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The Total Totalitarian

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

I know that journalists are stupid. You cannot really expect brains from journos, now can we? Journos are stupid; they cannot spell, and their grasp of grammar is sub adult human. Pointing out their diaper level failings just leads to turd flinging. For example, this article from the extinction list Red Star.

I better paste here the bits I want to draw attention to in case one of the adults at the Star changes the article. You know, like the way ‘two masked men with automatic weapons’ turns into ‘one mentally ill right white wing guy’ did in the Quebec Mosque Massacre.

This was the third time police responded to a call from her daughter’s previous school, although earlier incidents were not of the severity of this one, Colley said. The girl had been suspended for violence four times in the past two years.

Yeah, did anyone at Red Star Fleet High Command think this through? Like, what about the other people who were hit, spit, and bit? Maybe, like, talk to them?

Scenario One. Could be nobody was hit, spit, and bit. Hmmm. Then the school is full of racist fascists for lying about this poor N-child. Maybe the journo should have shifted their perfumed buttocks and made some investigations, huh? Do the job thing.

Scenario Two. Some people were hit, spit, and bit. This is more interesting. Given the earth shaking crisis in Canada is the rise of fascism, could not the people (some children, too) who got bitten, spit upon, and pounded be ripe for recruiting into all those far right white wing social groups that are out there? The kid was suspended four times; that is, say, four victims. These four victims have mommies and daddies, other family members who heard about this; friends of family, friends of victims. And so on. Quite the spreading shockwave of potential Anders Brevik a-likelings. The topic of the moment, journo. Hello McFly. Maybe the journo, his fact checker, his supervisor, his watch commander, and so on, missed the obvious. They did miss the obvious. Journos are stupid. Their future is dark.

Nope, journo primate did not do their job. All those kids and parents, teachers and staff, traumatized by getting spit on, kicked in the shin, or just punched in the head. The traumatized … have they taken down their portrait of Justin Trudeau and put up Marshal Blucher? Have they developed a fascination with guns? Weapons? Making up some improvised munitions in the kitchen? Coloring books from the Hitler Youth about the Third Battle of Kharkov? Totalitarianism is all around us.

But, Citizens of Mitchieville, you can sleep in your beds tonight. Counter-fascism counseling is called for to fill the gap where journos have failed. There is a final solution. Mitchieville has the Mitchieville Anti-Fa Resources Gruppe. The leadership cadre here at Mitchieville is seeking out funding. You should seek funding, too. Anti-Fa is the new trendy word to write on your grant applications and funding proposals to get the ink flowing on those checks to flow into your pocket.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care. I totally care.

“Disenfranchised Youth” Riot For Third Straight Day

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Still reeling from the effects of Colonialism in Africa and the chronic underfunding of social services for the inner-cities, youth of no particular colour clashed with Brooklyn po po for the third straight night:

At least 18 were arrested as fights between cops and angry teens erupted in East Flatbush. Police struggled to control a furious crowd that broke away from a planned peaceful vigil.

Protesters enraged over the fatal shooting of a teenager by police poured into Brooklyn streets for a third straight night Wednesday, pitching bricks, bottles and garbage in furious clashes with cops.

At least 18 demonstrators were arrested along Church Ave. in East Flatbush. Police struggled to control a hostile crowd that broke away from a planned peaceful vigil for Kimani (Kiki) Gray, 16, killed by police on Saturday night.

We need to remember this was a crowd that broke away from a Planned Peaceful Vigil® (not often do the journalistas need to put the word “peaceful” before the word vigil, but in this case they deem it necessary to drill that into our brains.)

Angry over the shooting death of a completely innocent African American (who has been arrested and charged three times in his short 16 years on this earth, and was carrying a loaded gun) by a cop, these same disenfranchised youth robbed, destroyed, and beat a white patron (a Reverend) at a pharmacy the night before:

The journalista didn’t find it necessary to mention the laundry list of convictions this marginalized youth has racked up in his short criminal career; didn’t find the need to tell us little Kimono (or whatever his name is) had a loaded gun at the time when he was shot, and didn’t feel the need to mention the little tyke was a member of the Bloods. The journalista didn’t mention the night before that these same blacks trashed a pharmacy and beat the hell out of a white patron. And by not telling those little morsels of truth, managed to fan the flames of racial hatred just a little more. Made sure to mention the thug was shot in the back, and didn’t include the fact the kid was carrying a loaded gun. Probably an illegal one, oh my!

That’s Journalism 101, dontchaknow.

Also, have a look at the pictures the journalista posted of little Kokomo (or whatever his name is). Isn’t he the sweetest looking thing?

Thieves Steal Crap Then Sell It

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Two college students/thieving scum, should have checked out a copy of Thieving For Dummies first before they went through with their scam:

ST. LOUIS ( – Two college students are accused of running a clever scheme to rip off their university.

University of Missouri St. Louis Police say two students stole books from the library to sell online.

The students were caught when a physics professor from Western Illinois University ordered a book on Ebay, only to realize that it looked an awful lot like an UMSL library book.

“It was a new book and he was suspicious because it was so inexpensive,” UMSL Spokesman Bob Samples said.  “[The professor] contacted the university and university police followed up.”

“Running a clever scheme?” Is this scheme really so clever? Two idiots checked out books from their library and sold them online. That’s clever? Maybe that’s clever to eye-in-the-sky Channel 4 news journalista MAGGIE CRANE, but to The Mayor it seems like a planned hatched by two dolts who can’t probably read the books they stole.

Anyway, there’s nothing more to this story, or for that matter this post. All The Mayor really wanted to do was show you what some people thought was clever, but in reality was dumb as dog shit.