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Wednesday, October 21st, 2009


Miss California, Carrie Prejean, Told To Apologize To Gays

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Fearing they will lose their financial backing, officials from the Miss America Pageant have asked Carrie Prejean to renounce her views and apologize to gays for not believing the same thing they do:

Prejean, 21, said officials from the Miss California USA pageant were worried that her comments would cost their contest financial backing and tried to prepare her for a string of post-pageant media interviews by discouraging her from discussing her religious beliefs.

“`You need to apologize to the gay community. You need to not talk about your faith. This has everything to do with you representing California and saving the brand,’” Prejean recalled being told.

For nearly a full week after the pageant, Hilton had a picture of Prejean on his site pretending to talk into a mic. However, instead of a mic, Perez PhotoShopped a picture of a penis. Perez Hilton also called Prejean a bitch and a C___. Yet, it is Prejean who was asked to apologize for offending gays. You would think that being as holy and righteous as they are, at least one or two leaders of the gay community would come out and denounce Hilton for what he did. There is nothing but silence, of course, I suppose it’s okay to harass women, intimidate them and belittle them. But disagree with gay marriage…

The pageant officials are another bunch of nutless wonders. Instead of standing up and telling Hilton what he said and done is indefensable, they instead kiss his fat, pimply ass, and the asses of the homosexual lobby, and let a lovely young woman take abuse I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I spit on their graves, those feckless vermin.

Through it all though, Carrie Prejean has stood firm in her beliefs. We need to support her in any way we can–and if she’d just return my hundreds of calls I make to her every day, I would  help her.

Fair enough, that was a little offside.

Carrie Prejean–The Real Miss America

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Here’s a little quiz for you to figure out on this beautiful spring day in Mitchieville. Who said:

“I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman”

Was that person:

A) Miss California, Carrie Prejean

B) Barack Obama

C) My crazy Uncle Lou

If you guessed that Carrie Prejean and Barack Obama said this, you would be correct. My crazy uncle Lou never said it, yet he did tell me one time that he thinks keeping a vial of Gypsy blood around your neck is the key to eternal youth.

Perez Hilton was so livid that Carrie Prejean said this that he went on air and called her a “fucking idiot”. Perez Hilton was so upset when Barack Obama said this during the Illinois Senate Debate that Perez endorsed and voted for him.

Carrie Prejean is an easy target though. She’s young, innocent, religious, she might even be a Conservative, Egads! Perez Hilton asked a question he thought would illicit the “correct response”, but when the answer didn’t meet the narrative, he blew up and threw a hissy fit like only a fat, useless, tub of stupid shit could throw.

Perez Hilton is a bully. Hilton is not only a bully, but a hypocrite to boot. He decided to take a swing at the low hanging fruit, but when his brObama said the EXACT same thing, he slinked away like the two-faced little coward that he is.

Make no mistake about it, Perez Hilton is filth. He isn’t funny in the least, he’s a hater, and he has no business being famous. He would be best to scurry back to the grotto from whence he came, roll up into a giant cellulite ball, and just end it.

And as for the creatures that organized the Miss Universe pageant and were so “upset” and “shocked” that Miss California had a view different from their own: You people should be ashamed of yourself. I thought this pageant was about individuality (and breasts), and differences, and ideals. Shame on you, shame on the whole bloody lot of you. You should be standing behind this young woman, not castigating her because she isn’t walking in lock-step.

What a disgusting bunch of spineless vermin this whole gaggle of cackling arseholes turned out to be. It sickens me that different viewpoints are no longer tolerated, varying opinions are crushed to meet politically correct ends, that people are shouted down and ridiculed because of opposing standpoints.

Carrie Prejean stood by her convictions and never waivered. She was screamed at, mocked, and belittled, yet didn’t falter or crumble like so many people would. She may not have won the pageant, but yet she is the ultimate winner.