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Someone Seems Awfully Happy

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Considering that family just won the North Korean lottery and hauled in an impressive can of prune mush and a bag of dirt, they don’t seem very happy. Maybe they’ll be happier when Kim (haha, that’s a broads name)Il-Sung has them hanged from the rafters. Wait, that wouldn’t make them happy at all. As a matter of fact, they’ll end up sadder than they are now. And that’s why they should put on their happy faces. They just won the lottery for Gawd’s sake. Ingrates. You’ll hang for this!

North Korea – Hell March

Friday, November 19th, 2010

The music makes this awesome video way more awesomer. It actually becomes the most awsomish ever. Crank those speakers, I’m giving you good advice here.

The only disturbing part of this video, at least to The Mayor, is when the pretty North Korean soldier girl smiled. Boy, is she ever going to get it. Like, in a bad way, of course. Not in a good way. As in, no one is going to say, “Hey I caught you smiling the other day at the parade, here’s a ham sandwich”, oh noes, it’ll be more like, “Hey, I caught you smiling the other day at the parade, here’s some death”.

Obama Says America Will Defend South Korea (snort)

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


President Lee Myung-Bak of South Korea was at the White House today, and in a joint news conference with Barack Obama, affirmed his demand that North Korea end its nuclear ambitions (affirmed his demands? Sure, let’s go with that)

Lee welcomed assurances that his country remains under the US security umbrella — and said Obama, who advocates an eventual end to nuclear weapons, made clear that it included the US nuclear deterrent.

“This has given the South Korean people a greater sense of security,” Lee said.

“We agreed that under no circumstance are we going to allow North Korea to possess nuclear weapons,” Lee said.

Unless Lee has mastered the art of time travel and can go back to the year 1994 and kill Jimmy Carter, he’s a dollar short and 15 years too late.

Lee must have forgotten that in June of 1994, Jimmy Carter went to North Korea and visited Kim Il Sung — a trip santioned by Bill Clinton (even though the commie press would have you believe otherwise). While talking Manifesto with Sung, Carter agreed to give the stinking North Korean commies billions in food, aid, medicine, oil, and even a bloody nuclear reactor. Yes. To stop the North Koreans from attaining nuclear weapons, Clinton and Carter Co.™ decided to give the reds a nuclear reactor. Like if you want to stop a guy from smoking you give him a lighter and a pack of smokes.

The North Korean gov’t agreed to halt its nuclear program, and immediately went on to starve its people and use the billions in aid, food, medicine, etc, for their own use. In the meantime, China was supplying the North with all sorts of goodies –engineering, a working gas centrifuge, weapons, etc. As an aside, the Chinese let the Paskistanis ship nuclear technology to the North Koreans that it purchased from Beijing, in exchange, the Chinese got the No Dong missile technology. All in all, one big happy family they were.

Fast forward to 2009, America has a dumber version of Carter in the White House, and North Korea is loaded for bear. And all Obamuh can utter are a bunch of useless catch-phrases and idiot-speak, and every last despot knows they have a more than free ride for the next eight years.

And to think that the evil Conservative hawks wanted Clinton to invade North Korea and end the threat way back in 94. Boo conservatives. Yippee, multi-culti, can-we-talk, you-can’t-hug-someone-with-nuclear-arms, unicorn-fart-sniffin’ hippie, scumbag liberal traitors.

Oh, and thank you very much Jimmy.Fucking.Carter.