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Lets go Gun Control!

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Another day, another barrage of demands for Gun Control! from the caring, feeling, emoting village peoples of the left. I am moved to tears. Just like American born, true Red president Obama. Boo Hoo. People born in Hawaii are naturally more caring, feeling, and emoting. They are not self conscious, and ignore the cultural norm that men who cry are fags, especially those who cry so photogenically for the cameras of the main stream media. Boo Hoo. Gosh. Indeed, Gun Control! is inevitable. The one sent to save America from the evils of white slavery, economic collapse caused by inadequate welfare spending, and certain doom at the hands of Global Warming will save us from the evil of guns. Hurry, BO, make guns illegal. The next massacre is on you; the next cute as baby primate ghetto child shot in the head is on you; the blood of every person who dies of guns is on you, BO. You got the mandate; act.

Oh, excellent third world examples of Gun Control!

China has a piracy problem: their solution: the Hai Jin.

An excellent example of third world diplomacy.

Lets go Gun Control

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Face it, Gun Control is coming to the United States of America. Who could resist a coalition of socialists and RINO’s? Their bum boys in the media, judiciary, and administration? How about all those Santa Claus voters? Heck no, the consensus is Go! Go, go Gun Control!

Fenris Badwulf on the Arts

Friday, December 14th, 2012

I was watching a movie just last night. It was not something I would pay money to see, what with all the progressives involved in acting, directing, and producing. But it was something I would watch for free. This way, none of my after confiscated income finds its way into the pockets of the socialists who enable confiscating my money. While the movie was running, the girlfriend remarked at the mandatory queer sex scene. Her words, not mine. I do not watch as many movies as her, let alone listen to CBC radio as apartment muzak. When the mandatory queer sex scene comes on, she rushes off on bathroom break. Apparently, the Hollywood chapter of the Red movement now has some sort of inclusion regulation. Imagine that. And all this going on with the not so subtle queer movement to force acceptance of pedophilia. The next stop, of course, is necrophilia.

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

The responsible adults here at Mitchieville would like to take this opportunity to distance ourselves from the incomplete explanations offered up by our Astrologer in Residence, Sargon the Magnificent. While Sargon the Magnificent can stand behind everything he says, I must respond to the e-mails and phone calls from discerning readers seeking clarification. As Mitchieville is a caring place, where Quality is Job One and the Telemarketers Code of Ethics is written upon every heart, I have to wade into the fray and explain the Aries entry for the Horoscope for the week of December 9, 2012.

On Thursday you will be transported to a parallel universe where you will spend the next forty seven years, then be transported back to the moment after you were taken. Take advantage of the learning opportunity.


Reconstruction 2.0

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Reconstruction is a crystal clear time period in American history: written by the victors: it paints the South as a backward agricultural racist culture, and the Civil War as a War to Free the Slaves. It really is not so crystal clear. Even my leftist professors mentioned this, but never in writing. It would be advisable for those of you searching for a historical period to model the present upon to study Reconstruction.

Muddy waters. For all the endemic racism of the South, one may ask yourself why Stand Watie and his Cherokees supported the south. After all, the South is all racist, all the time. What are the Injuns doing supporting them?

Freedmen’s Bureau. I once heard a leftist use the epithet carpetbagger like it was a bad thing. In the same thought, he upheld the institutions that nurtured them. Go figure. The driving mind of the carpetbagger movement was an evangelical Christian, one Oliver O. Howard. The disenfranchisement of the white people in the South was one of the reasons why secret societies and partisan movements rose up down there. The traditional interpretation is that Southern whites are all racists. I would encourage you to research a little more into the institution of the Freedmen’s bureau. Not only from the point of view that it was the first attempt of the Federal statists to turn N-people into Americans, but also why it failed. It also had side effects, like the creation of the KKK.

One may argue that the enfranchisement of the ten million Illegals that will inevitably happen under Obama may be interpreted as disenfranchisement of white people. This will also be looked as ‘austerity from external sources’ and be a ‘right wing’, not ‘left wing’ vector in the social calculus.

In my opinion, the historical era in the United States right now can be described as Reconstruction 2.0. If the N-people can be assimilated into main stream society, then all will be sunshine and light. If they cannot, then I would look for a repeat of the social movements created by Reconstruction 1.0. In this I mean secret societies and black markets, ultimately leading to Jim Crow 2.0.

Another complication is the transformation of the United States into a non-Christian country. The evangelicals who spear headed the war against slavery, the vote for women, and the support for Israel, are a minority force, with their energies spent on defensive actions in the face of a socialist academia, judiciary, bureaucracy, media, and administration. When the progressives fall (as they, while in ascendency, are not a power beyond their ability to buy the votes of never workers) I wonder how much of the progressive platform will collapse. With Jim Crow 2.0, I suspect that slavery will be reinvented. As a thought experiment, if you actually apply the ‘father is financially responsible for his children’ laws already in effect, you can frog march the N-people into some form of new age plantation, where they will be working for the welfare department.

Given the lack of freedom of speech in this country, there is not much more I can say. Just like Louisiana in 1866.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Fenris Badwulf caring person

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

One of the most soothing things you can do in your busy day is go out for a drive. I spark up the tunes and face my anxieties on the road. Rush hour is the best time to do this; especially in Toronto. You get to explore the city, and find inner peace. You want to find driving maneuvers that keep you still while the troubles of the world rush by. I am a caring person, and this is my way to show I care, to show caring. In today’s episode, I am out doing left turns. Rush hour, in the City of Light.

Diversity in Action

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Time to shake up your organization with Diversity Awareness. But if you are like most white racists, where you work is under represented with Pox-Canadians. In fact, most everywhere you go has a shortage of diversity. Your sole source of contact is the main stream media, reminding you constantly what an ugly racist piece of shit you are, and why you should pay more taxes and have more regulations. You wish you could gobble down all that white guilt like the pretty leftist faces on television. What can you do? Your problems are solved: you can listen to Fenris Badwulf and implement Diversity in Action and spread around Pox culture where you work, shop, and live. In this episode, Fenris Badwulf, caring person, will share with you Fart Awareness, a way you can have Diversity in Action in your community.

Joketurd a moving story of diversity

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

Joketurd is a serious name, one that only a racist would laugh at. I caught up with Joketurd the other day. He was vacationing in Woodstock, Ontario, visiting his number three wife, Gangbangula. Joketurd has refugee status in both Canada and the United States, and grumbles about the inadequate welfare systems both here and there. Between the two revenue streams, and his small black market business providing culturally sensitive dental services, he manages to just make ends meet and keep down the loans and mortgages on his house, cottage, vacation property, cars, and truck. An important aspect of Joketurd’s culture are their ass wiping practices. Unlike us white racists who use ass wipe, or progressives who use corn cobs, Joketurd’s culture uses cloth rags, around the size and shape as face cloths. The early Christian missionaries who traveled to Joketurd’s country to oppress them called these ass wipe rags perseeseen pyyhkiä rätti.

Those of you familiar with public transit in Toronto, the City of Light, are familiar with the fragrant aroma of Green recycling that comes from the public washrooms located at Yonge and Bloor. Joketurd was complaining to me that there is an inadequate supply of ass wipe rags available for ass rag celebrating cultures. When he sent his number three wife to complain to her social worker, nothing happened. Joketurd hung around the women’s washroom for several weeks, inspecting the paper product dispensers and questioning users. The public toilet using community of Yonge and Bloor subway station were insensitive to the special needs of the ass rag community. Joketurd was harassed by fascist stormtroopers who told him to leave; a clear violation of his rights, as enshrined in the Human Rights Museum.

When he is not hanging around public transit toilet facilities
, Joketurd likes to hang around the food court in downtown hospitals. He likes the food there, and because he is a caring person, he will pretend to be a staff member showing up for work. Joketurd suffers from the racist stigma of hepatitis, and does not understand why racist white society disapproves of him handling food. He burst into tears when he told me this, pausing to wipe away his tears with his perseeseen pyyhkiä rätti. I met him on Thursday, where he was behind the counter at the Coffee Bucket, where he was moping around doing nothing but avoiding peoples demands for coffee. The real staff had not shown up, so Joketurd, ever the responsible community activist, was exploring the operation of coffee making equipment, the rate of growth of campylobacter pestis in unrefrigerated milk products, and the use of under sink ooze as coffee ground stabilizer. I adjourned with Joketurd to the parking garage to share conversation and the contents of the till right around the time some uptight medical professional arrived to complain like a racist about Cholera in his cappucchino. We left him to rant and took the stairs.

People like Joketurd add diversity to racist, sexist, earth rapist societies. You can help by raising awareness about perseeseen pyyhkiä rätti. Start to use one, and leave them around for white racists to find and face their own invisible toilet paper of white privilege. perseeseen pyyhkiä rätti should be freely available, and funding available for activists to read each others reports and complain about racism. Let us wipe out racism together.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

The Social Calculus

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

I was, and am, astounded at the development of a fascist faction in Greece. The Greeks did not fare well at the hands of the fascists the last time they visited that country. So, why this entity called the Golden Dawn?

And what of the development of socialism in the United States?

In the case of Greece, austerity was imposed by external forces. In the case of the United States, there was an attempt to impose austerity from within. I posit that a state will develop fascism when austerity is imposed from outside. When austerity is imposed internally, it develops left.

My definitions are vague, my argument short and imprecise. None the less, it is a theory and I will test it. Your opinion is welcome.

The United States will continue on its path towards socialism as there are only internal forces for austerity. Only when external forces appear will the socialist trend be reversed.

Holiday Shopping with Fenris Badwulf

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Everyone is excited in the Badwulf household with the advent of Holiday season. I grew up in a Christian country, but we did away with all that. No longer do we embrace the hurtful and racist concept of Christmas: now it is Holiday. It was with great delight that the extended Badwulf clan watched the passing of Christian culture. That stuff always stood in the way of our expression. It made us unhappy, and we felt unaccepted. Now we can be us. Follow the old ways. Sure, the Christians warned you about these sort of religious practices, but that was just propaganda. The ten commandments are for racists. Anyway, it is Holiday, the last festival of the last month, when happy pagans worship Saturn, one of the old ones. One of the best ways to appeal to Saturn is to indulge in shopping. So, step into my shoes, let me into your mind, and let us go shopping!

Personalizing Social Climate Justice

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Social Climate Justice awareness begins with your first waking breath in the morning. This morning, I rolled over and looked at the sleeping face of my beloved. What a lucky man I am to have this treasure in my life! I give my beloved a gentle kiss on her forehead so as not to awake her, then I slither out of bed.

Social Climate Justice activism begins with fresh ground coffee beans.
These are the expensive beans, grown by serfs and peons, who live close to nature in grass huts, without electricity or running water. As I carefully grind up the beans to the perfect texture, I contemplate all those lucky other people who live without the modern amenities. I wish more people lived in grass huts without access to toilet paper. I am doing all I can to drive more people into such a close relationship with nature.

Social Climate Justice actualization begins with fresh spring water. Why use tap water when you can use spring water taken for free from the food bank? Apparatchiks and comrades of the ruling authorities have access to the good stuff; awareness is the knowledge that the food banks are a source of merchandise for in the loop merchants.

Social Climate Justice awareness is rewarded with the perfect cup of coffee. I pour the coffee into a cup (part of a matching set of mugs made by Chinese slaves under the auspices of the Chinese socialist state) received as a gift last Holiday from the local socialist party. I joined, sent them no money, respond to their emails, and attend meetings where free stuff is handed out; in exchange, I get more free stuff. Now I have Dragon Mugs of porcelain to hold the perfect cup of coffee to take into the bedroom where my beloved is still sleeping.

Social Climate Justice activism is rewarded with croissants, baked in a toaster oven with cheddar cheese.
I took the toaster oven from work when I used to work in the Socialist Social Services. They had ordered one for each staff member, when the office kitchenette only needed one in total. They sat in boxes for months. I took one home after the manager gave us his famous Jack Layton in the whorehouse speech.

Social Climate Justice actualization is rewarded with happiness. My beloved gobbles down her coffee and cheesy croissant, but is distracted by my presence. We soon fall into Global Warming awareness games: my beloved begins to jingle my dingle.

You too can wallow in Social Climate Justice. Justify your actions with leftist gobbledygook. Act in your financial best interests, because your best interests only further Social Climate Justice. Anyone who disagrees is a racist. But even better, who needs to know? Aaaargh.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

Fenris Badwulf caring person

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

I, Fenris Badwulf, am a caring person. Rare is the day that my keyboard is not soaked with tears, or the interview room in the Human Resources department not filled with shouts of anguish. People have remarked that the basement where the department is located has the ambiance of a torture chamber, what with all the shared suffering going on. Someone has to have stewardship over the resources that are human, and that someone is me. I care.