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A Sustainable Shooting Victim Memorial for Mitchieville

Thursday, August 16th, 2018

Mitchieville is cast into mourning for the tragic and senseless bad thing that happened recently. This horrible, one time only, never to happen again, really caused by the white right wing racist rapist meanies who oppose the progressive, diverse, and caring regime of Mitchieville, is to be celebrated in a sustainable shooting victim memorial. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Things that do not make sense have a comforting one size fits diversity sensible solution right from an identity politics play book. Putting a plastic bag over your head for safe sex never felt better!

The sustainable shooting victim memorial is designed to be a safe space for white guilt slurpers who wish to feel that other people who have privilege skills (in intelligence, ability, or other white people traits) have been forced to listen to and act like they are parents who let their children scream in public shopping venues. Here, in the safe space there is a digital big screen with the names and memorial videos scrolling by twenty-four seven. The earth destroying electricity comes from a plug in the wall with a green cover plate, so you can be subliminally put at rest that this is somehow a good thing, and your inquiries can end there. All the other building materials for the sustainable shooting victim memorial have green colors on their sales brochures, and the press kit has green, bold text in a font that screams Jordan Peterson’s disapproval. These are adult arguments and convincing in an inter sectional unicorn fairy dust rainbow multi-pronoun universe of rich, creamy goodness discovered by fifties era marketers struggling with the cream corn account.

Victims’ victim status is almost as high on the victim scale as a poor dindu nuffin who has been castrated by a corporate coffee shop worker over an unpaid tab. You can see them victims scroll by on the big screen. Once happy, now dead, and even better, whitewashed of progressive sin! No more will they be told f’ck you whitey, or f’ck you cisgendered, or f’ck you for reading in the library. Nope, their white privilege is washed away in their dying blood. There is hope! The big display can handle up to 1,024 biographies, and even more if you use a timely Last In, First Out algorithm. The latest last shooting is always the most recent in Mitchieville. You will never get minstrel show jitters if you mix up one of the other never happening Islamic terrorist mass killings with the latest. That is the intersection of diversity and sustainability!

To cater to the needs of those stopping by to mourn, to question, there are answers! Flea market kiosks are there to sell flowers, plushie toys, candles, and thoughtful cards. You can even make political donations. Nothing like setting up monthly billing on your credit card to fund the good work of anti-Fa, Hillary, or Justin. The telemarketer will assure you that is what is going to happen. Your income tax receipt will be mailed to your promptly at tax time. We care.

You can have it all in Mitchieville. It is a safe space. And a caring place. Bring me your money.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

Inside Mitchieville

Saturday, August 11th, 2018

You can all take your clothes off now, The Mayor is back in town. Well, at least until Tuesday, when he has therapy. The Judge thought it was a good idea. You cannot see the ankle bracelet. It is in a plastic baggie, with the kitchen stuff. Everyone is happy that The Mayor is back. He just needs another chance. He is trying to turn his life around. He went into that Bank to discuss service charges. He was upset over hidden service fees. The sawed off shotgun was a prop for a school play. He was wearing a mask and gloves to protect his delicate skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays which are caused by global warming. Bank service fees are a terrible burden on society, and are one of the ways that the Patriarchy infuses systemic racism into social policy.

The editor tells me I have to talk about summer camping and music events around Huntsville. You know, a plug for some of his musician buddies. They smell like pot, beer, and cigarettes. I do not know anything about using common commercial pesticides as feedstock for methamphetamine production.

I like to take my bike out at night in the cool of the night during the hot days of summer. My friend from Japan, Dr. No, encouraged the chain migration of some of Nature’s Gentlefolk, seeking freedom from the oppression that they endure in Japan. They live in sanctuary, but they do roam about, to shopping malls, on public transit, and in food courts.

The terrible moment when you realize that you have a latex allergy. Only an alt-right fanatic would be concerned about the birth gender of their double-D date that they met in the Entertainment district. Surely one or the other of your girlfriends uses the pronoun ‘xit’.

The Learning Annex at the Supreme Central Library is now reopen after our Spring-Summer renovations! The klystron display will be back to welcome visitors, guests, and regulars, seeking to disintegrate outdated whatever. There is a new ceramic floor with the ‘crucible liner’ look. Come on down to the Supreme Central Library!

The most worthless minion Gluten was forced by his cruel Overlord, Fenris Badwulf, to write this without regard to worker health and safety regulations in effect in the province of Ontario.

Inside Mitchieville

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Sargon of Akkad. We need more like this.

Inside Mitchieville

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Ah, other people’s money. This is the money of a bad person. Only bad people actually have money. Only the good people of the statist stripe can actually hand out other peoples money and make demands for more confiscated income. Right, er, Left? Anyway, those of us celebrating the Black Market end up with stacks of cash like this. No sales tax here.

The Toronto Transit riding experience is second to none. It is like a taste of Diversity. So, stick your tongue out there. This fine specimen is making a statement about acceptance of deviant sexual practices. You better not look, you better not cry, otherwise it is to the Human Rights Gestapo you go. The Gestapo never rides the subway, never much moves amongst the plantation creatures they have raised up. They do collect pay checks to supervise departments filled with minions. Go Figure. Oh, and take a few more dollars out of your pay check to subsidize this darling too. He needs housing, health care, and an arts degree. Everybody wants to be subsidized.

Like who wears a wetsuit into the bubble bath? And shoes, too. Maybe sex fetishists. Why not head on down to this place in Toronto and do some citizen journalist research. They have a video. There is no mention of Jack Layton anywhere. Why is that? This would be a good question for an intrepid explorer. And check out the diversity. This place better be diverse.

I do not know what this is. Well, actually, it is a molecular model of mustard gas. Two chlorine atoms on the end, with sulphur in the middle. Given our celebration of the stupid in our edum’cation system, I seriously suspect that the edum’cat’ed only know that mustard gas is bad. Like guns, only bad people have it. Yup. Mind you, for those with intellect and drive, they can teach themselves about stuff.

Fleas, lice, and bedbugs

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Good Morning Hyphenated-Canada! The Mayor is on vacation, a much needed rest. What with all the public transit being out of action (due to ‘repairs’) I am sure he is not off to downtown Toronto to visit the illegitimate children of his that reside there. Not much going on in downtown Toronto, aside from car struck cyclists being robbed by passers by. No mention of the race of the thief, nor the driver of the car … which means they ain’t white. Ho hum. No crime here. When are we going to get a white conservative MPP to rob a cyclist? Just make it up.

I like waking up into a society that punishes those that do not like it. My smile is fixed. Pedophilia and polygamy are on the activist check list. Trans actresses are beginning to muscle out real women (those disgusting normals) in the acting realm. Way to go feminists! Just put on your burqua potato bag.

Even Captain Capitalism has embraced accelerationism. You know, the reforms you seek will only come after decline and collapse, so accelerate the decline. Nice to see the Captain join the bandwagon. When in Toronto (the City of Light!) he can join the cabal of Set, the Snake God and join our turn left turns during rush hour club.

Pride Week in Mitchieville

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the bureaucrats of the Mitchieville Public Library, Mitchieville is proud to spend other peoples’ money on a diversity of public spectacles towards the purpose of Pride Awareness. What the heck is Pride Awareness? Good question. For me, career civil servant and political partisan, it means diverting money into slush funds, re-election campaigns, staff debaucheries (whiskey, dope, and whores), and property investments. First Nations Chiefs are studying my methods. Yup. But for you, the wallet raped victims of the confiscators of income, it means some sort of public festival with a vague allusion to them Queers. And I, Fenris Badwulf, Minister of Re-Education in Mitchieville have given clear direction to William C. Monkey, Chief Financial Officer of Mitchieville, to spend one dollar of every hundred received on transvestite displays, gluten free condoms, and discount whores for the discerning lot lizard connoisseur. Bread and Circuses await you in Mitchieville during Pride Week …

Who is the Mayor of Mitchieville?

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

You have asked yourself this question many times, I know. The Mayor is someone who stands up for his people, as this picture shows. Here the Mayor is shown addressing the Hoodie scourge, those Hoodies who have been bringing crime and disease into our Mitchieville. Time to take out the trash

Fenris Badwulf has an open desk policy. This is what the upper right hand desk drawer contains. You can form your own opinions about him. You can learn a lot about (right handed) people from what they keep in their upper right hand desk drawer. This picture does not show the shotgun that can ‘clear the room’, nor the trap door switch. Ha ha ha.

Inside Mitchieville

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

You gotta cry for the storm victims of that big American city. I was sitting around the map table, in the map room, of the survivalist community where I live, work, and play. Imagine, with only five days warning all those poor people managed to get in the way of preparations was nothing but empty hopes that the layer cake of the state would look after them: food, clothing, and diapers. One of my community mentioned that, in Toronto, you could get a winter coat for a dollar at a certain chain of used clothing stores if you asked. The helping hand you are looking for is at the end of your wrist, eh what? Not much more I can say: we live in a country without freedom of speech. Fo’shizzle’dizzle blood.

Living in a bunker complex is fun. I left my invisible knapsack of white privilege on the surface. When the time comes, I will pick it up again. I can saddle up with the four horsemen and go riding into the city of light and hand out the contents to all the Tapeworm-Canadians. I will smile. Social Justice feels good.

Does this picture offend you? It sure offends me. The suppression of the Protestant Shame Culture is summed up in this picture. And some other stuff, too. I liked Protestant Shame Culture: remember when it was shameful to collect unemployment insurance? Get a job, you bum. Ha ha ha. Remember when you judged people on an individual basis, not as groups? I wonder what replaced the Protestant Shame Culture. We can judge people as groups now. Too many N-people in prison means racism, not a whole bunch of criminals that happen to be N-people. Too many men in positions of power, too many white people with jobs. Don’t forget to dumb down standards so stupid people won’t feel stupid. Blah blah blah. I miss Protestant Shame Culture.

Good luck with that, asking people not to spit that is. I had the misfortune of traveling to Toronto, the city of light. I was the only white person on the subway car. The N-people were blocking the doors. Well, only three of the four doors; and only seven of the ten N-people. It is a cute cultural trait. The other tribes were behaving in accordance to their stereotypes. I sure hope that disease is no longer spread by spitting. What about coughing with your mouth open, or wiping your snot on the hand rails? I guess that law was repealed by the socialists. Besides, we have universal health care.

Getting back to the tragic victims of hurricane Sandy … I think what we need is more government funding for disaster awareness. People need to be taught that the things they need to do to get government assistance in a disaster. Ha ha ha. The Great Dying is coming. Those who are prepared will survive.

Victory Coffee

Monday, June 18th, 2012

I am busy.

Prepare yourself

Inside Mitchieville

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Inside Mitchieville features the Kitchen, that place where our nourishment is prepared, families are nurtured, and the second most popular place to engage in sex, according to a survey. People just do not talk about all the sex they have in the kitchen. It certainly explains the arrangement of foodstuffs in the cupboards, though.

For every time you have sex in the bedroom, people are having sex in the kitchen at least half. Edible lubricants are easily found in the kitchen, and it does explain the sticky, yes The Sticky. Everyone knows what I am talking about, but nobody talks about it. That is what the survey found out. Some people will say I am crazy, but they need aversion therapy*. Should I dress as a doctor, or a nurse?

There are sexual connotations to clothes we wear for work, or hobbies, apparently. Some people like to dress up for sex. I cannot show those sorts of pictures here on a family oriented site like Mitchieville. If you want to see twisted perverts you can head downtown Toronto, to the whores quarter at the foot of Yonge street. At one time in our society we would just ignore each others kitchen sexual activities. Times have changed. Now people are joining re-enactment societies, like the Kornilov battalion * forming in Ottawa. Messing with peoples kitchen sexuality leads to problems? No problem here.

I have a girlfriend whom I left. It was sad, but I had the foresight to keep her heart. I keep it in the basement, which is also a pantry. We never had sex in the basement, which has a kitchen (beside the pantry), but down there where food is prepared and human life is nurtured is where I keep her heart. The survey reflected this as well: We keep amulets and tokens of past loves and future hopes in our kitchens. And, this is interesting, the location and access to our kitchens speaks about out hopes, fears, and dreams. People who work to bring about their dreams in the basement are effective, the survey says. I am going to take out my girlfriends heart and put it on a shrine of jams and jellies.

Your kitchen sexual orientation is your business, at least it was before. I am coming out of the pantry, myself: I am a kitchen sexual. Wash your hands before you eat, and always wash the vegetables. From surveillance video available at the Supreme Central Library of Mitchieville it is readily apparent that kitchen sex is common and satisfying. You can increase your sex life by a third by initiating sex in the kitchen, apparently. The latex clothing comes later: to protect your skin from scratches and bites, and to give something you cannot grip, if lubricated. Frustration and fun, you can find them both, along with dinner, in your kitchen. Science is amazing!

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Inside Mitchieville

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

You would never guess that this girls name is Erika. She works as a librarian at the Supreme Central Library of Mitchieville. I caught up with her when she was having a break outside in the wonderful Global Warming weather we are having in Ontario right now. She loves her job in the library. She was a ghost writer for Ph.D papers before she came to us here in Mitchieville. Apparently, the market for ghost writers in academia is drying up now that most universities hire tutors, mentors, and life skills coaches for our diversity Ph.D candidates. Erika is studying chemistry out of personal interest, and is active in the Peenemunde club at the Library. If you are interested in Hypergolic fuels, come to the library and participate, learn, and explore. Welcome, Erika!

Another red head, but from a different bottle. Can you ever be really sure this day. Only Set, the Snake God knows for sure, let us face it. I never even think to ask, I only accept things at face, er, hair color, value. But you must ask yourself: does that affect the color of the hair on the voodoo doll you are using of your girlfriend? Answer: use some of her own dyed hair on the voodoo doll. Be a doll and if you have access to their bathroom, you have access to their heart.

What is this? Can anybody out there tell me? They sell them at the Library Services desk. Are they bookmarks? Maybe a great gift? You can get them at flea markets too. Go figure.

Milk awareness month begins as soon as the incompetent bureaucrats in Ottawa, Toronto, and whatever rats nest they call home; sends us the check. If you are one of those politically correct types with a lactose intolerance issue, come into Doctor Rasputin’s clinic for some stem cell therapy to clear up that little problem. The good doctor uses cat stem cells: they like milk. Maybe you should too. Having a lactose intolerance makes you vulnerable to genetically keyed weapons that are being developed, or so we hear. You want to be a winner in the Age of Latex. No need to be tied up with repression.

Cannot wait to get that new family of secret weapons out of the bunker and into action? Centralized governments are no match for those adapted weapons you looted off a crashed UFO? You have your minons decked out in spiffy minon outfits, a cross between Sons of Anarchy and, uh, Mormon Missionary? Indeed, time to unleash the face melting weapons, the attack ants, and the rabies dispenser in the restaurant hand dryer. And lose the blondes; red heads make better attack cadre. Crimson sky is the code word to unleash Total War upon those that violate Property Rights. The cookies are nearly done. Have a toasty fresh plate by your computer console in the bunker when you toggle off the Weapons of Madness.

Die, Main Stream Media, Die.

Inside Mitchieville

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

I should have put this up on the Valentines Day post, but it got left behind for the Valentines Day aftermath post. What does the picture say to you? Does it have a story? Sure it does: the cat ate the canary, and this is a metaphor for love. I think. Unless the two hearts represent the tarot card two of hearts. In fact there is a pair of twos, and a pair of twos. the gloves and the decorations. Go ask a Kabbalist.

In the aftermath of Valentines Day, you have to ask yourself what strange pagan gods are moving in to replace Christianity. Who cares? The unobservant white guilt slurpers are too aroused over the smiting of their perceived Christian rivals have their eyes stuck shut with wad. I wonder what the followers of Wotan think about abortion? I wonder. I will find out, I guess. In the aftermath of Valentines Day, babies and abortions are sure to follow, as ax fells tree.

What did you really do for Valentines Day? A little rough sex, some bruises, and then that volcanic release? Pictures now up on your twitter account? Some videos? We can talk about this stuff now, we are sexually liberated. Unless you are not. Quite a few of the sexual subspecies are not embraced. Child molesters, for one. They have a lobby, by the way. Associated with the left. Is this a good political strategy? Is there a safe word in rough sex that could be applied, like a metaphor, to politics? When is enough glugging of the white guilt enough? The lash hurts, but it should neither sting nor leave a permanent mark. Then again, watching the leftists torn apart limb from limb might be amusing. Mmmmm.

Redistribution of wealth. Did you get robbed on Valentines Day? I do not mean taxes. You get robbed by taxes every time you conduct a non black market transaction. Those taxes go to support policy and administration that is incapable and incompetent enough to not solve the crime problem, shown here. So you get robbed twice. At least with prison anal rape they only ejaculate once per rapist.

My hero, Maximinus Thrax. You should read up about him, or watch the video * . The first of the soldier emperors in the transition of the Roman Republic to Roman Empire. Actually he was more a creature of the Empire, the transition from the Senate lead Empire to the Soldier lead Empire. Makes you really appreciate the world’s smartest man, Obama, darling of the perfumed and painted lipped media aristocracy. If you have a bit of time and can explore the chaotic time after the ‘five good emperors’ you can really see that history never repeats itself unless the lefties say so. Economic depression is not a famine, nor are foreign barbarians barbarians. No solider presidents for the U S of A. Heck no.