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Colin Farrell Slims Down

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Colin Farrell has slimmed the hell down for a role he will playing later on this year in the movie *Triage*:

It is believed he has lost as much as three stone for the Bosnian film, in which he stars alongside Spanish actress Paz Vega and British actor Christopher Lee.

The thriller tells the story of a war photographer who loses his best friend during a harrowing assignment in war-torn Bosnia during the early 1990s.

I’m not sure how much three stone is, but by the look of it, it is no less than 170 lb. If the dwarf wore red he’d look like a thermometer. At first when I saw this picture I thought Colin was in training to play the role of Amy Winehouse in her new movie, “I have AIDS and I’m Nearly Dead“.

Sometimes I hate being Irish…

Colin Farrell Sticks it to Another Black Woman

Friday, July 21st, 2006

Is everyone up to date on the new Colin Farrell incident? I know, I hardly give a shit either, but keep reading to the end and you’ll get a nice surprise:

Colin Farrell obtained a restraining order Friday against a woman who walked onto the set and confronted him during a taping of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Some black chick came on stage and said something to the effect that Colin owes her money, see you in court, and something about him having a small penis (I made that last part up, but we have all seen his sex-tape, it’s perfectly feasible to assume that)

The young lady in question is Dessarae Bardford, and this is her MySpace.

That’s the surprise, I gave you her MySpace page. What were you expecting, a cash give-away?

WWTDD is all over this

Colin Farrell has da feva

Colin Farrell caught on tape.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2006

No one, and I mean no one really wants to see the Colin Farrell sex video.

Having viewed it personally, I can tell you that it was, in the least, disturbing. I mean, it looks as if Colin Farrell has something between his legs that resembles a penis, only it’s way, way smaller. It’s actually quite embarrassing, no wonder *tiny* is threatening anyone who dares show it.

This might be good for Colin’s career after all, you never know, maybe he’s looking for work in the dwarf porn industry.

One good thing that came of this tape, is after I watched it, I felt extremely huge.

NSFW, it is a sextape, dontcha know.

Celebrities whore themselves for charity

Monday, September 12th, 2005

It’s nice to see celebrities united in a cause that doesn’t involve the assassination of their President.

Jamie Foxx recently took bids for dates with several stars at a charity bash held in Miami Beach to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Paris Hilton was brought to tears when one bidder offered $200,000 to spend New Year’s Eve with her. It’s so generous. I’m crying right now, she said.

That is so sweet, I’m also crying. $200,000 is a lot of money just to be near someone so ripe with disease, but then again, I suppose it’s some guys fantasy to be with a skinny, brainless, STD filled skank, who am I to rain on his parade?
If it was me that won Paris Hilton for a night, the first thing I would do is shave her head and get her a skull tattoo that says “I’m a geneious”.

Colin Farrell was also on the block that night. When nervous bidders weren’t forthcoming with their bids, Foxx asked for group bids.

A group of 10 friends bid $10,000 for a date with Farrell, while another woman doubled it for her own one-night stand.

Silence is a charity slaves worst nightmare. I heard that someone bid $25,000 NOT to have a date with Colin Farrell and his outrageously small penis.

“And what do we start the bidding at for Colin Farrell? Do I hear $5000?”


“Do I hear $1000″


“C’mon folks, it’s Colin Farrell, he’s nearly as good as a real human being. Do I hear 70 cents?”

How embarrassing is that?

From what I hear, people bid more for Ed Asnew than they did for Colin Farrell.

Celebrities bidding themselves out as slaves. Yes, The Mayor is all for that.

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