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Ontario’s Deficit Is $25 This Fiscal Year – Good Times Are Around The Corner

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009


The Ontario government has set a new record. But don’t go rushing to your phone to call the good folk at Guinness just yet, as the record the liberals have set is bringing us the biggest deficit in the history of our province:

The $24.7-billion deficit figure was blamed on a 48.1 per cent drop in corporate tax revenues – which amounted to a $5.8-billion loss in provincial revenue. At the same time, the government is increasing its expenditures by $4.8 billion to $113.7 billion amid further investments in skills training, the auto sector, and health care.

Notice how a $5.8 billion loss accounts for the majority of the blame on a $25 billion dollar deficit. The EXTRA $4.8 billion in increased expenditures had NOTHING to do with it. As for the other unaccounted 15 billion, well, who knows who’s to blame for that. Probably Mike Harris.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and company intend to slay the deficit dragon though, but it will take some serious work and a lot of cutting:

That will mean belt-tightening in other areas, said Duncan, although he’s not ready to specify what cuts, if any, are planned.

“We want to have a long, hard look at how we deliver programs and services,” Duncan said.

“We will call on our partners in the public and the broader public sector to help us sustain public services in the long term.”

(the liberals)…said they will go ahead with a plan for full-day kindergarten for four and five year olds, to be announced later this month.

So our Finance Minister with the Scottish name (the only Scotsman who isn’t frugal, BTW – what are the chances of that?) has decided that we must cut back. We have to tighten our belts. And how are we going to do that? Simple: by creating a billion dollar program consisting of full-day kindergarten classes for four and five year olds. And before you say anything, I know, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN!

Moving on. The liberals have been a little behind the 8 ball this last year in their predictions on how big our deficit was going to be. Let’s recap that, shall we?

The Liberals originally predicted their books would be balanced when they tabled their 2008 budget, which included an $800-million contingency fund and boasted that “there was no danger” of falling into deficit.

Last October, Duncan signalled an end to the days of balanced books when he said a $500-million shortfall was expected for fiscal 2008-09 – a figure that actually came in at $6.4 billion.

The figures in Thursday’s fall economic statement also represent a dramatic leap in deficit projections for 2009-10, from the $14.1-billion forecast in the March budget and the revised June prediction of $18.5 billion.

Let’s face it, they were awfully close. They predicted a balanced budget and only missed it by $25 BILLION dollars.

But you can always count on the liberals to make the hard choices. Seeing as though we are now crippled with debt, I’m sure Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty will do the right thing. Which, given McGuinty’s history can only mean one thing: He will mandate bigger warning labels on cigarette packs and ban drinking coffee in cars.

Seeing as though the liberals have governed so well over the last 5 ish years the have been in power, let’s recap a few of the gems they have imparted on us:

  • A scandal over $32 million in grants to multicultural groups has cost Ontario Immigration and Citizenship Minister Mike Colle his job and jolted Premier Dalton McGuinty’s government…
  • Mired in scandal and having already claimed two bureaucrats and one cabinet minister, the eHealth fiasco, “flushed 1 billion precious health-care dollars down the toilet with nothing to show for it.”
  • provincial government casinos haven’t made a profit on operations since 2006. They lost $94 million last year, after the province skimmed some money off the top. Despite that, the government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on expanding a casino in Finance Minister Dwight Duncan’s Windsor riding. Inexplicably, the lottery corporation is also building an $81-million power plant there. Pork is traditional in Canadian politics, but this is the whole hog.
  • It was 2005, when we began hearing rumours of “insider” wins and lottery sellers collecting a disproportionate share of winnings; in some cases, ripping off customers.The ugly truth was revealed through an independent probe launched by Ontario’s Ombudsman, Andre Marin. His report revealed that millions had been paid out to unscrupulous retailers, stating “confidence in our lotteries is shattered.”

But dontchu worry, good times are right around the corner. For instance, next July, Ontario residents will be paying an extra 7% on just about everything, as Dalton and gang are harmonizing the GST/PST. Although it has been called *the biggest tax increase in the HISTORY of Ontario*, I’m sure the people saying that are just a bunch of negative Nellies. They have to learn to turn their frowns upside down. Make a negative a positive. L

For instance, don’t look at it like 250,000 Ontario citizens lost their jobs this year, look at it like 250,000 Ontario citizens have more time to spend with their families and friends now ;)

Yup, keep voting the liberals in. They are the party of the people!

It’s About Time

Monday, October 19th, 2009


I know the selection committee was going back and forth between Toby Keith and Obama for this award, but I’m sure you’ll agree they made the right decision.

Now onto the Children’s Choice Awards, I have a feeling Obama is going to be humbled once again.

**Thanks to Bits & Pieces for the graphic

Let’s hear it for our bloodthirsty viceroy!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


That’s right–Michaelle Jean loves her seal heart:

Governor General Michaelle Jean was criticized by a European animal rights group Tuesday but praised by others after she sliced off and ate a raw piece of a seal’s heart to show solidarity with sealers devastated by a planned European ban on seal product imports.


Our do-nothing royalty

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Prince William, seen above, has been criticized by royalty expert James Whitaker for not doing enough:

William completed just 14 engagements in 2007, five of which were football or rugby matches. Prince Charles, carried out 84 appointments at William’s age.

“I’m sorry, but as second in line of succession to the throne, he really should be doing more,” Whitaker claimed.

James, writer for the Daily Mirror, is obviously an expert on the monarchy, so far be it from any of us to be critical of him. Whitaker’s contribution to the English’s right to know, includes breaking the story that Princess Diana had an eating disorder, chronicled the breakup of Will’s parents in the book Diana v. Charles, and has been reporting on his break-up with Kate Middleton. (Middleton also complained about media harassment from the Mirror, which might have been a catalyst in the break-up to begin with.)

I’m sure that in the British vernacular, they have a better name for the type of person James Whitaker is, but over here it would just be “dumpster-diving hack.” For further proof, read his take on Prince Harry going to Iraq and see not only the near-illiterate writing style but his utter lack of tact. Cutting off the prince’s ears? Whitaker has an aloofness about him that borders on incompetence, even by editorial standards.

I’m not fan of monarchies, and I think the UK monarchy is an antiquated notion preventing real meaningful constitutional change to Canada. But cut the prince some slack and let him learn how to pilot a rescue chopper adequately. The only thing more slothful than a prince not doing the PR exercises of his father is a journalist clutching onto a decreasingly meaningful monarchy.