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There’s an Elephant in the Room, and It Ain’t McCain

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

All right, Keyser isn’t exactly proud of the fact, but he voted twice for George W. Bush. Well, Penn (or is it Teller – Keyser can never keep them straight) notwithstanding, you can in fact vote against. So let’s be honest. Keyser voted once against Algor and the second time against Jean François Kerry.

If Algore had managed to get five more votes in Florida (or whatever the necessary number), can you imagine what his reaction to the destruction of the World Trade Center would have been? He’d have sent a letter to the UN denouncing the hijackers for leaving such a big Carbon Foot Print and demanded a resolution deploring this situation and calling up on the perpetrators to buy a suitable Carbon Offset to compensate the world for the crime of contributing to Climate Change.

Kicking Ass (and eat crow) in Canadian Politics

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

I suspect that a lot of Warren Kinsella haters out there are reveling with glee after he stepped in it earlier this week after he posted an edited picture that some politicians (and his own wife) deemed sexist. I imagine a lot of those people would be faithful Mitchieville readers (if you are saying to yourself “who the hell is Warren Kinsella?” then read here ).

As for myself, while I don’t always agree with him, I happen to be a fan of Kinsella as I think he adds a lot of colour to the terribly drab world of Canadian Politics. His blog ( here ) is a daily must read of mine and is required reading for anyone seriously interested in Canadian politics. As a bonus, Kinsella has a cottage in Bancroft – a lovely little town located in the northern reaches of Mitchieville Township.

I’ll spare you all any analysis of Warren’s little faux pas as it is being beat around the Canadian blogsphere quite a bit. I will say this though: While many of his detractors are enjoying seeing him on the receiving end of his own beating stick for once, they are missing the big lesson in all of this and that would be Warren’s lesson on damage control.

In less than 24 hours he removed the offending picture from his blog, he apologized (albeit weakly), and most importantly – he managed to frame the story around him being a bonehead thus deflecting embarrassment from the Liberal Party of Ontario of which he is an active volunteer (and which is in full pre-election mode). He is keeping a low profile and will stay low until the storm passes. Kinsella even managed an attempt at garnering sympathy in his apology by mentioning the beating he’ll get from his many (many) detractors. You’ve got to admire the audacity.

I’m willing to bet that “The Dark Prince” of Canadian politics is glad that this has happened in July. This should all be quickly forgotten and will be a distant memory by time September rolls around and the provincial election campaign hits full swing. As I said up top, his detractors are going to make hay out of this for a while. For those able wade through the crap and take an objective look, Warren Kinsella is giving an excellent lesson in damage control.