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Technical Difficulties – Please Stand By

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Mitchieville is having minor technical difficulties, please stand by.

As The Mayor of Mitchieville, I would like to assure you that these technical difficulties have nothing to do whatsoever with the protests that are currently taking place at Freedom Square in the courtyard of Mitchieville City Hall. Fenris has been dispatched and is currently meeting with the protesters, and I’m sure everything will be worked out very soon.

The Mayor cherishes freedom and democracy and the right to peaceful protests.

However, as it is better to be safe than sorry, Fenris has also called up an artillery brigade – the Brown Sleeve Royal Mitchievillian’s – to help with the peaceful protests/negotiations.

C-17 Airdrop 4 Humvees 50 Paratroopers

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Courtesy of Leenks:

C-17s from the 517th Airlift Squadron dropping equipment and Airborne Infantry from the 3rd Battalion, 509th Infantry Regiment (Airborne) during this joint training conducted on 21 Sept. 2010. The JBER Arctic Warriors dropped eight Humvees, and 100 Infantrymen jumped out of two C-17s. Produced by Staff Sgt. Daniel Delgado.

Willys Jeep

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

“Want proof the Willys Jeep — the original military-spec off-roader — was a work of engineering genius? Watch six soldiers drive up, hop out, tear one apart, put it back together and drive away in four minutes.”

**Originally seen at The Woodpile Report

Top 10 Low Pass Fly-by’s Of All Time

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

I’m in Ottawa this weekend (I lost a bet, obviously), but I’ll be back home at The Manor tonight, and regular posting should resume shortly. Whatever that means exactly. For now, enjoy Easter, and enjoy these fly-bys. Oh, btw, the first minute of this video is pretty useless, but after that it ramps up nicely.

Military Rules

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Go Navy!

Friday, December 4th, 2009


Democrats will still get you if somehow survive abortion

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Protection for Veterans defeated by Democrats

Hat tip to Atlas Shrugs. S. 909 of the HR 1913 Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 allows for pedophiles to be protected class of minorities–but an amendment to allow veterans to be protected was rejected.

Crooks and Liars made the helpful point that being a veteran is not a “universal human trait.” (So being a pedophile is?) C&L, no strangers to hate, are adamant that the real issue behind hate crimes legislation is the motivation of the perpetrator. Apparently hating the US Armed Forces is second nature to these people. (Of course, they also think linking to other blog opinion pieces constitutes proof.) Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schulz (D-Fl.) had this to say about the amendment to protect veterans:

“It really is belittling of the respect we should have of these groups to suggest that members of the Armed Services have somehow been systematically been victims of hate crimes.”

Stupid lawmaker! The perpetrator’s motivation is the real issue!

I dunno. Seems like you can point to desecration of tombstones or a veteran robbed during a Memorial Day fundraiser or World War II medals stolen at gunpoint or maybe marching in “peace protests” or accuse them of being murderers right before they are cleared of charges.

Then again, veterans don’t need outside protection, if allowed to properly arm themselves. If we can’t provide special protective laws to not have to pay for the decisions of their superiors, at least allow them to carry a gun wherever they like as a small compensation for keeping Rep. Wasserman Schulz’s grandparents out of a death camp.


Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Who then is the greatest Roman Emperor? This is a question for scholars and mystics. So, before we obtain our Ph.D or alchemists license, let us look at those great Roman Emperors. One of my personal picks is the Emperor Valentinian.
The best biography I have found of this great man, rightly called the last of the Great Soldier Emperors, is here * .

Things to observe:

1) Valentinian, even though his mighty rule occurs late in the empire, is not weak, nor dependent upon German mercenaries. This disproves or weakens the old argument that the empire rotted in some slow fashion.

2) Observe the role of the Goths in the decline of the empire. This horrible tribe was loyal to the house of Constantine. Can you see how they rebelled after the fall of this dynasty? Given that the Goths were Arian heretics, one can conclude that the subsequent Orthodox (also called Catholic) theology was not that of the original christian emperor, Constantine.

3) The fading of the cult of Mithras * is evident in the absence of records of this great cult. What the heck was going on? Mithraism was very strong, especially in the roman army. Now suddenly it vanishes! Hmmmm. Did they go underground?

The Mayor is sick. All loyal citizens of Mitchieville should offer sacrifice to the gens and genius of our first citizen. I am collecting money to send him a present.

Fenris Badwulf, Praetorian Prefect.

What Pamela Wallin Said – a rant by Reg

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

The Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan released it’s report yesterday to the Government of Canada (pdf of report here) and firmly stated that Canada should remain in Afghanistan until 2011 and that NATO has to add at least another battle group to Kandahar Province to assist Canada with combat operations there (more details here and here).

The report clearly states the importance of our work there in the past, present and future. It is in a statement to the press by panel member Pamela Wallin, one of Canada’s most respected and accomplished women, that tells Canadians why we need to be in Afghanistan:

I think in the past few months, we have all been profoundly changed by what we have seen and what we have heard, and most powerfully more me by the Afghan people themselves. Their spirit has not been defeated by decades of war with the Soviets, the poverty, or the unspeakable terror of the Taliban. They want to take charge of their future, not necessarily to build a democracy as we know it, but when they are able and ready, they are already more than willing to take on responsibility for the safety of their citizens.

We are in Afghanistan because we chose to be there. We, like our allies, responded to the attacks of 9/11. We lost citizens too. But the Taliban and al-Qaeda continue to pose a threat to us here and there and they try to undermine what we believe in and what we stand for. Yes, we are putting our troops in harm’s way. We are at war. This is not some simple peacekeeping operation reminiscent of a simpler, easier time. But our men and women are there willingly and enthusiastically, and they take pride not only in their military operations but also in the faces of the young girls, once shrouded, who now proudly sit in school and write their names with pencils provided by our aid dollars. Success for Afghans and for us is stability and a sense of hope. That is our exit strategy.

It will take time, but we forfeit our leverage to succeed if we threaten to leave with every roadside bomb or mortar round. Our sacrifice has been very real, precious lives lost, hearts broken, but this is urgent and important. In Afghanistan, we are there because we have a moral obligation, there is a security imperative, and a monumental humanitarian need. Our work there I think rekindles our proud tradition of being participants and not just observers on the world stage.

These eloquent words should be a source of pride to all Canadians, yet on the news I saw some of Canada’s opposition party leaders demanding we pull out now (and a third stammer foolishly while committing to doing nothing). These three men are wrong, they are an embarasment to Our Country, and I hope that Prime Minister Harper wipes the floor with them in the next general election.

h\t: Mr. C.

Friday Morning Female Flesh

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Ministry of Munitions Edition

It is only a matter of time before Mitchieville, acting under the orders of Dark Lord Kucinich, launches it’s invasion of the United States. Today we’ll be looking at the ladies whose work is rarely recognized but is a vital part of our war effort.

Our very own Linds, amateur graphic designer and Kucinich loyalist, designed this motivational poster for Mitchieville. That’s me in the suit.

Alejandra looks great in her stylish steel toed high heels and operates a Front-End Loader at Munitions Quarry #4. When the invasion begins, Alejandra will drive the Mitchieville Command Vehicle and Recreational Centre (seen below) into battle. You can’t see him but The Mayor is in his command Lazy-Boy Recliner while reviewing training drills.

These young ladies have been trained by Suvorov to blend in with San Francisco hippies and then use their water cooled Maxim Gun on unsuspecting Yankee imperialist soldiers. Never trust women wearing black faux-boa trim on their dresses.

On the left, our Medical Officer eschews tradition by wearing an all black leather uniform designed by Sonjia DeSade.

Captain Holmes, on the right, disarms foolish American ‘teeth fetish‘ men with her 1000 Watt smile.

Here we have the heart of the Munitions Ministry: Ordnance Assembly. Despite a sternly worded Cease and Desist letter from the United Nations Security Council, Sgt-General of Artillery Badwulf has ordered some 1000 Phosgene Shells for use high density urban areas. Should it appear that these shells are about to fall into Yankee hands they are to be dumped into Lake Erie where we assume no one will notice the difference in water quality.

My sister builds guns for living in rural Peterborough County and it was her idea to develop the ‘Hello Kitty’ pattern of weapons to encourage more female teenage recruits. This variant has a a ten power scope and laser sight just like in the video games. Just remember ‘Center Body Mass’ girls!

It’s Safety Week at Mitchieville. I can assure readers that here at the Munitions Ministry once we meet production quotas, profit targets, and take month long tropical vacations, safety is our number one concern. I thought I should share this picture with you:

Second Class Forklift Driver Hillary got her job at the Phosgene Shell Factory because her husband, William, had been a forklift operator at the same factory for 8 years. When Hillary applied for the job she told everyone who would listen, even those who didn’t want to listen, that hearing about her husbands 8 years experience was enough experience for her to drive the forklift. We got lucky in the above incident as no one died and the damage was minimal. I suggest that none of you take that chance though. Thinking about it now, William was a much better forklift operator than the guy who took over for him, George. But neither George, William, or George Sr (a good and decent forklift operator in his own right) were as good as Ron. Ron was so good at driving forklift he put our main competitor out of business!

Where the hell was I? Here is a little Ministry of Munitions eye-candy to get you through the day. If you want anything better I suggest you look at the non-hoohoo picture from yesterday.

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Asbestos – Canada’s weapon of world domination!

Friday, January 4th, 2008

We are either going to be fighting with the Americans, or fighting against them. Since our elites in the judiciary, media, and bureaucracy do not much like the Americans, we should then, logically, be preparing to go to war.

Artillery, regardless of your political orientation, be it Bolshevik, Trotskyite, Maoist, Stalinist, Anarchist, Liberal, or Feminist, will play an important part in Canada’s War of Conquest against America. Artillery represents a disproportionate amount of a divisions fire power. Usually, a division has one regiment of artillery to three regiments of infantry, but this one regiment represents some sixty percent of the total strength.

Artillery is expensive to make. The actual tube, breech block, and limber, is made from expensive steel alloys, requires costly machining operations that use both skilled workers and precision tools * . The artillery rounds, like wise. While you need infantry to take and hold ground, you need artillery to blow them to bits to both soften up the enemy for conquest, and scare him away from attacking.

So, for our logical objective of War with America, we will need cannon, howitzers, and railway guns. A secret study, leaked to me from a sympathetic member of the Canadian War Machine, calls for five artillery divisions to support our glorious invasion force as we crush American capitalism.

In order to save money, I suggest that our artillery shells be filled with Asbestos, instead of more traditional ingredients, such as ball shrapnel, phosphorus, phosgene, or mustard gas.

Asbestos has many advantages over traditional artillery fillers.

Asbestos is cheap. Cheap both to make … effectively each round is a bored cylinder of concrete. In this case, a fine mixture of ground asbestos mixed with some suitable cementing agent, then the necessary hole is bored out for the burster charge and fuse. Depending on the application, larger or smaller amounts of explosive can be used.

Shells can also be made alot cheaper using the a ‘thin wall’ shell, rather than some sort of precision steel alloy ‘thick wall’. And, let us face it, most artillery rounds do not actually hit anything, so the expense made in making a precision round is usually wasted (exception being an anti-tank round, for which asbestos is useless; our Panzertruppen would get real shells, not asbestos-concrete).

Being cheaper, our vanguard forces can employ morale destroying rolling barrage and carpet bombardment methods. And, if collectivist wisdom prevails, wide spread use of rocket artillery can be employed as well. Each of our artillery divisions has a rocket regiment deploying some seventy-two Nebelwerfer type multiple launchers. Certainly the earth would shake and the enemy be covered in a cloud of asbestos dust!

Yes, worker-comrades, it is time for Canada to stop playing footsie with the American foe and return to our traditional military tension with the despicable capitalist scum to the south. Tell your department commissar or neighbourhood progressive block leader that you support the use of asbestos for artillery rounds.

Imagine * , our valiant Red Hordes, armed with nothing more than a bamboo spear and a hand grenade, swarming over the barb wire entanglements, through the mine fields, across the interlocked fields of machinegun fire, and into the sand-bagged heart of the evil Americans. Let us finish the job of Aritomo Goto * and give peace a chance.

Let us be one-spirited with Jane Fonda, let us shout: Marine, you die!

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Getting Things Done The Slim Way

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

“His encounter with the Japanese in Burma, recounted in Defeat into Victory, was no such lark. Fought with little air support in jungles with few roads, it remains one of the brightest Allied chapters in World War II history. In 1942, after service in the Middle East, Slim was ordered to the command of the First Burma Corps in Prome. Neither he nor his army stayed there long.

Armed with World War I weapons and saddled with trench-war concepts of strategy, the corps proved no match for the Japanese, who steadily and easily pushed the British back to the Indian border. By the spring of 1942, Slim admits, “we, the Allies, had been outmanoeuvred, outfought, and outgeneralled.” Slim, as commander of the XV Corps and then of the Fourteenth Army, planned carefully for revenge.

He gradually built up the shattered confidence of his troops—who regarded the Japanese as invincible in jungle fighting—by refusing at first to engage in battle unless he had an overwhelming superiority in numbers, and could make sure of victory. Since the Burmese theater stood low on the priority list for supplies and troop replacements, Slim turned poverty to good advantage.

His support forces learned to improvise, devising jute parachutes for supply drops when silk ones were unavailable, arming yachts and tugboats with Bren guns to replace unavailable gunboats. His armies discovered that full field equipment hindered mobility, and often went to battle as lightly armed as guerrillas.” – Time Magazine, Aug. 24, 1962