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Black History Month in Mitchieville

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Motivation is here. Listen to the words, work through the reason; but the real reason is the hair. Wow.

Top Reasons Why Atlanta Lost And New England Won

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

* football deflated

* football inflated

* football neither deflated or inflated – very deceptive

* Russian hackers messed with the scoreboard

* Atlanta didn’t really lose, they won the popular vote

* Racism (New England) Trumped Love, which in turn trumped hate, which trumps all

* Prevent defense prevented victory for Atlanta

* Trump said New England would win

Black History Month in Mitchieville

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

The title is false news. This is really from somewhere in Ontario, and the big meanies are picking on people!

Black History Month in Mitchieville

Monday, February 6th, 2017

Just to remind people how mean the Nazis are, and why it is ok to call them names and slap them. It is not like they will act like Nazi’s used to. Heck no. Or make them reappear.

Black History Month in Mitchieville

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

I cannot find an Ebonic translation of this, so make do.

Black History Month in Mitchieville

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Just saying.

Black History Month in Mitchieville

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

What a great way to express outrage over whatever. Yup.

Oh yeah, the narrative changes. Good thing it became newsy.

At 8 p.m. the Québec City Islamic Cultural Center on Sainte-Foy Street was holding evening prayers, when three gunmen burst into the building and began shooting. Five are dead, and many more injured.

Set your timers to when this gets changed to the more newsy. What is fake news? The stuff they put up first, or the stuff they change it to later. Ask whats his name at that financial paper you never buy but only read in the library. Trivial little wobbles, indeed.

Black History Month in Mitchieville

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Did you catch the souvenir edition of the Toronto Star that came out to celebrate the Quebec City Terror? Zowie! What started out as two hooded men with AK-47’s shooting up a mosque to chants of religion of peace (so witnesses said) has now morphed into a comforting tale of extreme right white wing terror. The finger of the mainstream media is on the evils of Trump, Le Pen, and, surprisingly Quebec Separatists, and Talk Radio. Sounds like a hit list of the Liberal party. What a co-inky-dinky.

Anyway, the Quebec City Terror attack has our procurement division here at Mitchieville raking in the bucks. Funding has been unleashed to satisfy the white guilt of the elites! Just right now I signed off on a second funding stream to fund the Mayor’s Ford F150 Raptor, which is being carried on the books as a homeless outreach vehicle, and now will do some double dipping as a youth outreach vehicle so as to stop extreme right white wing terror. These progressives have no concept of accountability, so scanned and photocopied receipts can be sent to more than one white guilt slurping bureaucracy. Yee haw!

I suggest you get on the gravy train yourselves. The funding is flowing to stem the perils of extreme right white wing terror. Go fill in some forms and then get the checks cashed.

Black History Month in Mitchieville

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Boy, did we ever hit the jackpot this year. Quite the gusher of money from a diversity of federal, provincial, state, and municipal governments; stipends and grants of unaccountable funds for the purpose of promoting Black History Month. Yahoo! No questions asked! Thank you, American taxpayers! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Um. Yeah.

Talcum X is our first role model for Black Achievement here in Mitchieville.

My Great Big Fat Feminist Protest

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

There was a time shortly after Trump won the election that the Great Big Fat Feminist Protest was being billed as the Million Womyn March. Somewhere in between then and a few week’s before the march, the *million* part got changed and it became the Great Big Fat Feminist March. The day of the march, Dinosaur Media told us that they were expecting 250,000 fatties to attend. Then Dinosaur Media were BLOWN AWAY when 500,000 fatties showed up. Then it became the Great Big Fat Feminist Half Million March. Minus about 50,000 manlet cucks. Losing = Winning.

The Great Big Fat Feminist Half Million March could have also been named Last Kick of the Can By Old Washed-Up Feminists March, and you’ll know what The Mayor means if you happened to hear any of the speeches that day. Madonna, Gloria Steinem, Sheryl Crow, Angela Davis, and the biggest bitch of all, Michael Moore were all in attendance, and all demanded more of everything that they already have plenty of but simply want more of.

These are the same people who were nominally relevant 20 years ago, making the exact same speeches now to an older and far more sickly looking crowd. And make no mistake about it, The Mayor watched the march throughout the day and what he saw didn’t impress him in the least. There were tons of washed-up old feminist’s there. Tons of manlet cucks, and the rest of the motley crew looked like remnants of the crowds that go to ComicCons.

Honestly, take a good look for yourself and you’ll come away with the thought that someone opened up the doors to every insane asylum in the States and bused them to Washington. Just wave after wave of fat, ugly, dumb looking bitches. Stupid signs as far as the eyes could see. “When do we want equality? NOW!!” “Love Trumps Hate!”


The left will continue to be a royal pain in the ass for the foreseeable future, but judging from last week’s demonstrations, they are certainly on their last legs. Their message is old and tired, their followers are haggered and boring, and their time is up. All is needed to finish them off are a few frog marches off a helicopter, shown on pay-per-view for all the world to see, in beautiful 1080p. From there, expect the rest of the cucks to fall in line and kiss the ring.

Not Tired Of Winning Yet

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Today was one of those days that The Mayor will have etched in his minds for decades to come (until black death consumes his mortal flesh.) There have been too few of these amazing days in the last 24 or so years, but when they do come The Mayor savours them by lifting a double rye and ginger and feasts on the carcass of some dead animal.

CNN BTFO, Buzzfeed (who/whatever that is) BTFO, lugenpresse BTFO. Neocon scum BTFO.

Victory Coffee

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Teamwork, workers, teamwork.

Get to work. Do the work of the members of your team who are diversity hires. Teamwork. Earn money to pay the taxes to support the never workers. Get called bad names by the elites for existing. That is your part of the team effort, worker scum.