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How Illegals Cross The Border

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

After looking at the dozens of pictures of illegals trying to cross the border (the American border I believe), The Mayor has come to the conclusion that foreigners will do just about ANYTHING for the chance to taste some of that American freedom. I’m sure you already knew that though. I’ve always said it’s not legal immigration people are most concerned about in the US and elsewhere, it’s when people game the system to beat the queue. Like buddy dressed as a Caravan seat, for instance. After looking at this picture, I can hardly jump into my SUV without fluffing the seats first.

I can hardly imagine the ingenious Hollowe’en costumes these folks must come up with on October 31 every year. This lady is a glove compartment box – trick or treat!

This person must think glove compartment lady is a complete piker, as he/she/it decided to ramp it up and become a whole dashboard. What’s that blinking light? Oh, that’s just Consuela’s eye.

Many more pictures of illegals crossing at Visboo – a site for all your illegal immigrant needs

Americans Willing To Work?

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Shocking news out of Phoenix last week, as it seems Americans are actually trying to fill recently vacated jobs that illegal workers were fired from:

Job hunters turned out in the hundreds to fill recently-vacant positions at Pro’s Ranch Market stores, where a federal audit led to the firing of some 300 workers.

Roxanne Nieves, one of the many that came out in search of a job, said she came to apply after she heard about the layoffs.

“We heard they are firing a lot of illegal people, so we’re here to apply,” she said.

About 300 of the 1,500 total employees at the six Phoenix supermarkets were let go this week after an Immigration and Customs Enforcement audit found them to be working illegally.

Attorney Julie Pace said the company has I-9 forms on everyone and uses E-Verify to check employees’ eligibility to work, but that is not always enough.

“The company wouldn’t know if someone is using counterfeit documents,” Pace said.

Imagine the nerve of these Americans filling the jobs Americans just won’t do.

Wait. What?

For those of you on the leftish side of the illegal immigration issue, don’t worry about the 300 illegals that were canned from their jobs; from the sound of things, they weren’t arrested and deported, they were merely fired and let out free into American society where they will find gainful employment in other jobs American citizens just won’t do.

Also keep in mind that Pro Ranch Market Stores have I-9 forms on everyone and uses E-Verify to check employees’ eligibility to work, but the 300 (yes, THREE HUNDRED) illegal immigrants used fraudulent forms and means to get their jobs. In other words, they beat out 300 LEGAL American citizens to get their jobs by lying and frauding the system.

Like all right minded peoples, The Mayor is for legal immigration – as long as there is proper protocol and a system to screen out the good from the bad immigrants in place. As for illegal immigration, nope, The Mayor can’t say he sees the upside to that. Round ‘em up, ship ‘em out. Rawhide.