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The Vice Guide To Liberia – 5 of 8

Thursday, February 4th, 2010


Back in West Point, we take our cameras to a busy brothel that reminds us of a biblical-era rendition of hell. The walls appear spattered and stained by some vicious cocktail of human fluid. A fetid air wafts throughout. Bloody rags and condoms lay strewn across the floor. The half-dozen girls on call accuse some UN members of flagrant sexual misconduct. When chaos breaks out in the whorehouse, we hit the road. In the car, General Rambo sends us a text telling us to hurry back to our hotel where General Butt Naked awaits.

The Vice Guide To Liberia – 4 of 8

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

**From VBS – Nearly 70 percent of Liberia’s female population has been raped, but that horrifying figure just begins to describe the depths of Liberia’s depravity. There’s also the not-minor issue of cannibalism—specifically, the devouring of one’s enemies. To learn more about these atrocities, we pick up General Rambo and take him to the compound where he once commanded his own rebel faction. Rambo convinces us that the Liberian rebels lying in wait outside Monrovia could take over the city in two hours if the UN leaves the city. The UN is scheduled to begin pulling out next year.

The Vice Guide To Liberia – 2 of 8

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Today our vice guides travel to Baboon City to interview general/warlord Bin Laden. Word got around Baboon City that some western types were coming to interview Bin Laden, so the police promptly picked him up and put him in jail in the hopes of extorting money from our vice guides. After our vice guides spring Bin Laden from jail, they get the interview they were looking for. But after word got out about how much the vice guides paid the cops to let Bin Laden go free, the town erupts and the guides have to make a hasty exit before they are killed.

**NSFW language