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Nicole Eggert – Geez, What The Hell Happened?

Friday, October 2nd, 2009


Imagine, Nicole Eggert has gone from being Miss Universe in the petite division when she was a child, to winning the Denny’s “Moon Over My Hammy Pageant” as an adult. When you think about it though, 1 free Grand Slam and small soda every week for a year isn’t a bad prize at all!

Excluding commercials, Nicole Eggert was my fourth favourite thing about Baywatch. She was my second favourite actor on Charles in Charge. And if you thought Scott Baio was my first choice, you’d be dead wrong. It was Willie Aames! Willie dun make The Mayor laugh. HA!

It’s always a mystery to The Mayor how a woman who use to look like this, turned out to look like this?

Nicole Eggert has gone from being a sweet child when she was in Charles in Charge, to being a woolly mammoth while she plays Buffet In Charge.

But as for the whole “Fail” shtick, enough already, it’s really worn out its welcome.

Thanks to Celebrity Odor for the pics