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Saturday, November 10th, 2018

This is What Retail Investors Did with GE This Year as it Plunged – Buy Buy Buy, bye bye

$20 Canadian Oil Could Last Another Year – That’s $15 U.S., or the price of a pack of smokes in Ontario. The
Mayor suggests, if you have any space in your rumpus room, throw a few dozen barrels of oil in there for future consideration.

Only sixteen countries out of the 197 that have signed the Paris Agreement have defined national climate action plan ambitious enough to meet their pledges – At least some of the big shooters make the cut – like Samoa, Ethiopia, Tonga, and Costa Rica. Take a deep breath earth, you’ve been saved.

In another sign of repeating 2015, the Chinese are beginning to mobilize their “reserves” again – The Chinese only need to throw a few trillion dollars at this problem to make it go away. And if it comes back, throw another few trillion at it. This can go on forever. China is our future. Lead us.

Long-lost 325-year-old Quebec City fortifications found by archeologists in near perfect condition

A Fifth of China’s Homes Are Empty. That’s 50 Million Apartments – I’m not sure what cities Bloomberg is referring to, but I figure it’s probably Vancouver and Toronto.

Bombardier cutting about 5,000 jobs as part of restructuring plan – 5000 early retirement opportunities.

RBG’s Broken Ribs: Why Is Breaking Bones Dangerous for Older Adults? – Feed the vultures, Ginsburg, don’t be shy.

San Francisco Just Passed the Largest Tax Increase in City History. It’s Anybody’s Guess if It’s Legal. – This will increase the city’s current business taxes by 33%. A small price to pay for continued vibrancy and enrichment.

Lowe’s to close 51 locations, including 20 stores in the U.S. – Now has never been a better time to buy a house

Green Shoots & Leaves

Sunday, October 28th, 2018

China is not a currency manipulator – and The Mayor doesn’t like scotch

Understanding The Differences Between Fascism, Communism, Nazism, And Authoritarianism

Cesar Sayoc – “white male” – probably Irish, from Belfast, Shankill Road most likely

What I think about Tesla’s financials – Alternative title, “What I think about a steaming pile of dog shit”

Zimbabwe’s economy is collapsing and president Mnangagwa can’t stop it – It is obviously the fault of Donald Trump and/or Mike Harris

Emerging Markets are Trash – No word on whether they are also shitholes

Birth canals are different all over the world, countering a long-held evolutionary theory – I had a girlfriend way back when who had a birth canal the shape of Texas. I nicknamed her “Big Country”

Gab is down

100 ISIS Terrorists Caught in Guatemala as Central American Caravan Heads to U.S – Relax, they are only coming for a better life and jobs

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Monday, March 6th, 2017

What are those “resisting Trump” proposing as solutions to the profound structural ills afflicting the empire? Gender-neutral bathrooms? A continuation of a dysfunctional immigration policy? Blaming Russia to mask the catastrophic failure of the past 25 years of neocon imperial over-reach? Cost-free “virtue-signaling” proclamations in support of diversity? “Safe places” on college campuses paid for by student loans crushing a vast indentured class of debt-serfs?

The Jerusalem Post said the Soviet secret police last year secured the release of three kidnaped Soviet diplomats in Beirut by castrating a relative of a radical Lebanese Shia Muslim leader, sending him the severed organs and then shooting the relative in the head.

But new research suggests that professing such third-party concern—what social scientists refer to as “moral outrage”—is often a function of self-interest, wielded to assuage feelings of personal culpability for societal harms or reinforce (to the self and others) one’s own status as a Very Good Person.

Why the high IQ lack common sense

Big media has steadily been pushing the gay agenda for decades, something the public have reluctantly put up with, because it has been in relatively small doses. But now it looks like the TV companies have gone too far, after they rolled out a number of big budget, gay-themed TV shows that flopped disastrously with viewers.

It’s not just a question of letting Django off the chain. It’s who he gets directed towards once all the weapons are locked and loaded. Every time the SWPLs unleash a new policy to “undo racial discrimination” or “rectify the mistakes of the past” these never quite seem to rectify the goddam hell out Chelsea Clinton or one of The Kennedys.


In its last months the Obama administration ordered the intelligence agencies to collect and distribute information of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia. This to prevent any change by the Trump administration of the hostile policy towards Russia that the Obama administration instituted. The intent was also to give the intelligence services blackmail material against the Trump crew to prevent any changes in their undue, freewheeling independence.

Norway’s immigration and integration minister, Sylvi Listhaug, does as Donald Trump and calls out the fake news media.

Online English Vocabulary Size Test

Green Shoots & Leaves

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

The Mayor sincerely apologizes for the lack of posting this past week. Considering there is very little posting to begin with anyway, this makes it twice as terrible when fewer than naught postings happen or not happen. To remedy this, expect twice as many posts beginning some time in the future. The future not being today, or tomorrow. You have The Mayor’s word on it.

The Left thus resembles an abusive relationship in which the rest of us are always wrong, the Left is always right, and they use this imagined justification to essentially steal from us to fund their own projects, which coincidentally result in enriching Leftists with wealth and power. Their goal is to seize control from those who naturally should wield it and transfer it to themselves, through the ruse of altruism.

If these institutions were to choose their students solely on test scores and college grades, it is clear that in the intense competition for places at medical schools in the United States, African Americans would be at a severe disadvantage … Under these circumstances no blacks would be admitted to the nation’s most selective schools of medicine.

The mask slippage reveals another great fear of the anti-White Left: their loss of the leftoid legacy media megaphone and the power to shape public sympathies through devious framing of stories and omissions of counter-Narrative facts. If the media is discredited as the VeryFakeNews that it is, then the Left will have lost a powerful ally in their demographic war to reduce White majority nations to White plurality or White minority nations. We in the Maul-Right are getting very VERY close to the target now. You can hear the Left’s fear in the nervous scoffs of the foreign ministers and in the shrieks of indignation from the newspaper editorial boards. The stuck pig squeals loudest, and by the sounds of it the globalist pig is stuck in the vitals.

McCain obviously has deep anger issues regarding POWs. He is also an advocate of globalism. He is consistently on the wrong side of issues as they occur on the biggest questions of the day. Whatever else Trump does or doesn’t do, taking on McCain and effectively removing some of his power would be a big favor. There likely will be an explosion between these two sooner or later, if only because McCain is so angry.

“Huge Growth in Anti-Muslim Hate Groups During 2016: SPLC Report,” wails NBC News. “Watchdog: Number of anti-Muslim hate groups tripled since 2015,” FOX News bleats. ABC News vomits up this word salad. “Trump cited in report finding increase in US hate groups for 2nd year in a row.”

Who do companies pretend to be left-wing?

One of this years prices went to a fake “documentary” about a fake “rescuer” group which makes and distributes fake videos, staged photos and fake victims of the war on Syria. These al-Qaeda propaganda sidekicks, the White Helmets, are a British disinformation operation that is financed by more than $100 million of U.S. and UK taxpayer money. Its general task is to convince the “western” public that the war on Syria is justified because of the “cruelty of the Syrian government” which the fakes intend to establish in the mind of its consumers.

So What Are We Going to Do with the Retail Malls?

YouTube said that its worldwide viewers are now watching more than 1 billion hours of videos a day, on pace to eclipse total US TV viewership over the next few years, a milestone facilitated by the Google aggressive embrace of artificial intelligence to recommend videos.

My race is my nation. The same blood flows through my veins which flowed through the veins of my Viking and Saxon ancestors, before they ever saw a rebel flag. They went from Norway and Germany to England, and from there to America, without once humming a single stanza of “Dixie”. We were the same people then, as now. That wasn’t changed by geography. <——Must See

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Saturday, February 18th, 2017

The main talking point of the left is that in order to succeed Trump must compromise with them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The left has no power. They are not needed to pass anything in congress and the court will soon be conservative. Compromising with the left will only lead to the alienation of Trump’s base which would be suicidal and would get you nothing.

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson interviewed the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple and brought up the fact that the paper regularly receives money from the Russian government to publish propaganda known as “native advertising” within the contents of the newspaper. This was news to me.

Bannon inspires terror. I don’t mean terror in the sense of orchestrated and politically-motivated acts of violence. I mean a pure sinking sense of dread and all-pervading fear. Here is someone who is not a politician, someone with independent thought, who is largely unaccountable to public opinion since he has a guaranteed platform, and whose career consists of influencing people through narrative-constructing media. The reason the chattering class singles out Bannon is because he is a rogue version of their own revolution.

Leaked Emails: Dem State Leaders Think Obama’s New Organizing Army is ‘Grade A Bullshit’

CBS anchor John Dickerson: Press ruined its reputation ‘on its own’

” A 43-day storm that began in December 1861 put central and southern California underwater for up to six months, and it could happen again.”

Can you imagine any of Trump’s middle-American supporters accusing Obama of lusting for incest with his daughters? The two camps are different peoples. Half of the country seems culturally dominated from the ghetto. The other half embodies standards of behavior that have usually been thought congruent with civil society. While Trump himself is crass, making menstrual jibes on the air at Megyn Kelly for example, his supporters are not.

…a single day without immigrants would save the US $351 million. Sounds like a damn good deal to me, especially since 23 million American citizens are currently unemployed.

The Associated Press released a story on Friday claiming the Trump administration considered a proposal to round up illegal immigrants using as many as 100,000 National Guard troops. Now sources are saying perhaps several different versions of this memo were drafted up to smoke out the leaker.

Joining other failing dot-com 3.0 failing concerns, Google has now demonstrated its bias in favor of politically correct censorship by banning the “Ban Sharia” online group, which was a middle-right opposition to Islamic immigration to the West.

Green Shoots & Leaves

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Günter Verheugen, a top left-wing EU bureaucrat, has been caught in a disgusting sex scandal. Disgusting because he is horrible to look at even with his clothes on (apologies for even posting his picture here). Verheugen is a socialist flunky who has served in several key roles in the Borg-like transnational organization that does everything it can to stifle healthy European nationalism and promote White genocide. Right now the 72-year-old politician is the European commission’s German vice-president.

The solution to solipsism occurs both within and outside the individual. As a civilization, we need to rediscover purpose and stop regulating ourselves through methods alone, which is the behavior formalized in Leftism. As individuals, we need to find transcendental vision of life in which we recognize the greater wisdom of nature and the cosmos relative to our own intentions.

A new Amnesty International report claims that the Syrian government hanged between 5,000 and 13,000 prisoners in a military prison in Syria. The evidence for that claim is flimsy, based on hearsay of anonymous people outside of Syria. The numbers themselves are extrapolations that no scientist or court would ever accept. It is tabloid reporting and fiction style writing from its title “Human Slaughterhouse” down to the last paragraph.


Prior to the Canadian election of November 2015, it had been reported that the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami front groups would use the Liberal Party of Canada as a vehicle for political Entryism. The article also noted the roles of ISNA Canada and ICNA Canada in these efforts. A number of Canadian Members of Parliament have Islamist connections, advocate for sharia law or, in the case of Cabinet Minister Maryam Monsef states that “Sharia fascinates me :)

The hot money has abandoned the Vancouver housing bubble, which is now left to its own devices. And the idea of homeownership as this magnificent investment with outsized annual returns has just been taken out the back and shot. But the hot money is till pouring into Toronto.

Why does it matter that Barack Obama’s first stop after leaving the White House was to stay with a married gay couple at their mansion in Palm Springs, California? Why would it matter that Michelle had a temper tantrum while staying with the California couple, and then according to reporters who were there, boarded an airplane owned by billionaire Richard Branson alone?

“I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the N-word for journalists, the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity,” Cuomo said on SiriusXM. (The Mayor – and then profusely apologized…lol…cuckmeister)

Backlash against Netflix came fast and furious when their trailer for “Dear White People” premiered on YouTube Wednesday. The show highlights the angst and rage of an angry black female at a predominantly white university. A 2014 movie of the same name received rave reviews from the usual media suspects, indicating exactly how suitable it is for consumption by sane, non-self-hating people.

As of this writing, the trailer had 538,272 views with whopping 122,111 dislikes and a tiny 6,723 likes — a ratio of 19:1 in opposition to the show. Many commenters have announced that they have cancelled their Netflix subscriptions despite having patronized the business for years.


Green Shoots & Leaves

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

The Mayor has just been informed by reliable sources that Donald J. Trump has not fulfilled every last campaign promise that he made. Terrifying. And the promises that he did make and has followed through on, well, nobody saw them coming. Terrifying. Also, some things that he is doing are either being implemented too quickly, or too slowly. Terrifying. The Mayor wishes someone else had been elected, then no one would have to worry about anything ever again. Sigh…

Leftism succeeded because it enabled people to manipulate society. Instead of having social standards that people were rewarded for obeying, society adopted an assumption of reward and need at the same time, which let people be “equal” by separating their actions from the consequences of those actions.

This allowed them to play the society “game” and win by contributing little, removing standards that would restrict them, and simultaneously force others into behaviors that destroyed them unless those ideals were recognized as insincere, and the others also adopted an attitude of public compliance and private manipulation as well.

Ukraine – Coup Government Tries To Sabotage U.S.-Russia Rapprochement

Höcke also said that the country’s past had been distorted to look “lousy and ridiculous,” called the Allied bombing of Dresden in 1945 a “war crime,” and called for school history books to be rewritten.
“This ridiculous coping policy paralyses us. We need a complete 180-degree turn. Until now, we have not been able to mourn our own sacrifice.”

A big moral chasm between conservatives and liberals is the feeling of disgust; cons have low disgust thresholds (they are acutely sensitive to disgusting things or disgusting people) and libs have high disgust thresholds (they can tolerate, even enjoy wallowing in, disgusting things). Gathering tit-to-tit and fagface-to-fagface by the thousands, hoisting obscene placards and wearing obscene costumes, and cursing for hours at the top of one’s lungs feels disgusting to cons. Libs, otoh, practically live for the degenerate slop life.


The state of Catholicism in Quebec today is indeed desperate. In 1966, there were 8,800 priests; today there are 2,600, most of whom are elderly; many live in nursing homes. In 1945, weekly mass was attended by 90% of the Catholic population; today it is 4%. Hundreds of Christian communities have simply disappeared.

The Quebec Council of the Religious Heritage has reported that in 2014 alone, a record 72 churches closed. The situation is even worse in the Archdiocese of Montreal. From 257 parishes in 1966, there were 250 in 2000, and in 2013 only 169 parishes. Christianity seemed at the risk of extinction; the Archbishop of Montreal, Christian Lépine, launched a moratorium on the sale of the churches.

Japan is putting together a package it says could generate 700,000 U.S. jobs and help create a $450-billion market, to present to U.S. President Donald Trump next week, government sources familiar with the plans said.

U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism

The Woodpile Report

Green Shoots & Leaves

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Three U.S. Intelligence Agencies (CIA, NSA and FBI) claim that IT-Systems of the Democratic National Committee were “hacked” in an operation related to the Russian government. They assert that emails copied during the “hack” were transferred by Russian government related hackers to Wikileaks which then published them.

President Obama disagrees. He says those emails were “leaked”.

With the rise of what the media calls “populism,” drawing comparison to the American Nativist movement of the 1840s, the Leftist regime — driven by globalism, liberal democracy, diversity and consumerism — has collapsed as an idea. People trusted it when it seemed to lead to good results, but when given full power with the election of Barack Obama, the Left proved to be as destructive as in the USSR.

As a German I am embarrassed on how much my government failed to anticipate Trump and, since he is elected, fails to prepare for the coming onslaught on its export orientated economic model. Wages in Germany were held down by all means (including by importing additional workforce from Syria and elsewhere) and a huge export surplus was created that benefited only a few moneyed pockets. The scheme created a huge imbalance in Europe and the credit crisis in Spain, Greece and elsewhere. Trump’s policies will finally blow this model apart.

The left’s rhetoric of hatred towards anyone seen as White, western, privileged, etc, will inevitably target Jews, and there’s as much a rich history of persecution from this angle as from a nationalist or religiously exclusive one. This is a tough fact for many Jews to swallow, but one we need to confront nonetheless.

Are Canadian’s the biggest debt slaves in the world? Naw, we’re like 5th.

It’s official, Trump has signed executives orders to advance the construction of the controversial Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, according to which the US will renegotiate terms on the two pipelines.

Sales of previously owned U.S. homes declined more than forecast in December, data from the National Association of Realtors data showed Tuesday. Still, sales for the full year were the strongest since 2006.

That the defeat of Hillary was also a defeat of the neoconservatives and their alphabet soup of institutes and think tanks is sometimes overlooked but was a delicious dish served cold for those of us who have been praying for such a result. It was well worth the endless tedium when watching Fox News on election night to see Bill Kristol’s face when it became clear that Trump would be victorious. Back to the drawing board, Bill!

We have observed the many Clinton crimes, and they have weighed heavily upon us. However, now we are observing a complete turnaround in the Clinton investigation. I believe because we have a new President and a new Administration, we are being gifted with the truth and empowerment of the law.

The Party of Obama, the media-adored, elite-favored, swaggering group of cosmopolitans ushered into the White House and Congress on an blue electoral wave in 2008, is dead.

Green Shoots & Leaves

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Last year the Chinese infrastructure party ended and the shale oil boom went bust. More recently the FANG stocks went from pulling the market up to pushing it down. And today Apple — whose sales would always go up because everyone on Earth wants an iPhone and there were still some people in Africa and the Amazon Basin who don’t yet have one — reported that not only is its revenue no longer growing, but it might shrink in the year ahead.

Emerging market stocks will outperform U.S. equities when another bull market comes, noted bear Marc Faber contended Tuesday. But Faber sees one problem — he believes markets will not enjoy another bull run in his lifetime.

Refugee Murders 22-Year-Old Swedish Woman In Knife Attack

Who Gets to Pay for the Italian Banking Crisis?

FOLLOWING more than a decade of aggressive growth, global coal demand has stalled, the International Energy Agency, IEA, said in its Annual Coal Market Report, released last week.

Brazil is a mess,” Alberto Ramos, the chief Latin America economist at Goldman Sachs, said at an event organized by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in New York on Wednesday. “Number 10 used to mean Pele. Now it’s inflation rate, unemployment rate and the popularity rate of the president.”

Apple’s Tim Cook sounds incredibly depressed about the global economy

Forex Factory

A Los Angeles County girl who had traveled to El Salvador late last year was infected with the mosquito-borne Zika virus, health officials confirmed. Elsewhere, a Minnesota traveler was also confirmed to have contracted the virus.

Rush for the exits
: why China’s capital flight carnage will continue

Green Shoots & Leaves

Monday, January 25th, 2016

The only way to confirm if a fish is actually dead, is if the fish has X’s over its eyes. If there isn’t an X over each eye, then there is a 100% chance that fish is still alive. Keep that in mind, it will serve you well.

The Mayor told you a few days ago that the world is perfect and no one should worry about the temporary downturn in our perfect stock market. Get your rally caps on, take some speed and grab a bottle of Valu-rite vodka, because today (Friday) is going to be one humdinger of a stock day. The Mayor is calling 400 pts to the upside. Muppets rejoice, the FED has your back.

I don’t think China’s economic slowdown is that severe to threaten the global economy,” said Bernanke at the Asian Financial Forum held in Hong Kong. Bernanke argued that the global economy was more troubled by a global savings glut, which had long been a drag on investments.

Schlumberger Loses $1 Billion, Raises Layoffs to 30,000, Doubles Share Buybacks to $20 Billion

As its fortunes collapse due to falling oil prices, Royal Dutch Shell PLC will fire 10,000 people in an effort to bolster margins.

On Wednesday, we learned that the MSCI All-Country World Index has fallen a total of more than 20 percent from the peak of the market. So that means that roughly one-fifth of all the stock market wealth in the entire world has already been wiped out.

What Sent Stocks Soaring Overnight: DB’s Jim Reid Explains

Debunking the Myth “Consumer Spending is 67% of GDP

“Bowels Emptied! Women Molested!” German Media Reveals “Monstrous” CCTV Footage Of Refugee Pool Mayhem

Syria: The Battlefield Negotiations Now Favor The Syrian Government

Green Shoots & Leaves

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Fear not, the world is still perfect. The economy is humming along. Everything is fine. Sure, the market seems like it is tanking, but that is only until the muppets get back from lunch and realize how great things are. Then, they will take one final sip of their skinny cinnamon dolce latte, and hit the buy button until their nails fall off their perfectly manicured digits.


Bye Bye Bye.

Many of our heroic “story stocks” are getting totally destroyed. Yet not much has changed: Their business model, if any, is the same; they’re still losing money hand over fist; and they’re still trotting out the same custom-designed metrics that seduced analysts and the media once upon a time. But it’s not working anymore.

Inside The Red Ponzi——Why China’s $28 Trillion Debt Mountain Is Scary

Despite the propaganda from the media and happy talk from the Liar-in-Chief, the country is currently in a recession and the Fed has no ammo to fake another recovery. We are going down and going down hard. When 70% of your economy is based on Americans buying shit they don’t need from China on credit cards, a dramatic slowdown in consumer spending equals recession. When sales actually fall from November to December during the holiday season, you are in recession. We’ve arrived.

FBI Posing As Militia: Burns, Oregon

U.S.-based stock mutual funds and exchange-traded funds lost $9.0 billion to withdrawals during a week that saw U.S. stocks continue one of their worst starts to a new year amid fears of a further fall in oil prices.

A great shaking is coming to the global economy, and the pain is going to be unimaginable. So let us enjoy every single day of relative “normalcy” while we still can, because there aren’t too many of them left.

If every Norwegian’s a millionaire, why’s Alberta in hock?

BHP Billiton has written down the value of its US shale assets by $7.2bn (£5bn) as a result of the dive in oil prices.

Remember when the Fed’s dots – less than a month ago – suggested there would be 4 rate hikes in 2016? Ah, the memories. Well, you can not only forget that (now that the market is estimating the next rate hike will come in October if ever), but it appears that the Fed will follow Kocherlakota’s advice after all and not only cut rates (the possibility of a January rate cut now is 10%), but will pass go, and collect negative rates:

The Bubble (and Eventual Bust) in San Francisco Real Estate

The Mayor sees that the market is down over 500 points right now (noonish.) Don’t worry, it’s not the time to panic. If anything, right now is the time to be *cautiously optimistic.”

U.S. Jobless Rate Falls to 9% in January; Payrolls Rise 36,000 – Bloomberg Headline

Friday, February 4th, 2011

There are lies, damn lies, and then there’s Bloomberg.

The headline from today’s post is actually taken word for word from It sure gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to see that US unemployment is falling and that things are picking up, doesn’t it? As a matter of fact, here’s how Bloomberg *reports* this great news:

Stock futures and the dollar climbed while Treasuries slid as the drop in unemployment pointed to a labor market that’s on the mend following the loss of almost 9 million jobs during the recession.

The labour market is on the mend and the stock market is reacting favourably to this wonderful news. That’s what we’re being told.

Now let’s check in at Zero Hedge and see if they’ve uncovered something maybe Bloomberg missed:

Probably the last chart to bury any doubt about just how truly horrible today’s employment data was, comes from a little observed data metric: that showing the number of people who are not in the labor force, but who want a job now. The number just hit 6,643K, a jump of 431K from December, and the highest number in history. These are people that would send the unemployment rate to about 12.8% if they were in the labor force (and, as indicated, looking for a job). Nothing else needs to be said.

Hmmmm. That doesn’t sound great. Probably an anomaly.

What else ya got, Zero Hedge?

And another curiously divergent dynamic: looking simply at the Seasonally Adjusted underemployment rate (U-6), which came at 16.1%, or the lowest since April 2009, and one might be excused for assuming that there is a silver lining, somewhere. That is, of course, until taking a look at the sister, NSA series. At 17.3%, this was the highest number since March 2010, and higher than just 3 months in the history of this series.

That’s not great either. Another fluke? What else ya got?

At 64.2%, the labor force participation rate (as a percentage of the total civilian noninstitutional population) is now at a fresh 26 year low, the lowest since March 1984, and is the only reason why the unemployment rate dropped to 9% (labor force declined from 153,690 to 153,186). Those not in the Labor Force has increased from 83.9 million to 86.2 million, or 2.2 million in one year! As for the numerator in the fraction, the number of unemployed, it has plunged from 15 million to 13.9 million in two months! The only reason for this is due to the increasing disenchantment of those who completely fall off the BLS rolls and no longer even try to look for a job. Lastly, we won’t even show what the labor force is as a percentage of total population. It is a vertical plunge.

Yikes. So the unemployment rate went down because the labour force participation plummeted and not because 36,000 jobs were created, as Bloomberg would have you believe from their headline? And the number of unemployed fell because people fell off the rolls and stopped looking for work? That doesn’t sound so great after all.

Now, does that really sound like a labour market that’s “on the mend?”

The Bloomingidiotberg pump-monkey’s understand that the average Joe only reads a headline and nothing else and will come away from today’s news feeling as if things might have turned the corner. But they obvious haven’t. And Bloomberg sucks and should be ashamed of the shoddy reporting they put out each and every day.