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Zimmerman Bombshells

Friday, April 20th, 2012

What is Kathy Shaidle’s golden rule?

Wait for evidence before jumping to conclusions.

A Man’s House Is His Castle – Except If You Live In Canada

Friday, January 21st, 2011

After having his house firebombed by three masked men, former firearms instructor, Ian Thomson, grabbed one of his Smith & Wesson revolvers from his safe, loaded it and headed outside, and fired three warning shots over their heads.

Mr Thomson’s surveillance cameras caught the firebombings on tape, but when he handed the footage to Niagara police, he was charged with a slew of offences and now faces jail time for his actions:

The local Crown attorney’s office later laid a charge of pointing a firearm, along with two counts of careless storage of a firearm. The Crown has recommended Mr. Thomson go to jail, his lawyer said.

His collection of seven guns, five pistols and two rifles was seized, along with his firearms licence. Mr. Thomson said he lives in fear that his attackers will return and has taken to arming himself with a fire extinguisher.

“I don’t have enemies,” said the soft-spoken man, who now studies environmental geosciences full-time at Brock University after being injured in a workplace accident. “I don’t know that many people. I’m a quiet man. I just want to go back to my life and be able to live out my days in relative peace.”

Sorry, Mr Thomson, that just isn’t possible. Sure, we do have laws in Canada that allow people to use force when it comes to self-defence, and yes, we are allowed to use guns to protect ourselves if the force we use is “reasonable”, but you sir have crossed the line.

Trying to protect your property and life? According to the crown attorney, that isn’t considered reasonable. Just because Mr Thomson had his house FIREBOMBED, and the masked men were screaming death threats at him, firing three warning shots OVER THEIR HEADS isn’t considered reasonable.

What is considered reasonable in Canada? Running to your safe house, curl up in the corner with a warm blanket, stick your thumb in your mouth and repeat these words, “serenity now, serenity now.”

Instead of lauding Mr Thomson as a hero for fending off three masked intruders, he is considered a criminal. He had his weapons seized, he was arrested and charged, his trial will put him in the poor house and his reputation destroyed. And for what? For defending his life and his property.

And then there’s this from the article:

“If the public are wondering can you run out of your house and [fire a handgun at an intruder], the bottom line is, according to the laws of Canada, no, you can’t,” said Constable Nilan Dave of the Niagara Regional Police Service, which charged Mr. Thomson. “That’s why the courts are there, to give a person an opportunity to explain their actions.”

NO, Constable Nilan Dave, that’s NOT why we have courts. Courts are there for YOU to explain why the accused should be convicted. Maybe in China that’s the way things run, Constable, but not in Canada. It’s hard to believe a cop could believe that.

What has become of this country? Where the hell has common sense gone?

Large Unit Contractor Exposed

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


An Australian contractor who had been described by his clients as “well endowed” has pleaded guilty of 12 counts of performing indecent acts at various Brisbane homes between 1999 and 2008 and was given an 8 month jail term:

Prosecutor Lewis Shillito told the court Owen wore skimpy shorts or stripped down to his underwear while he worked, allowing what the women described as an “extremely large” penis to poke out from the fabric.

The court was told Owen would also masturbate in front of the women, aged between 45 and 83, and rub cream onto his exposed genitals while complaining of a rash.

I hope the culprit wasn’t being paid by the hour.

It may look as if the court is right in its decision, after all, people can’t go around exposing themselves like they’re attendees at a Barney Frank dinner party. But then I read a little further…

Mr Shillito said Owen’s actions made the women feel uncomfortable but that all allowed him to finish the renovations.

Right. I’m appalled, but after you finish masturbating could you build me a spice rack, please? I heard one woman got so upset she kicked the large membered contractor out of her house. But not before she got him to install her kitchen cabinets, build an 18′ x 18′ deck, install hardwood floors throughout her entire 4600 sq ft house, shingle her roof, tile her four bathrooms, install a row of solar panels, build an addition, paint her house and renovate the entire west wing. But after that, she was all like, “get the hell out of my house!!!”

And oh, do you have a card?

Chinese Man Throws Bicycle At Thieves On Scooter

Monday, December 28th, 2009

**From the website —> Two thieves on a motor-scooter flew by and snatched a womans purse on a street in Wenzhou, China. Surveillance video shows a man riding a bicycle. As he was passing by the front of a hotel near where the thievery happened, he stopped, calmly got off his bicycle, picked it up, and then threw it at the thieves. The bicycle hit them, they lost control, and crashed to the ground.

**Mitchievillian justice is served!

VFW Members Hand Out Punishment To Flag Burner

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of events: A young man goes into a VFW post and orders a few drinks. The bartender won’t serve him because the kid doesn’t have proper ID, so the kid goes outside, pulls the American Flag off the pole and sets it on fire.

That didn’t sit too well with a few of the gentlemen at the VFW – especially considering the flag the kid desecrated was the same one that flew over a foxhole in Iraq, a foxhole where several US Soldiers never made it out of alive. The next morning, the post commander of the VFW hunted the flag burner down, brought him back to the VFW post and gave him a few options…

I’ll stop there and let let find out the rest.

Thanks to Bits & Pieces for supplying the video, and to Earnie’s House of Whoopass

Rapist Learns The Meaning Of Karma

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

A man that has been convicted to 20 years in prison for beating, choking and raping two women in Seattle has asked the judge for the death penalty instead of a prison sentence. The reason the rapist would rather die is…

Speaking in King County Superior Court, Galvan-Hernandez pleaded with Judge Julie Spector to have him executed rather than send him to prison.

In a turn characterized by Spector, without humor, as “ironic,” Galvan-Hernandez begged not to be sent to prison where he believes he will be raped.

“I prefer death a thousand times over being raped,” said Galvan-Hernandez.

A tiny man less than 5 feet in height, Galvan-Hernandez told the court he’d been sexually assaulted numerous times as a street youth in Mexico.

“I want to pay for the act of cowardice,” he added. “I admit it, but I just don’t want to be raped.”

There are three things that are certain in life: Death, taxes, and small sexual predators getting raped in prison. Make no mistake about it, Galvin-Hernandez will have more hands on him than a pay phone and more wiener in him than the combined attendance at a New York Mets Game. Galvin Hernandez is like chub for a shark at this point, the only difference being chub is food for shark and Galvin Hernandez is going to be repeatedly raped by large men with gigantic units.

Karma, I never actually believed in it until this article.