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Monday, September 24th, 2012

The strangest part about this photo, is that Dalton McGuinty wasn’t even in front of a Jack Astor’s when the picture was taken. It just magically appeared behind him. No PhotoChop, no mucking about with the negatives, nothing like that in the least. The Mayor has seen other photo’s with McGuinty sporting devil horns and a tail, but this truth in advertising is refreshing, especially coming from the state controlled media.

Ontario’s Deficit Shrinks – Good times Ahead!

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Good times are here again, as the Ontario liberals have just announced that the annual provincial deficit has SHRUNK to just over $13 billion:

Ontario’s deficit has shrunk to $13 billion after initial budget projections of $16.3 billion proved overly pessimistic.

The projected deficit was dropped to $15.3 billion in March and ultimately revised to $14.8 billion in April.

The latest revision took into account the “tax-the-rich” initiative demanded by the New Democrats — and agreed to by the Liberals in exchange for support in the legislature to pass the budget — which slaps a surcharge on high-income earners.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said his government is two years ahead of its plan to balance the books.

High fives all around in liberal country, we’re on our way to prosperity…no matter how much it costs.

Keep in mind that California, with a population 3x that of Ontario, is on the verge of bankruptcy after declaring a $20 billion shortfall this year (and for many years previous). Ontario has seen its credit rating cut twice since the liberals took power 9 years ago, but apparently a $13 billion shortfall is great news. When the liberals took power, Ontario was running a $5 billion deficit, but those numbers are for pikers when compared to the deficit the liberals have been running. For many years, the liberals were running over $20 billion annual shortfalls, and yet the good citizens of Ontario had the smarts to vote them back in, not once, not twice, but three times. Talk about getting the government you deserve.

How did the liberals *bring down* the deficit so much? Hmmmm, most likely after a session of sniffing glue and drinking bourbon, they projected a far higher deficit than what they knew would come in…let’s say $16.3 billion. When the deficit came in at $13 billion (the number they realistically thought it would be in the first place), they put on their party hats, cracked open more taxpayer-funded booze, and held a news conference touting the FACT that they are now fiscally responsible.

And how do the liberals intend on cutting the deficit to zero by 2017 as they promised? Haha, that’s 5 years from now, who the hell is going to remember that promise? The media won’t. The good citizens of Ontario won’t. The credit agencies will though. And by that time, the liberals will have a new boogeyman to blame our fiscal woes on, anyway.

Niagara Falls OK’s School For The Poor

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

A school for low-income families in Niagara Falls Ontario got the green light last night, after being approved Tuesday night by trustees:

The District School Board of Niagara’s site, to be named DSBN Academy, would be the first of its kind in Ontario. The goal is to close the achievement gap for students living in poverty by removing barriers that prevent them from attending a post-secondary institution.

The students who would enrol at the school would represent the first generation of their families to attend a post-secondary school. A report from the board’s program and planning committee recommending the program said about 5,000 students enrolled in DSBN schools come from an impoverished family.

Acceptance numbers from each area would be divided among cities and towns based on population, said Tom Reynolds, the board’s project co-ordinator.

The school would offer Grade 6 and 7 this September, with no more than 75 students per grade, but would expand to include up to Grade 12 in subsequent years.

The current plan is to select applicants through a random computer-based lottery system.

Lottery system? There’s something you don’t have to teach the poor about.

When all is said and done, segregation is always the answer. We’re lucky that way in Ontario. Three years ago, The Conservatives of Ontario lost an election because their leader at the time, John Tory, mentioned that he believed separate schools would be a good idea. The press went wild. School teachers and their horde of union lackeys and administrators went berserk - “The Conservatives are destroying public edumacation!”, they screamed.

So the liberals won the election and one month later introduced ‘Afro-centric” schools in Ontario. BUT, they said, it’s not a separate school because ANYONE can attend.

A few months later, bacon, lettuce and tomato (bi-lesbian & trans-gendered) schools were introduced. Again, anyone can attend.

Now, schools for the poor.


Now, these poor kids should do alright. They’ll have the benefit of new text books, new computers and supplies, tutoring and three squares a day (including delicious desserts, no doubt). So there’s every reason to believe they should move on to College. And if they aren’t doing well, I’m sure their grades will be “leveled off” to greatness, as these private schools will still need funding every year (wink wink).

Where’s the money to pay for this, you may ask?

An activist for poverty for 20 years as manager of the Community Care of West Niagara, Scott noted how the new school would offer stability to many children in the region whose housing situations cause them to move frequently throughout the school year. She also said by opening the new school, they are not taking away from other public schools.

Then the money will come from the money tree.

That’s where the money always comes from when no one knows where the money is coming from. Will other schools be affected financially by this? Nope, no program will be affected and the money will be taken from the money tree. The money tree feeds all. The money tree will buy the poor kid Keyshawn a new laptop.

So, this whole experiment will be done for free then?

Yielding said the only funding needed for approval is to cover an increase to transportation costs, expected to be a maximum of $431,600 for the 2011-2012 school year. Transportation funding will also be sought through community partnerships and government funding.

$431,600 to bus 150 kids to school? What’s that, $3000 a kid for busing? The first lesson they need to teach these poor kids’ is how to get a government job!

The Mayor isn’t coming down on the poor, I’ve been there myself  - well, not actually me, but I saw a homeless guy on TV once – but the poor in Canada are much different than the poor anywhere else in the world, including the US. Meaning, wait until Welfare High opens in September and count the numbers of new Nike’s that walk through the doors, as well as cellphones, laptops and MP3’s strapped to the heads of these poor kids’. Not to mention how many of the poor we’re talking about will have high speed internet at home, a big screen TV and a Playstation.

But Welfare High is a go and I wish the kids all the luck in the world. A bit of advice for these kids though: You probably don’t want to tell anyone you go to “the school for the poor”, rich kids can be so mean sometimes.

More Great News From Ontario Hydro

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Tom Adam’s, former executive director of Energy Probe, is warning Ontario residents that hydro rates are ready to go through the roof:

Electricity prices in Ontario are “going up like a rocket,” fuelled in part by the Ontario government’s Green Energy Act, says a longtime observer of the province’s energy scene.

“You are going to get screwed, and it’s going to be painful,” said Tom Adams, a Toronto-based consultant and a former executive director of Energy Probe.

“We’re talking about hundreds of dollars a year out of your pocketbook that didn’t need to happen. I’m livid about it. People should be outraged.”

Adams warned that Ontarians should expect to pay at least $110 more a year by the end of 2011 for electricity. That translates into an additional nine-per-cent increase.

After that, rates will move steadily up for four or five years, he predicted.

The OEB has already received several applications for more hefty rate increases.

Hydro One, which operates most of the province’s long-distance transmission lines, has asked for a hike of 15.7 per cent in 2011 and 9.8 per cent in 2012. If approved, the increases would apply to the transmission portion of electricity bills.

Ontario Power Generation, which produces about 70 per cent of Ontario’s power, has asked for a 6.2-per-cent price increase effective next March. It scaled that back from 9.6 per cent after pressure from Energy Minister Brad Duguid.

Traditionally, Ontarians have paid less for power than Americans. But now, said Adams, “we are leaving them in our dust.”

He calculated that Ontario electricity rates passed the average U.S. price for the first time early this year, and are now nearly 15 per cent higher.

Adams assigned much of the blame for the rise in electricity rates to Ontario’s Green Energy Act, which promotes the use of solar, wind and other alternative power sources.

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program, which locks in generous payments for 20 years for large green energy projects, is “just outrageous,” Adams said.

The program’s rates are far in excess of current electricity prices. The FIT program, for example, offers producers between 44.3 cents and 71.3 cents per kilowatt hour for solar power, and between 13.5 and 19 cents for wind power.

 By contrast, the average weighted price for electricity so far this year is 4.02 cents per kilowatt hour.

In The Mayor’s opinion, FIT is a great program because it benefits the rich – like me – while completely ignoring the poor. The poor can eat cake. There’s not a snowballs chance in hell any middle class or poorish family will ever be able to  retrofit their house with solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling or a freakin’ windmill. For one thing, it’s ridiculously expensive, and for another thing, the rate of return on any of those products usually takes 10-15 years, and poor people aren’t known as “forward-thinking” consumers.

For the rich, this is a boon, plain and simple. They get massive tax credits to install solar, thermal and wind, and then they get paid up to 15x what the going rate is when they send the power back to the grid. Yup, 15 times. It’s too bad I can’t capitalize the number 15, it would look really impressive. FIFTEEN TIMES. Naw, that’s not as impressive.

So now we have rich folk – like The Mayor – getting tax credits out the wazoo, and then getting paid 10-15x the going rate to produce power. A $20,000 investment today will be paid off in about 12 years. After that, passive income until the Lord calls my name and brings me home…where there will be unlimited electricity.

And as an extra bonus – because we rich folk needs extra bonuses more than the poor (it’s scientifically proven) – the FIT rate is locked in for 20 years. I believe the sound you hear is one of a cash register ching, ching, chinging along.

So that’s it for FIT, I believe we can all agree that saving the rich money at the expense of everyone else is a fantastic idea.

And then we have the HST that screws everyone for an extra 8%.

Pay it. Pay it and smile. Without it, the provincial government might not be able to offer a vegetarian alternative at the free breakfast program in our publically funded schools.

And btw – the gst you use to pay on retiring Ontario Hydro’s debt? Yaaaaaa, well, you’ll be paying hst on that now.

Have a good nights sleep.