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Stroke yer Pride

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Canada is a racist shit hole, without a doubt. Patriotism, nationalism, and admiration for the sacrifices of the past are but coded words for fascism, racism, and other words that sound bad that the ability challenged activists spray around like sperm in a bath house. You can learn more about homophobia when you stagger home drunk and answer a call to come up to some rainbow flag flying house, where a party is in progress. Let us call it consciousness raising.


Guys That Look Like Women

Monday, April 27th, 2009


As what is turning out to be far too typical in today’s society, Zac Efron is another case of someone being born with a penis, but looking like someone who is carting around a vagina. I when I say he’s carting around a vagina, I’m not referring to his *girlfriend*, Vanessa Hudgens. I understand why he’s dating Hudgens–to give the impression that he likes women, so he’ll have a bigger public appeal. Reality though, tells me that he’s dating Hudgens because she gives him advice on how to properly apply make-up, which handbag goes with certain halter tops, and why it’s important to always put toilet paper down on the seat before you sit down to pee.

Efron is a chick. There’s nooo doot aboot it.