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Hinterland Who’s Who – The Asian Woodchuck

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

The Asian Woodchuck (illegaldvd Pacificmallicus) was introduced to Canada in the late 1970’s. They are distinguishable by their dark hair, good work ethic, and the abilty for the old female woodchuck’s to butt in large lines without saying excuse me. They are mostly skinny and short animals, although the newest generations of Asian Woodchuck’s seem to be much taller and heavier. Young Asian Woodchuck’s can often be found exercising on Dance Dance Revolution machines in Asian malls, while other Asian Woodchuck’s stand around watching whilst drinking bubble tea.

The Asian Woodchuck now calls BC, large swaths of Southern Ontario and many Canadian city centers home. The Asian Woodchuck are family-oriented animals, always keeping in mind the best interest of their parents and grandparents, never sending them to homes for Old Woodchuck’s like the young North American Woodchuck’s do. The Asian Woodchuck can also be found at your finer, and not so finer gambling establishments across Canada.

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