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Harlemquin Romance – Laquisha Finds Love

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Part 1 continued…

Now Laquisha Junebug Jones had a shot at a job that would save her in more ways than one—overseeing the Washington ACORN office – Junebug was in charge of making sure the midnight basketball courts were clean and tidy for the disadvantaged and marginalized inner-city youth that were still reeling from the effects of colonialism in Africa. Junebug was going to get that job, and convince her father that she hadn’t screwed up her BA in Urban Activism at the local community college. And, more than that, the cash from the job would buy her some bad-ass hair extensions.

“No,” JoBrawn Dee Dee Washington said. “I came to tell you the po poo be outside, yo. Someone was shot, yo, and the county crew won’t be able to clear it until the rain stops.”

Junebug’s heart lurched. She had to be in town tomorrow. Missing the interview was not an option.

“When your parents heard about the shooting, they be phoning 9 eleven, so I’m here to get you back to town.”

He spoke in the faintly mocking tone that had driven her so crazy years ago. They’d never gotten along, she and Dee Dee. In school, he’d been the loaded penis and she the willing baby momma. They’d had classes together, in which Junebug had answered questions and taken part in discussions, while Dee Dee talked on his cell phone while listening to his MP3 player.

It wasn’t until basket weaving class their senior year that real trouble between them started. Dee Dee was a natural at weaving baskets, while Junebug sucked her teeth and blamed “the man” for her lack of functioning braincells. It didn’t seem fair that he should do so effortlessly what she was working so hard at—especially when he didn’t take school seriously. Oh, Dee Dee was intelligent enough, he had mean b-ball skillz and could freestyle rap like no ones bizness.

“So…what now?”

“If you want to get to that interview your daddy are so worried about, then you’ll have to hike out with me. Grab a 40 of Valurite and get in the Lincoln, byotch.

To be continued…

Harlemquin Romance – Laquisha Finds Love

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Laquisha Junebug Jones jumped at the sound of the knock on the project door. The last thing she expected in the middle of the night in the projects was a visitor—or so she thought until she looked through that crappy ole peephole to see who was there. Actually, the last thing she expected was for that visitor to be JoBrawn Dee Dee Washington.

She opened the door so he could come in out of the rain and hoped she didn’t look as guilty as she suddenly felt. Two days had passed and she’d yet to come to grips with not doing the right thing. There’d only been two or three thousand times in her life when she hadn’t, and here was the walking, talking reminder of her lapse, staring at her with cold dead eyes.

“Shit, sup, yo?” she said, stepping back.

“Yo momma,” JoBrawn replied with a touch of dark irony. He was taller. His face was more angular and his dark hair darker. If possible, he was even better looking than he’d been back when they’d butted heads while drinking fifths of ValuRite vodka outside the 7/11.

“Just happen to be in the hood?” Which was miles from anywhere. She’d come to her grandfather’s crib to prepare for her job interview working for ACORN—and to escape her old man, an old man with one toot in his head. Shit. She knew exactly where she’d gone wrong. Hangin’ wit’ Dee Dee is where she went wrong, yo.

To Be Continued…