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Grey Cup 2008

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

The 96th annual Grey Cup is but a few hours away. I, The Mayor, will be live-blogging this event. I started getting whiskey-faced at about 2 this afternoon, so I’m sure that I’ll be in fine form by game time.

Let’s start with The Mayor’s prognostication:

Calgary 38 Montreal 31

What say you?

It’s halftime–Montreal 13 Calgary 10

Right now at halftime we have some French woman singing while members of Quebec’s gymnastics run around doing , well, I’m not sure, gymnastic-type shit. This is Canada and this is exciting as things get. I’m sure if they could dig up Brunno Gerrusi they would.

As for the game? Not bad, a little slow, but things started to get going after the first quarter. Montreal seemed to have the momentum, but Calgary has now gotten it back and is taking to the Alouettes.

I’m sticking with my prediction: Calgary 38 Montreal 31

5:39 left in the third–I’m loaded and singing Danny Boy. Other than that, Calgary just kicked a field goal: Calgary 13 Montreal (spit) 13

3:47 left in the third Montreal gets a single point: Montreal 14 Calgary 13 (you get a single point in the CFL for having small breasted cheerleaders–thanks to dmorris for that truthful gag)

End of the third–Calgary kicks a *but de champ* to take the lead. Calgary 16 Montreal 14

13:40 left in the fourth, Calgary kicks another FG–I’m going to give some coaching advice for Calgary: Score some TD’s instead of booting FG’s. Calgary 19 Montreal 14

4:30 to go and Calgary’s kicker just booted a 46 meter FG–haha, I’m effin’ with you Americans, it was a 50 yard FG Calgary 22 Montreal 14

Keep in mind the CFL is like basketball, you’ll often see 75 points in the last 4 minutes.

That’s it, Calgary wins. How exciting. I’m wrecked.

Good night, and may the Lord bless and comfort you.