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Chaz Bono Is Looking Good, Or, “I Got Two, Babe”

Monday, January 24th, 2011

Image: Chaz Bono

Chaz Bono was at the Sundance Film Festival Sunday night to promote Becoming Chaz, a movie made about his life.

Becoming Chaz, which premiered Sunday night at the Sundance Film Festival, is absolutely fascinating. Bono reveals everything and more. He is shown having his breast removal operation, contemplating genital reassignment surgery and taking his hormone shots. “I just knew I wanted to be a boy,” Chaz says.

The Mayor would like to wish Chaz Bono and her newly assigned genitals a lifetime of happiness.

“Wait a second here, that’s it?!! Are you telling me the Mayor isn’t offended in the least by this circus?”

That’s exactly what The Mayor is telling you.

Chaz and The Mayor may have totally different world views, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wish her well. Chaz believes that having genital reassignment surgery will make her a man. The Mayor believes that’s like saying if I gained 400lbs, bought an ugly lumberjack shirt and got a terrible haircut that would make me Chaz Bono. It doesn’t. We agree to disagree, I suppose.

The thing that does offend me about this whole episode is not that Chaz got reassigned a twig and two berries, it’s the fact that Chaz Bono is referred to as a celebrity. I cannot tell you how offensive that is to me.