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Yes, I Really Want To Hurt You

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Although I’m sure he’d enjoy it too much, and seeing as though I don’t want to give this maggot one iota of pleasure, forget it, I changed my mind.

This is a picture of Boy George. No shit, it really is. I think if I could take one song Boy George sang to reflect what his life is like, it would have to be Karma Chameleon. He went from a skinny, demented, freak of nature, and morphed into a fat, demented, freak of nature. Ta da! What a chameleon!

Sure, this was a poor post and didn’t add a lick of value to Mitchieville, but on the other hand, you got to see the new Boy George and you probably feel better now that I’ve called him a maggot.