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Monday, May 14th, 2012

The initial Pepsi logo is the best. They were obviously trying to rip off the Coke logo, but failed miserably. It’s as if Sam the drunk tried scrawling the first Pepsi logo in between doing shots of bourbon out of butt-filled bottles, and injecting meth straight into his eye socket. “We need more shaking, Sam, double up on the shaking!”

Thank You, Insanity Wolf

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Insanity Wolf  is one of those sites that rightly deserves the NSFW title. Sure, The Mayor loves it, hangs out there daily, and donated $300 to it through PayPal; but it’s not a recommend I give to someone who is looking for a good dose of wholesome family fun. Mitchieville is the place for wholesome family fun. If Insanity Wolf and Mitchieville were drugs, Insanity Wolf would be brown acid and Mitchieville would be an Advil Gel Cap™.

That was a pretty wicked metaphor simile analogy.

Keyser Doesn’t Know Which Way to Turn

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Oh. Keyser’s. God!

Two abstract works by the American [artist Mark Rothko] are displayed at the Tate Modern in London but there have been claims that they are being displayed on their side, against his wishes.

The two paintings from the Black on Maroon series have been hung vertically with bold stripes running from top to bottom.
However, Rothko is thought to have wanted the works – which he donated to the Tate before committing suicide in February 1970 – to be hung with the stripes running horizontally and the location of his signature on the back of the paintings is believed to reflect this wish.

Work in progress…

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

F.Y.I. folks, I’m working on stuff in photoshop to tinker with Mitchieville, (just be patient, I’m juggling a 3 month old baby in one arm and my pen tablet and notebook in the other.)

Keep in mind we can’t make everyone happy all the time but we can make most people happy most of the time! Any suggestions, comments, criticism, please, post a comment! Thanks!

Linds, Minister of the Arts