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Barack Obama Answers The Question, “Are You A Moslem?”

Monday, August 30th, 2010

In an interview with cheerleading pump-monkey Brian William’s of NBC yesterday, Barack Obama attempted to answer the question, “is ya  a Moslem, or not?”

Williams, sitting under a tent in a rain-soaked New Orleans, where the First Family commemorated the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, asked Obama why so many people were uncertain about something so fundamental as his faith.

“I can’t spend all of my time with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead,” quipped Obama, who took a deep breath to gather his thoughts when asked if the poll reflected his inability to communicate with voters.

I suppose that might have been a decent answer had the question been “are you an American citizen?”, but William’s wasn’t asking Obama that, he was asking him why so many people are uncertain about his faith. It’s almost as if there is something on Obama’s mind. Hmmmm.
This subject would go away in a heartbeat if Obama answered William’s question this way, “Mr Obama, why are so many people uncertain about your faith?”
“I’m not sure why, Brian, after all, I am a Christian and I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Instead, Obama answered William’s by saying that he can’t spend all his time with his birth certificate on his head.
He may as well had told William’s that he enjoys cheese, because that answer is about as relevant. Not as telling, mind you, but just as relevant.
Funny enough, the next thing William’s brought up was a poll, in which many Americans said Obama has trouble communicating. Gee, I wonder why Americans feel that way?

How To Beat Your Wife

Friday, May 28th, 2010

I think the key to beating your wife, as explained in the short video, is to not beat them like you would an animal OR a child. Because that would be wrong.

**Peace be to Ol Remus

What Doesn’t Belong Week

Thursday, November 12th, 2009


It’s really hard for me to believe, but only Allan W Jannsen from Blogs Canada (if you have a blog, you should invest the 30 seconds and sign up) was able to identify the obvious from yesterday’s What Doesn’t Belong? post. Most of you folks weren’t even close. It’s as if you were willfully blinded. But that’s why we have second and third chances in Mitchieville. That’s why occasionally I’ll look straight past your dumbness and let you have a do-over. I’m pretty gracious like that. I should get a medal.

Today’s What Doesn’t Belong? is a little harder. I’ll admit it isn’t so obvious (I’m still shaking my head over yesterday’s post). I’m pretty sure this one will trick most if not all of you. Let’s put it this way – if you don’t really look at the picture hard, if you don’t study the minute details of it, chances are you are not going to figure it out. Why do I feel as if I’m shoveling sand against the tide?

Good luck and good hunting, my fellow Mitchievillians.

Scott Adams Fears for His Life, Settles on "Hay-soos"

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

This week, Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip “Dilbert,” inserted into his strip the character of “Jesus.” Surely no one would notice.

Let me admit that I’ve always found “Dilbert” to be as bland as a cold, baked potato. The drawing could be significantly improved and the humor is usually lacking. The character Dilbert somehow speaks while lacking a mouth and his tie looks like it’s in a state of perpetual erection. Perhaps Viagara has expanded its clientèle.

The office where Dilbert works employs a talking dog. Talking animals in comic strips is not an original concept.

This week, Adams caught on to the old idea that if one wants instant publicity and fame, he could do no better than mock Christianity and Catholicism. (For an example of this, see the band Marilyn Manson.) Adams spends the week inserting a character named “Jesus” (but pronounced Hay-soos — get it?) into his strips. (I guess it’s routine for the founder of Christianity to help smooth things along in your local cubicle.)

Below is “Jesus” making himself useful:

Surprisingly, Adams received quite a response. At his website, Adams wrote:

My favorite rhetorical question, which I received an alarming number of times, was “Why don’t you mock Mohammed next? Huh? Why not?”

Well, aside from the blindingly obvious reason that I prefer life over death, I didn’t realize I was making fun of Christianity this week. It’s a standard cartoon practice to take well-known historical or fictional stories and put other characters in those roles. I did the same thing with The Wizard of Oz, and no one thought I was insulting Dorothy.

[Emphasis inserted.]

Jesus. Dorothy. Same thing.

I am not so much bothered by Adams’s use of Jesus in his strips so much as the double standard he employs. (And if you’re resorting to drawing “Jesus” with a tie at the local office, then you’re probably lacking in good judgment and running out of ideas very quickly.)

At a time when Adams wisely acknowledges the sensitivity of mocking the founders of religions, he safely selects the one which will generate the least amount of problems. Perhaps next week, Adams can begin drawing writing strips about Dilbert’s courage. Certainly Dilbert must be more courageous than his creator.

~ Sisyphus, cross-posted at The Sisyphus Files.