man. Freeman is making the argument that because he’s gay, he should not be discriminated against. But how does his testing positive for syphilis bolster his case?

Freeman is suing the agency, claiming he didn’t answer the question truthfully because Canadian Blood Services violated his Charter right to equality regardless of his sexual orientation when it asked him whether he had ever had sex with other men, even once, since 1977.

Believe it or not, Freeman is suing to receive $250,000 in damages. That’s an interesting twist on victimhood–even when gay men are possibly contaminating the blood supply, they are the ones affected. Sally Gomery rightly argues that “[w]hat that individual cannot do is take the law into their own hands.” Freeman obviously had a defiant streak about him, donating blood eighteen times in a span of thirteen years and with full knowledge of his being gay that he would have instantly been rejected. Freeman even stated that he had given blood in 2002 merely as a “political statement.”

The AIDS Committee of Toronto reveal that men who engage in homosexual sex are nearly 40% of all HIV cases in Canada in 2006, up from over 36% in 2001. So not only are the number of new cases climbing, but the proportion of men engaging in homosexual acts are increasing the number of cases. The victimhood mentality has to cease until these numbers can be reconciled. Homosexuals also have to acknowledge their responsibilities in this problem, which when the original self-screening was left in place, we had to have the Krever Inquiry.

I myself was rejected for blood transfusion–for visitng Mexico. I apparently was working in what could be considered a malaria zone, which would make me ineligible for a full year. Rather than demanding a special inquiry or claiming my human rights were violated, I simply acquiesced. The safety of people were more important than my feelings.

Freeman confessed to committing endangering the lives of Canadians with his open defiance of the law. For him to dress it up in the name of liberty is simply an act of biological sabotage.

A Victim’s Perspective

Friday, August 14th, 2009

One of the benefits of having a dislocated shoulder, is getting to know your left arm better. It is fun.

And after only a few days of not having the use of a right arm, I can say that my left arm, which was smart enough not to get caught in a stair railing during an escapade, is doing a better job than my right did.

Aside from that, I have also witnessed the war-lust inducing discrimination against us (me now) left handed village peoples. Doors swing the wrong way. Handwriting is written dumb, because of Right-Handed Priviledge. I am a victim. I want reparations.

What has your right arm done for you lately?

I want a disability pension. I will live a life of eternal vacation, at the expense of the overthrown right-handed tyranny, which is taxed under the jackboot of the left-handed tyranny. I want it now.

Join with me, my brothers and sisters in Set, the Snake God! Anyone is a left-handed victim! You can do it the hard way, like I did, or you can do it the hard way, like the people on my ‘two bags of cement for Christmas’ list are going to do, or you can be born left handed, or you can simply write a few words on a post-it note with your left hand.   Join me in raising awareness, funding, and reserved parking spots for us, now.

I’m Monsterously Obese — Give Me Money!

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Images International Limited

A 25 year old British woman who was given a $20,000.00 operation to help her lose 200 lbs, is angry that the government has reduced her benefits now that they don’t consider her disabled:

Laura Ripley, who has never worked, was given the operation on the NHS to help her slim down from 38 (530lbs) to 22 (308lbs) stone.

But the 25-year-old, who receives £600 a month in benefits, is unhappy because as a result of losing weight she can no longer claim disability allowance amounting to an extra £340 a month.

In other words, the government was giving her an additional $800.00 a month because she was fat. They are encouraging obesity.

This, she says, means she cannot afford to eat healthily – causing her to pile the weight back on.

‘I can’t afford to buy WeightWatchers crisps and cereal bars any more so I eat Tesco’s chocolate bars and packets of Space Invaders crisps, sometimes four of each a day’, says Laura, who spends seven hours a day watching TV.

I suppose cooking something healthy isn’t an option. I suppose NOT eating 4 chocolate bars and 4 bags a chips a day isn’t an option. I suppose exercising isn’t an option. I suppose havnig willpower isn’t an option. I suppose turning off the tv and going for a walk isn’t an option. I suppose getting off her spacious ass and getting a job isn’t an option. It’s obvious this woman has few options.

‘People ask why I don’t snack on an apple – they’re cheap, but emotionally I don’t always feel like an apple.’

The disability allowance money she used to receive was spent on gym workouts, healthy food and having her hair highlighted.

Trust me, Godzilla aint eating an apple unless it’s either a candy apple, or has a pig attached to it.

Since the extra allowance stopped Laura has put on a stone in just three weeks and claims she is being treated unfairly.

‘It’s heartbreaking that after all my hard work losing this weight someone’s come along and ruined it.’

‘I sometimes feel guilty about all the taxpayers’ money that’s been spent on me but I only want an extra £100 a month, that’s all’, says Laura.

I’d go even further than giving her an extra $250 a month, I’d set up some sort of device that would automatically feed her chips, chocolate bars, and carbonated beverages every time she opened her fat, greedy mouth. A food dispenser that would attach to her head that was always filled with the most colorific food known to man. This way, within a few short months, she would explode and die, saving the taxpayers potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You see, this broad will never be a productive member of society. The British gov’t has already sunk in probably $100k or so, and there’s not a chance they will ever recoup any of this money. This dizzy twat will never work, has no intention to, and will be a burden on society forever. Not only that, she’s really annoying.

All this dumpy, soda-sucking, gargantuan butterball has to do to get in shape is exercise and eat better. She has no disability. She’s fat. So what?

I have lots of fat friends, some of them are monsters , but all my fat friends work. They also raise families, and believe it or not, they aren’t in poor physical shape, they’re just fatties. Sure, I would never be caught dead with them at the beach, but all in all, they’re doing all right. They are all aware how to lose weight: Burn off more calories than you ingest. Case closed.

My fat friends don’t look at being obese as a disability, because it isn’t. Their fatness is their choice. Plain and simple. Think about it, BEFORE the operation this woman lost 130 lbs all by herself. So it’s not like she CAN”T lose weight, it’s because she CHOOSES not to lose weight on her own.

**But if she does want to lose 200lbs of disgusting fat, she could start by sawing her own head off.

That is all.