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Sunday, January 1st, 2006

I had a look at the draft pile Fenris and I have accumulated over the last four years, and there are 82 posts that haven’t been published. Some of those posts are actually fully written posts waiting to be published, but for some reason they weren’t. I suppose I do know why some of my posts weren’t published: they sucked. Or, they were vile–more vile than usual even.

Well, I decided to open the vault. I’ll release a few of these every week until the draft pile gets down to a more manageable number.

Keep in mind that the links to the old posts are dead, so no use clicking on anything. Also keep in mind that I haven’t changed the spelling or grammar either, so you’re i for a real treat. Anyway, here’s a post from Sept 8, 2006, called 5 0 9.