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He’s Got Legs, He Knows How To Use Them

Monday, July 19th, 2010

You’re probably thinking that M’Gooboo looks a bit silly and should let his pants down a couple of yards. M’Gooboo isn’t wearing his pants too high, they’re actually perfect for his frame. You see, M’Gooboo’s chest and stomach are only 3 inches high, where as his legs are close to 5′ high. His pants are proportional to his physical dimensions. It all makes sense. And did I mention you’re a racist?

A Little Too Sour For My Taste

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


Hugo Chavez Hates Golf

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


During his weekly Sunday address to the nation, Hugo Chavez mocked the sport of golf and vowed to close down two of Venezuela’s most popular courses:

“Let’s leave this clear,” Mr Chávez said during a live broadcast. “Golf is a bourgeois sport.”

Mr Chavez then went on to mock the use of golf carts used by some golfers and claimed this represented the laziness of those who played the game.

It’s a well known fact that commies hate golf. They always have and they always will. Commies are big on sports like boxing and wrestling, but when it comes to golf, forget it. There’s an old saying, “you can bring a commie to a golf course, but you can’t make him putt”. Sure, it’s a damn stupid saying, but it’s accurate as hell.

I’ve put a few lists together showing the sports that commies like and dislike. I hope you enjoy these lists as much as I enjoyed drawing them up for you.

Commie hate:

  • golf
  • two man luge
  • badminton
  • equestrian
  • curling
  • squash

Commies love

  • boxing
  • wrestling (Roman greco and freestyle only)
  • four man luge
  • judo
  • weightlifting
  • tug of war

I didn’t realize until this exact minute that based on commie sport hate, I would make an excellent commie. I’m sure many of you are thinking the same thing. That’s excellent, comrade.