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Gifarific – “Keep The Maple Leaf Flying High.”

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

This was going to be a post about the life and death of Canadian music legend Stompin’ Tom Connors, but then The Mayor ran across this cool GIF on Reddit and decided to post it instead.

It’s Funny Cuz He’s Blind

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Also funny is that little white dude in the bottom left corner of the picture. He’s not blind or anything, but he’s still funny.

Girls Just Want To Have Fudge

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

The Mayor doesn’t really have a clue who this buffet buster is, but she looks a little like Cyndi Lobster (with melted butter and all the trimmings). It’s probably not, it’s probably just another woman who believes there is nothing wrong with galavanting around town in fishnet stockings, and ass-huggable leather garments. You will see the same type of women parading around your local big-box store in pajamas’s and Crocs, yelling at her unruly children, while sipping on an 88 oz Slurpie.

Note to these women: stop it.

A *Special* Song

Monday, June 11th, 2012

The Mayor was trying to figure out what song these boys were singing, and came up with a few possible answers: “Crazy Train” – Ozzy, “Miss you like Crazy” – Nat King Cole, “Crazy on you” – Heart, “Crazy little think called love”- Queen, “Let’s Get Crazy” – Prince, or “Crazy” – Patsy Cline.

“Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth Cause I’m Kissing You Goodbye” – John Denver.

Naw. That’s crazy.

Dark Fury

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

The Mayor rates the Heavy Metal Band Name Generator a solid “Hell Ya!!!!!!”

Your real name might be Garfield Shtickenhauser, but now you will be referred to as Bloody Temple, and that makes you, very, very cool.

RIP Doc Watson

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Music legend, Doc Watson, passed away Tuesday night from complications from surgery he had just a few days ago. Doc was a true bluegrass pioneer, the King of flatpicking, and a true gift to this world:

Doc Watson, the bluegrass music legend from Appalachia who was renowned for his flatpicking and fingerstyle technique on the acoustic guitar, died Tuesday at a hospital in North Carolina, according to Mary Katherine Aldin of Folklore Productions, which represented the singer. He was 89.
Watson, a Grammy winning musician who was blinded after birth, had been struggling to recover from May 24 colon surgery and then a followup procedure two days later. The Winston-Salem Journal had reported that Watson’s family was called to his bedside Sunday at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center after he took a turn for the worse.

RIP, Doc, music aint gonna be the same without you.

What’s Hitler Listening To?

Monday, April 30th, 2012

The Mayor thinks Hitler is listening to Bohemian Rhapsody. Whatever it is though, he sure has his funk on.

Beluga and Her Byotches?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Buffet Buster and the Niblets?

Blocking Your View?

King Size and the Sunshine Band?

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown – The Best Of Times

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Boy, it seems like just yesterday when Whitney and Bobby showed the world what true love meant. From what The Mayor read at the time, there weren’t two people in the whole world who meant as much to each other as those two crazy, wacky kids. They loved. They cared. They cried. They loved some more. And now Whitney is gone and Bobby has a broken heart. Bobby’s heart is probably the same colour as Whitney’s face when he pounded the shit out of her because he loved her so much. Yup. Love hurts. Ya ya.

Tourettes Karaoke: Julio Iglesias ‘To all the girls I’ve loved before’

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

You may remember tourettes karaoke guy featured on Mitchieville a few months back. Then again, you may not. That’s how remembrin’ works – you either remember, or ya don’t. Although, sometimes you can kinda sorta remember things. Like, perhaps, the tourette karaoke guy.

Safe for work? Not this video. In good taste? Swing and a miss, sunshine. Good for a laugh. Uh huh.

Elvis Presley & Martina McBride – Blue Christmas

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

There’s not a lick of a chance that anyone can be blue after watching Martina McBride. What a hottie! Blue Christmas is The Mayor’s favourite Chirstmas song, Elvis is among The Mayor’s top 10 favourite singers, and Martina McBride, well, you already know what The Mayor thinks of Martina McBride.

Wytheft Jean – Show Me Da Money!

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Hip Hop recording “artist”, songwriter, producer, and apparent fraud, Wytheft Jean, is in deep canine poo poo, as his Haitian charitable organization has been accused of doling out millions of dollars to “questionable” groups:

Less than a third of the $16 milliongathered in 2010 by hip-hop star Wyclef Jean for earthquake relief in Haiti actually made it to emergency efforts in the country, the New York Post reported on Sunday.

According to the exclusive report, Jean’s charity, Yele Haiti, doled out millions in questionable contracts — in fact, $1 million was paid to a Florida firm that doesn’t seem to exist.

The Post also reported that a company called P&A Construction — which is run by Warnel Pierre, Jean’s brother-in-law — received $353,983 from the group.

Colour The Mayor surprised. Colour the whole world surprised. Who would have thunk that the man who ran for president of Haiti a few years back would be involved in such seedy operations? Everyone? Everyone with a pulse thought Wytheft was involved in seedy operations? Do tell…

Founded in 2005 with his cousin Jerry Duplessis, Jean’s charity was troubled before the disastrous January 2010 earthquake struck his native country. In 2008, it was revealed that the organization had never filed required tax forms detailing its spending to the IRS.

The charity lost $244,000 in 2009. But almost immediately after the January 12, 2010, quake, Jean took to Twitter asking for $5 donations, which quickly rolled in.

Soon after, it was reported that Yele Haiti had given $250,000 to a Haitian TV station controlled by Jean and Duplessis.

The Mayor is sure he meant well and did his ability-challenged best. And that’s all that counts.

As The Mayor was reading this article, a steady stream of eye liquid started to fill his pupils. The ocular water poured down upon his keyboard, like the way the sweat runs down an obese man’s head as he struggles to open a giant bag of Ketchup chips. This whole kerfuffel (kerfuffle) is obviously an attempt by “The Man” to take down another successful black “artist.” Pathetic. Sickening. Gross.

The Mayor has come to the realization that it is up to him to clear Wytheft’s good name. And that is what he intends on doing.

Starting this Wednesday, and running the entire day and night, The Mayor will be having a “Free Wytheft Jean’s Good Name Telethon.”

“The Man” will not get away with this, and only gobs and gobs of hard cash will help to free Wytheft’s good name. Yes, gobs and gobs of hard cash.

Join The Mayor all day Wednesday November 30 for this important telethon. The world depends on it.

If you cannot trust a hiphop “artist” who has a checkered past to distribute charitable donations to those in need, who then can you trust?

Free Wytheft’s good name. It’s for the children. And John McCain.