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NY City Is A Filthy Pigsty

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

A recent survey taken by someone/something or another, has found that NY City ranked the dirtiest city in the US (*rank* being the operative word):

The online poll of 50,000 people found that rats, funky odors and trash heaps were the main factors for the dubious distinction.

If there isn’t enough dirt for you, it also “won” the survey for being the loudest and rudest city in the country. It also ranked worst for affordability.

“ Rats, funky odors and trash heaps.” Hahaha – An obvious not-so-subtle reference to Hillary Clinton and her entourage.

It’s obvious, but rarely ever mentioned by the state-controlled media, that the filthiest, crappiest, dirtiest, begrimed, unsanitary, scummy, grubbiest cities in America are all run by liberals. Also, the most destitute, bankrupt, insolvent, impoverished, ass-brokedness cities in the US are run by liberals. It’s no coincidence. Although, NY City isn’t completely broke, yet, it does smell like ass 24/7, 366 on a leap year.

The difference between New York and other American cities is that New York has always stunk, had legions upon legions of rats, and hs always sported the loudest and rudest humans ever placed on this planet. Where as other cities around the US have slowly decayed, New York has always been decayed. No one ever goes to NY and says, “What a beautiful city!”, because it isn’t. It’s a trash heap. They just happen to have a good night life and great food everywhere. But you give up something to get something else. You get great food in NY, but you might wake up having a rat chewing off your nipple. You might be able to catch the opera on a Tuesday night, if you can hurdle over the AIDS infected homeless troll who’s drooling blood whilst gnawing on the marrow of a school child. See, you get something, but you have to give something up.

We didn’t need a survey to tell us NY is the bowel of the goat. It is, everyone with a pulse knows that. But it is good to be reminded sometimes that no matter how garbage-ish life can be, no matter what kind of horrible puke has come your way, no matter how ruthless the Lord has treated you, at least you’re not from NY.

Can The Mayor get an amen?

Newspaper Circulation Declines Again

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

US newspaper circulation continues its death spiral, to the laughter of all right-thinking peoples:

Figures released Monday by the Audit Bureau of Circulations show average weekday circulation fell 8.7 percent in the six months that ended March 31, compared with the same period a year earlier.

Sunday circulation fell 6.5 percent.

Keep in mind that 2009 was the worst year EVER on record. So when you hear that circulation fell 8.7 compared to the WORST YEAR on record, that should tell you what a kick to the wedding tackle that is to the state-controlled propaganda newspaper business.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s weekday circulation dropped nearly 23 percent from the year before to 241,330.

At The Washington Post, average circulation fell 13.1 percent during the week to 578,482 and 8.2 percent to 797,679 on Sunday.

USA Today lost 13.6 percent of its circulation and averaged 1.83 million. That extended a slump that began with a slowdown in travel during the recession, which trimmed sales where USA Today is especially popular, such as hotels and airports.

The New York Times, which saw an 8.5 percent decline in weekday circulation during the most recent period and a 5.2 percent drop on Sundays. The Times’ average circulation was 951,063 on weekdays and 1.38 million on Sundays.

The article goes on to list the bogus excuses, and there are many, as to why newspapers are hemorrhaging readers, but the reason is as obvious as the jug ears on Obammies commie face: people don’t want to read state-controlled lies.


Consumers are giving their money to alternate media now. Why would a Conservative pay for a newspaper that insults them and calls them racist? They wouldn’t. Why would a Tea Party member buy a paper that calls them teabaggers and spews hateful venom towards them? They wouldn’t. Why would a Conservative line the pockets of leftie trash who will turn around and support a President who is an outright commie hell-bent on destroying America? They wouldn’t.

In a statement, Newspaper Association of America President John Sturm said that declining circulation does not offer a full picture of the industry’s health.

He pointed to recent studies by Scarborough Research and Nielsen Online showing nearly 100 million adults still read a printed newspaper every day and that newspaper Web sites averaged more than 74 million unique visitors a month during the first quarter.

I hope John Sturm didn’t pay for that research, because if he did he got mightily ripped off. 100 million adults read a printed newspaper every day? Sure, in the world maybe. But is this Sturm unit trying to tell us that 100 million Americans read a printed newspaper every day? Hell, I doubt there are 100 million Americans that speak English. I’m starting to wonder if there are 100 million Americans that can read.

Keep believing your own lies, Sturm. I hope they serve those delicious little pigs in a blanket at the wake.

What’s In A Name?

Monday, October 26th, 2009


Funny enough, but WalMart is selling Yolanda Squatpumps for only 149.95 this week. Supplies are limited, so hurry in now!

Krugman and Kristof: tag-team stupidity

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Why do I bother reading the New York Times, you may ask? I’m pretty sure if someone like George Will were producing startling evidence he was crazy, liberals would at least be mildly interested.