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Yup, That’s Pretty Weird Week

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

What you are about to see is 19 seconds of pure victory. The  next time you hear someone say that meth is bad, just refer them to this video for proof that meth is actually good. Good and funny, that is. Just like the moon landing (one of these days that joke is going to hit the mark. Today might not be the day, and tomorrow isn’t looking so bright, either).

Scotland Has A New Slogan

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

After six months of development and $250,000 spent on the project, Scotland has a new slogan:

“Welcome to Scotland”

It’s brilliant in its simplicity.

It not only makes me feel welcome, because it has the word *welcome* in the motto, it also lets me know what country I’m entering, which is great. The word *to* is a fantastic go-between word and more-than-adequately separates the words *Welcome* and *Scotland*.

$250,000 to find this slogan is a bargain. I can only hope we in Canada can come up with something equally as smart. I’ve got it!! “Welcome to Canada”!

Make your cheque payable to The Mayor of Mitchieville.

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Even Wal-Mart has a new slogan

Canada–In Six Words Or Less

Monday, November 26th, 2007

The good folk on the editorial board of The Post have started a contest to find Canada’s next slogan. Right now, Canada’s slogan is, “A Mari usque ad Mare”, which is Latin for, “I have ketchup on my blouse”. I keed, it means, “From Sea to Sea”.

On their quest to find the newest, bestest Canadian slogan, they have found the suggestions less than stellar. Here are a few of the gems that have been submitted so far:

“Diverse pasts, one future” and “Common values, individual diversity.”

That is totally craptastic, we can certainly do better than that.

I have come up with a few more options I hope the editorial board considers…

“We’re Happy To Adopt Your Culture”

“32 Million dhimmis, and counting”

“We are so very sorry for everything”

“10 activists for every poor person”

“Canadian bacon, hockey, curling, beer, Pamela Anderson, eh!”

I’m proud of my work, I stand by it.

Think you can do better, think you have something that trumps my genius? Prove it then.

Let’s see what you have.

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Even Wal-Mart has a new motto

A Search For A British Motto

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

An attempt by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to find a national motto has turned up its share of good, bad and ugly suggestions. Among the good:

“Great people, great country, Great Britain”–”Courage, reason, humanity, democracy, monarchy”–”A country so brave and true”.

Among the bad and ugly:

“Drinking continues until morale improves”–”Our glass is half empty”–”Fat, rude arrogant, racist, selfish”–”Sorry it’s all our fault”–”We apologise for the inconvenience”–”No balls, nerve or glory”.

I’ve decided to add a few suggestion to try to help. I’m a helper, that’s what I do best: “Teeth: they are completely over-rated”

“Happy to be your dhimmi”

“We could have been a contender”

I’m sure you will have a few suggestions of your own. Let’s help our British brothers and sisters find a motto that suits them to a tee. After all, they would do it for us.

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Even Wal-Mart has a new motto

WalMart Has A New Slogan

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Walmart stores introduced its first new slogan in 19 years today, and it goes something like this:

The motto, “Save Money. Live Better,” appears in television advertisements starting today and then in print, on store receipts and shopping bags, spokeswoman Melissa O’Brien said in an interview. It replaces “Always Low Prices.”

I still think my suggestions for a new motto were much better, maybe a little controversial, but better. Huh, you want to know what they are? Glad you asked:

  • Destroying North American jobs for nearly 20 years
  • We put China on the map
  • Our prices are so low we’ll put every store within 20 miles out of business–Guaranteed!
  • All your communities are belong to us
  • Because spatulas really should only cost 7 cents
  • When you don’t mind lead in your paint and toys…
  • The prices are so low because when you only make $5 an hour, that’s all you can afford
  • From genital wart cream to milk, we have it all

That should do it for now, please feel free to jump in with some of your own.

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