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K-Daffy Week

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

القذافي مضحكة للقذافي كاريكاتير القذافي

While Obama was looking for approval from the EU to go to the UN so they could send a sharply worded letter to K-Daffy asking him to stop murdering his own people, Kadaffi murdered his own people and has destroyed the rebel factions opposing him.

Obama, the EU, and the UN couldn’t find *consensus*, they couldn’t agree what K-Daffy was doing is wrong.

The great leader of the free world couldn’t even scratch together a resolution condemning a brutal dictator. The great leaded of the free world couldn’t even take it upon himself to unilaterally impose sanctions or a no-fly zone, but took his “concerns” to a bunch of useless garden gnomes of the EU so they could dither away and do exactly nothing. Which they did in sprectacular fashion.

The great leader of the free world has done NOTHING to help the Libyan people. There was a window of opportunity (three weeks now) for Obama to do something – ANYTHING – to help the Libyan people get rid of a brutal dictator, but Obama was more interested in getting an agreement first from a bunch of useless, feckless, bags of douche euroscumbags.

But will 54% of Americans see it that way? Of course not, not while Charlie Sheen is still in the news.

K-Daffy Week

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

It kinda reminds ya of the old saying about putting lipstick on a pig, doesn’t it?

Thank you, good night.

K-Daffy Weel

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Colonel Gaddafi has his own style (30 pics)

Excluding the negro gentleman on the right, all of the heads of state seem to have their eyes closed. You would assume they would be praying, but since Obama isn’t kneeling on a carpet and facing Mecca, that’s highly improbable.

K-Daffy looks great though. The cape is the show-stopper. I keep expecting to see the next picture of him throwing his cape over his head, turning into a bat and flying off into moonlight.

K-Daffy Week

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Quaddafi’s all in, folks. He’s hoping for an 8 or a King, anything else and Negreanu will not only take the pot, but Libyan rebels will get to ass rape Quaddafi into oblivion.

C’mon low card!

K-Daffy Week

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Marc from Calgary® emailed The Mayor last week suggesting he have a “K Daffy Week.” The Mayor pondered Marc’s suggestion, but decided against it. A few days later, The Mayor came up with an idea that blew Marc’s idea to smithereens – “K-Daffy Week©.”

You see, Marc didn’t have the dash (-) between the K and the Daffy. The Mayor does. The dash is what brings it all together. That’s obvious.

So while The Mayor can’t, and won’t give credit to Marc for K-Daffy Week©, he will give credit to Marc for this picture that Marc sent to him. It’s pretty great. It’s from this website here. I believe Marc might hang out there from time to time. That doesn’t make Marc a traitor. Then again, it doesn’t not NOT make him a traitor.

You may want to keep an eye on him. Preferably your good eye.