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Guess Who’s *Pissed*

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

No, not Keyser. He’s not happy with the result, but since you could see the big “Pres. Obama” balloons coming down Fifth Avenue from a long ways off, it’s not like the result was any big surprise. But at least the Dummercrats seem not to be destined to have a filibuster-proof senate, so it could be worse.

No, here’s the person who must be totally livid:

Asshole of the Day: George Will

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

George Will the Third, that pretentious twit with the twee little bow ties, is among the crowd of Palin haters. This quasi-Republican is spending the last days of the campaign slagging the Republican ticket, with that smug “I’m smarter than you but I’ll talk in comparatively small syllables so cretins like you can see how much smarter I am than you” tone of his: (more…)

Self-Satisfaction for Obama

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Here’s the latest on the “Orgasms for Obama” band wagon. Feel free to clamber on board and join the “friction for change” that’s building up to a climax among the Sanfranciskovites: (more…)

Activist versus Activist

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Racist activists vs activists vs racists:

Today, courtesy of the Toronto Star, we have on page 2 of the A section this little gem of activist versus activist:

What Barbara Hall is missing from her cookie-cutter racism fighter script is the motivation behind the racist heteronormative taxpayers. If you actually go outside of the city and move among the dirty peasants who live outside of Toronto, you will find that they are very concerned and very aware of the environment. So when Fred the Racist, or Jim the Racist, or Sally the Racist, come across someone using an illegal fishing method, or over fishing, or dumping stuff into the water (motor oil, transformer fluid, battery acid), they perceive the issue as ’defending the environment’ not ’lynch the foreign devil’.

Fred, Jim, and Sally do not see themselves as racists. They do not yet know that all whites are racists. Even when they are defending the streams, rivers, lakes, and swamps of Ontario. Anyone who fishes in Ontario has seen people (who could be profiled, if that was allowed) over fish, pollute, and despoil. As Fred sits and takes his legal limit of two trout, he has watched non-Fred fill buckets with fish … taking buckets and buckets of fish (way over the limit) and taking small fish (no breeding stock next year). Jim went fishing and came across a family group of non-Jim people (who could be profiled, if that was allowed) using nets and lights. It is illegal for Jim to use a net and lights to catch fish. Sally likes to take her children to the lake. When she goes to the lake, she hears her son complain that there are no fish; her daughter cries because the fish that they see are floating, dead. And when Fred, Jim, or Sally complain to the responsible authorities about the over fishing, netting, or dumping, nothing happens. So, Fred, Jim, and Sally become angry. Fred, Jim, and Sally do not see themselves as racists: they see themselves as environmentalists.

Clever Barbara has managed to alienate some several hundred thousand voters from her activist anti-racism program. Mind you, Barbara never leaves the city, never mixes with taxpayers, and only listens to her elite class of friends that hang out at the Grenadier restaurant in High Park. What about the environmental outrages committed by these people who are unaware of our cultural norms about over fishing, pollution, and environmental defilement? Who cares. Here, the superior status of non-white-Canadians is demonstrated over Green-Canadians.

Such is the way of activist versus activist. If we can identify the hierarchy of activist causes, we can then hitch our star to the one that will bring us the most money. So far, Asiatic polluters and despoilers of the environment outrank white racists. As for the boiling resentment that is building up, dear Barbara has just turned up the heat. The correct solution would be an awareness campaign among Over-Fishing-Illegal-Fishing-Garbage-Dumping-Canadians. Maybe explain to them this ‘fishing license’ thing, and the ‘catch size’ thing, and the ‘catch and release’ thing. What could have been a simple problem, has now been made into a larger one. Barbara has given the magic wand of approval to Asiatic abuse of natural resources, and has distracted police resources from protection of natural resources to one of persecution of those defending natural resources. For a racism fighter, Barbara is doing a great job of spreading it. Even here in Toronto, at the staff lunch table, everyone there (six taxpayers) all shared their stories of Asian environmental atrocities.

Embrace Asiatic cultural norms as regards fishing and outdoors recreation. Why spend hours waiting for the fish to bite when you can just net them? The police do not enforce the law. Just go to Caledonia to check for yourself.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this at both Mitchieville and DustMyBroom

Activist versus Activist

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Activist versus Activist is an amusing pastime suitable for the sophisticated consumer of media. It answers the question of what happens when two Oppressed-Canadians come into conflict over handouts. Which Tapeworm-Canadian gets the grant, the subsidy, or the pension? And this is not restricted to Canadians, either. Any activist will do, because all activists are whores worshiping at the onyx altar of guilt and greed.

Hillary versus B.O.

Once the reigning queen of political correctness, dear Hillary has been subjected to the same treatment as a heteronormative white male. It appears that black male outranks white female in the activist hierarchy.

Hilary is a racist, apparently *. I have not read such acidic prose since I cancelled my subscription to Red Tory‘s newsletter. Which opens the question: why did People-of-Color-Americans support this racist woman’s husband in two presidential elections? It must have something to do with the racist education system forcing average black IQ scores below 85, along with a forty percent high school drop out rate.

Gratitude for welfare, hiring quotas, race based sentencing, and garbage degrees? Yes, that Pat Buchannan guy said that American blacks should be thankful. Yeah, sure, Pat. Feeding the mouth that bites you is a fact of life for taxpayers, and it looks like it will now be part of the activist life style, too. Check out the response from a representative person of color * . Looks like gratitude is not on the menu. For all those billions shovelled into appeasing activist guilt, not one iota of effect.

With a little effort on your part, you can find more * .

How do I make money out of all this, Fenris?

Good question. First, you need to explore a career in the Racism Industry. You need to find out what credentials you need to scoop up a six figure job fighting racism and raising awareness about the always increasing spread of invisible, intangible, and non-existant manifestations of racism. You need to know all the jargon, buzz-words, and covert phrases that will lift you from a job as a taxpayer to the soft, low effort, high pension world of the activist. You can get all this, and more, with a certificate in Racism Industry Studies at the Fenris Badwulf School of Telemarketing Excellence.

Only a few days ago, the cash strapped city of Toronto hired 48 activists to help in the crusade against homelessness * . Activist versus activist: who gets the money? Not the closing swimming pools, the creaky public transit, or the taxpayers. Heck no. Become an activist, and become a whore for taxpayers money.

Activist versus Activist. Two important lessons to be learnt here. Firstly, searching through the clashing icebergs of political correctness to spot the ultimate victim. Secondly, spotting a way to hitch your fund raising wagon to the money magnet that is the ultimate victim.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this at DustMyBroom and Mitchieville.

Same-Sex Books Removed From Schools After Moslem Anger

Monday, April 7th, 2008

After complaints by parents in two Bristol, England schools, administrators have withdrawn two books and an audio tape that deal with same-sex marriage, and were intended for children as young as 4:

Bristol City Council said the two schools had been using the books to ensure they complied with gay rights laws which came into force last April.

They were intended to help prevent homophobic bullying, it said.

But the council has since removed the books from Easton Primary School and Bannerman Road Community School, both in Bristol.

Around 40 are said to have gathered at Easton to speak to staff and another 50 at Bannerman Road.

Members of the Bristol Muslim Cultural Society said parents were upset at the lack of consultation over the use of the materials.

He added: “In Islam homosexual relationships are not acceptable, as they are not in Christianity and many other religions but the main issue is that they didn’t bother to consult with parents.

Wow, that was easy! “I would like you to withdraw these same-sex marriage books”—POOF!! They’re gone.

I wonder why it was so easy for those parents to get those books removed from the school shelves? Those books were meant to comply with gay rights laws in England, how could they be removed so easily from school shelves? It’s going to take a good detective to get down to the bottom of this.

We have been told numerous times by Fenris Badwulf, in his impressive series, “Activist vs Activist”, that this type of showdown is going to appear more frequently as circumstances arise.

The left doesn’t know what to do in a situation like this. The left does everything it can to cater to immigrant groups, and yet they are also the vanguard for the homosexual lobby. In the scenario above, the homosexual lobby got tossed to the curb by the immigrant group in question–even though there was an actual law supporting the homosexual position.

How could something like this happen?

Simple–it happened out of fear.

Let’s face it, Christians have begged for books like this to be removed from schools for years, but all they were left with was the words, “intolerant”, ringing out of their ears after they left the meeting. Yet, when the Islamic community demanded these books be taken away, the liberal administration folded faster than a garden chair.

However, school officials don’t fear Christians. No one fears Christians. Moslems though? That’s another question. School officials were willing to *suspend* the law in order to cater to these Moslems. School board officials got scared, they got spooked by the Moslems. Standing up for homosexuals was not the hill where school administrators were willing to die on.

I’m not having a swipe at the Moslems for taking their problems to the schools, I applaud the Moslems. They are working within the law and changing things they deem repulsive. Unless a group with more spine (not the Christians, obviously) comes along, you will be seeing more of these decisions being made–not out of fairness though, but out of fear.

Let the games begin!

Statistical Analysis for Activists (part 1)

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Alot of people are confused as to what planet the Main Stream Media gets their authoritative numbers used to prove Global Warming, Third Hand Smoke, and Illiteracy among Black University Graduates. The answer is Earth. The Main Stream Media does not just make up numbers to make a story look good and keep the taxpayers cash flowing into activist chequing accounts. No way. Instead, here is a soothing example of the politically correct way to tally up hate crimes and social injustice.

Once upon a time, there lived in the beautiful Rainbow Village neighbourhood of Toronto’s Global Village two lovers, their names were Jamaica-Buba and Hung-Dhung. Jamaica-Buba is both HIV positive and a Hepatitis C carrier. Hung-Dhung is a pre-op transvestite with interests in fashion and world hunger. Both are in a committed relationship to each other, something unseen in dirty heteronormatives. Two happy gay marrige points

One day, Jamaica-Buba came home to find Hung-Dhung fisting Reverend Aural Sects, the local United Church Youth Minister. Jamaica-Buba became angry, and raised his voice to Hung-Dhung. This caused six statistical counts of Domestic Violence: A vs B, A vs C, B vs C, B vs A, C vs A, and C vs B.

When the good Reverend left the domicle, he left behind his briefcase, full of spiritual books and toys for downtrodden children. Jamaica-Buba followed, throwing books and toys. The Reverend was hit on the head by his own copy of the Communist Manifesto, and bruised in the ribs by a double-ended silicon dildo. Although firearms were not used, they could have been. And if they were, they would not have been registered. Tally up two counts of gun violence that could have been prevented by a gun registry.

The averted gun violence was witnessed by a teenager, who laughed at the funny men acting queer. This is an inappropriate response for the teen, requiring crisis intervention. Count one Crisis intervention Hopefully, the teenager will report himself to the crisis intervention co-ordinator at his school.

Back at the police station, a wheelchair Lesbian hired for the SWAT team (by virtue of the the Employment Equity Act), was checking police reports for signs of police brutality. Although the police never did show up (well, they came two hours later, after Jamaica-Buba and Hung-Dhung had kissed and made up and gone to their Boy Scout meeting), the commissar logged Two counts of rape because all men are rapists. No mention on the reports was made about the race, color, creed, or special status of the many victims. Since racism is everywhere, the lack of data is a sure sign that this was two counts of hate crimes. Because it took so long for the cops to show up, two counts of white privilege, because obviously the cops took so long so as to give an advantage to whitey. And because two non-whites were involved, two counts of discimination by police, because the mere presence of the police is oppression.

Study this and be guided by its good example.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Cross posted at Dust My Broom, because they can count there.

Activist versus Activist

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

This is a picture of a movie poster found on the Toronto Subway System. It is advertising for the Basic Instinct 2 movie.

Like most activists, I am quick to spot the flaws in others.

And in this poster, broadly displayed on the subway system, depicts smoking.


Smoking is bad! Second hand smoke is killing our homeless people! Third hand smoke is causing global warming and gives cancer to the Harp seals.

But, before we lose control and start to kidnap and behead people, let us use reason and critical thinking to work throught this problem to find common positive points.

Smoking is an excellent source of revenue for our activist causes. Those tax dollars fund activist activities, homeless shelter cleaning supply suppliers, and kickbacks for the Liberal party. So, smoking is good. It pays the bills.

But smoking is bad, too. You know the party line on smoking.

Besides, what is Hollywood, a valiant ally of all things politically correct, doing whoring after those smoking industry blood money dollars? Obviously, my fellow activists, they are doing the same thing we are, milking the evil capitalists for money to fund quality office space so we can fight poverty.

Remember the wise words of Comrade Stalin. One step forward for every two steps back. So, ignore the hypocrisy. Sharon Stone is not whoring for the tobacco industry in this tobacco industry advertising. She is using a prop to develop character. This is what is called a counter-factual in circumdictional logic. When the facts do not fit the theory, the facts are wrong. That is the law of the theory of evolution of philosophy. Yup.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Activist versus Activist

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

I was outraged to see Main Stream Media reports of people throwing rocks at homosexuals during a Gay Pride march in one of the towns outside of Toronto.

Who were these fascist blood suckers? Evil white heteronormatives, with an agenda of hate, rape, and anti-vegetarianism? The Klu Klux Klan bent on clear cutting a forest while eating rainforest beef and smoking non-Cuban cigars? I shuddered with contempt and quaked with rage. Toronto, the city of light, gets a lot of money from Gay Pride tourism, and a lynching of poly-gendered village people would be bad for hotels, restaurants, travel agents, and sex trades workers.

It was with a rising feeling of joy, similar to being at a leather sadist bar here in Boytown and watching the master of ceremonies begin to take the clothes pegs off the nipples of some volunteer, when the MSM finally reported that the rock throwers were immigrants celebrating World Cup soccer. I felt happiness.

Thank any god but God, I shouted out. The MSM soon suppressed this news factoid, and rightly so. Anything that brings political correctness into doubt should be hidden and given a bodyguard of lies. But, for activists such as myself, and you who happens to read this, it raises a challenging question: Which group in a given situation has the greater claim to victimization? The Greater Victim gets our sympathy, grief counseling, the book deal with Oprah, front of the line access to health care, and a handout ; the Lesser Victim gets jail.

Our police have a difficult job. I know that the police are, generally, scum, but that was when they were heteronormative white males, tainted with abilitism. Now, over time, our police forces are improved by hiring practices based on shape, color, and artistic temperament. Just look at the fine job the OPP are doing in Caledonia. There, the oppressed Native First Village Peoples Anti-Canadians, were able to express themselves without fear of police interference. They could go about their business, in this case, sabotage, insurrection, theft, treason, assault and attempted murder, but that is ok because they are an oppressed people and this is how we get revenge on evil white heteronormatives. But what if the object of the crime is not an evil white heteronormative? Hmmmmm? Who then is the Greater Victim who gets away with it all?

In a multicultural society, everybody is equal. But what should our activist police do when oppressed village people species A attacks oppressed village people species B? Up in Winnipeg, a native first nations village people person was sentenced by one of our outstanding activist judges to one day in jail for murder … of an immigrant. So, there is some sort of hierarchy of victimization here which needs to be explored. If the illegal immigrants sting up some queers, should there be arrests, or even media attention? Should we be celebrating the illegal immigrants cultural values and rejoicing in their access to rope and gibbet? Or should we be responding with more social spending to discourage illegal immigrants from lynching, hanging, and garroting queers? Do we hold a party? Or do we send in storm troopers? What if native first nations village peoples string up some queers? What if a queer with irritable bowel syndrome steals the wheelchair of a legless Metis transvestite glue sniffer? Gadzooks!

This is the defining question for philosopher-activists of situational ethics of the twenty-first century. Who gets arrested? Who gets the handout? The guy with the rock? The guy in the dress? Hmmmmm.

I suggest that a research group be formed to study the definition of the problem and report back to the steering sub-committee with a request for funds to initiate planning of an action plan.

Send me your money.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.