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All My Babies’ Momma

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Controversial: Rapper Carlos 'Shawty Lo' Walker, with his 11 children (sat) and their ten respective mothers and his 19-year-old girlfriend (left) - who are all set to star in a new TV show titled All My Babies' Mamas

11 children + 10 baby mommas = reality show. Yet there are people who are upset with this. How come, yo?

A yet-to-air reality show documenting a rapper, who has fathered eleven children by ten different women, has been slammed by critics who have branded it ‘disgusting’ and ‘negative’.
All My Babies’ Mamas, set to air this spring on the Oxygen network, follows Carlos ‘Shawty Lo’ Walker, 36, as he navigates family life in an affluent suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

But after a preview of the one-hour, fly-on-the-wall hit the internet thousands of viewers called for it to be scrapped, with many suggesting it plays on racial stereotypes.

Can something be a stereotype if it’s reality? If it’s reality, it can’t be a stereotype, because it’s, ahhhhh, like, real, yo. If someone produced the show to hell, meaning, they put words in the actors/actresses mouths, and then got them to perform scenes which are invented or created, then yes, that is not reality. But a *fly-on-the-wall* reality show suggests cameramen hanging around, taping everything they see or hear. That’s reality, that’s life.

The Mayor believes the problem is that the people upset with this are people that want fake reality, or the show doesn’t fit their narrative of how blacks should be portrayed. You see, it seems no one is upset at a black man like Ice shacked up with that truly disgusting Coco unit, or that maniac Kanye impregnating that dirty Kardashian whore. Black guys with white women are promoted at every chance. That reality is good, even though it is produced to hell, meaning, very few scenes are real, they come from a writing and production team. But who cares, it’s a false but positive portrayal of the black man.

BUT, don’t you dare portray a black man who has 11 kids with 10 baby mommas, it’s a negative portrayal of the black man. Even though it’s true. Even though it’s reality.

Here’s some more reality, courtesy of the rapper himself, “Shawty Lo”:

‘How does a guy like me have ten baby mamas eleven kids? It’s heaven,’ he boasts in one scene.

And in another he explains: ‘I had a lot of girls… They was in love and, I probably was too. And it just happened.’

The trailer also shows him as he fails to remember the names of his eleven teenage children.
In an interview with Essence about her petition Ms Lamb said: ‘In the clip I saw, Lo couldn’t even remember the names of all of his 11 children. This is not funny to me. What’s funny about this?’

It’s funny because he loves all his baby mommas and 11 baby momma shorties, but can’t remember their names. That’s funny. It’s not funny like Jerry Lewis eating a ketchup sandwich with white gloves on, but it’s funny because it suggests Shawty is a mental cripple.

Also funny is how the women in this man’s life are bending over backward – quite literally – to be a breeder for this Romeo. The Mayor can picture the conversation between Shawty and baby momma #8…”Shawty, I knows you has gots 7 babies with 7 baby mommas, but if I let’s use pregnate me, promise me I’ll be yo last.”

Reality…it’s funny as shit.

**The Mayor should have just ripped Kathy Shaidle off. Or DID he?

Hatefest 2012

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

In keeping with the traditions of my people, there will be a festival of Hate this summer. Fun for the whole non taxpayer supported family! Includes games and rides, book and activist burnings, and much networking with other members of the black market, right wing conspiracy, and assorted subversive movements that are unapproved of by unelected spenders and tax spender enablers. It will be fun, even for those being offered up as sacrifices to Set, the Snake God, who will not know of their happy role to play in the mystical process of digestion until shortly before they meet up with Beauregard, the river reptile.

Dates to follow, along with location and other mundane details.

Your morning nightmare

Monday, August 8th, 2011

A nightmare set in 1945 has a rich library of settings to draw material from. There is evil science, time travel, and bungled atomic experiments to add color. But not every nightmare has its evil science, plasma discharges, and people melded into walls and bulkheads: that is for special occasions, things rare and disturbing to the psyche. Instead, the more common aspects of trench warfare (so well developed in 1945) such as being trapped, being buried alive, being blocked from escape, and having your movement channeled towards slow or quick death seems to appeal more to that part of the mind that creates nightmares for the benefit of the conscious experience. The clothing, the uniforms are familiar. You know what boots you will be wearing as the burning oil flows down the trench towards where you are trapped, your foot lodged in some common object like a ladder or screen door. The food you throw over as some villain grabs you from behind is familiar: a cheese sandwich, a cup of coffee, an apple; you can stare at this as the garrote closes your windpipe. Indeed, when your nightmare is set in 1945 you do not march alone. Look around you: everybody has nightmares set in 1945.


*Art* Depicting Christ Receiving Oral Sex On Display In Loveland, Colorado

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

An *art* exhibit on display in Loveland, Colorado that depicts Jesus Christ in various homosexual acts has caused an uproar, with proponents claiming, among other things, that the controversy in “necessary” to establish dialogue (??), and opponents claiming the piece entitled “The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals” is nothing more than tax-payer funded smut”:

“This is not art — it’s smut, pure and simple,” said Minto, who said he’s not against graphic art per se. “(But) this is a museum, not an X-rated bookstore.”

The lithograph, “The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals,” is part of a touring 10-artist exhibit titled “The Legend of Bud Shark and His Indelible Ink.”

Susan Ison, the city’s director of cultural services, said she asked Loveland’s cultural services board to review Chagoya’s work, and they didn’t have any problems with it. Ison said Chagoya was attempting to describe his “midlife crisis” in the piece.

“It’s very complex,” said Ison. “I really can’t describe simply what he’s trying to get at.”

Loveland resident Carol Ware said Chagoya’s piece is not something she’d want on her living room wall. But, she said, “it’s provocative and thought-provoking. I thought that is what art is all about.”

Susan Ison, the city’s director of cultural services admits openly that she has no idea what the piece represents. It’s about the artists “midlife crisis” supposedly; but we do know that Susan Ison must think the artistic piece isn’t wrapped in anti-Christian hate because if it was, there is no way the artistic piece would be displayed. You see, by definition, displaying anti-Christian hate would be a hate crime.

I’m sure Susan Ison has thought this out. If an artist came to her next month with a lithograph displaying the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) receiving anal sex from a squirrel, why that’s just artistic expression, too, “provocative and thought-provoking”. Perhaps the artist in question is having a midlife crisis, also. Since artists are so deep that no one can understand anything about the inner-workings of their collective minds, it would be wrong to judge what the Mohammad/squirrel artist held in his/her heart.

Art is subjective, so I’m told.

Sure, we see what  happened across the world when some Mohammad cartoons (artistic expression) were released, but again, not being able to get inside the brain of the cartoonist (true artists, one and all), I’m sure Susan Ison would be the first to defend the artistic expression of the cartoonist, and would proudly welcome the display to her city. Bomb scares and threats to her personal safety that would come? Think of that as more artistic expression.

If this exhibit wasn’t government funded, I wouldn’t care less where or when it was displayed. If the *artist* was touring his piece on his own dime, then he will either sink or swim on his ability as an artist. If you don’t like what he represents, don’t see it.

The Mayor has no doubt in his mind that the artist in question is little more than a weasley little coward. You see, this type of anti-Christian art has surfaced and resurfaced dozens of times over the years and has now hit the point where it’s boring and cliche. These *artists* think they are “pushing the envelope”, that they are “cutting edge”, but the reality of the matter is that they are basically little more than schoolyard bullies that take great pleasure is picking on those that won’t fight back.

The artist knows that Christians will turn the other cheek. We’ve seen this type of *art* before, and to my knowledge the artists that offended haven’t had their throats slashed for what they did. It’s easy being the hero when you know you won’t have to fight. If the artist wanted to impress The Mayor, his next piece would be about Mohammad and the squirrel I alluded to earlier.

But that would never happen, that would take guts, it would take an actual backbone.

For now, the artist will wrap himself up with all the various rights that protect him. The right to free speech, the right to this and the right to that. And that’s fine, we all get what he’s doing.

The only thing these *artists* don’t get is that when they go out of their way to offend Christians, it makes the Christian community stronger. It also opens the eyes to those outside the Christian community. But maybe, seeing as though this artist is soooooo deep, maybe that’s what he had intended in the first place.

Whoa, I just blew my own mind.

Man In Box

Monday, February 22nd, 2010


One man locked inside a small steel box for 30 days and 30 nights with £30,000 cash.

Find him and win the money.

The twist is that he doesn’t know where he is. He was blindfolded and driven around in a car for 10 hours before being put in the box. All he has been told is that his location is somewhere that is meaningful to him – a place that he has been before – a place of personal significance in the UK.

With live streaming from 2 cameras inside the box 24 hours a day, watch him as he attempts to recall all the places he has been over the past 35 years. Can you work out where the box is and win the money before he cracks up? Its FREE TO PLAY and you can enter as many times as you like.

**Thanks to Bits & Pieces

Who Is That Guy?

Monday, October 19th, 2009


If there was ever a better example of a Hollyweird star that you see all the time in movies but yet never remember the poor clods name, I can’t think of it. This cat has been in 158 movies and TV shows over his illustrious career, been professionally acting for the better part of 40 years, and has been nominated for 4 Golden Globes, yet whenever I see him on screen, the only thing I can think to say is, “Hey, there’s that guy with the face.”

While it can be argued whether he is an A or a B actor, the one thing that is beyond argument is that I look fantastic in my snug cotton/poly-blend sweater I bought Saturday at The Bay. What does that have to do with this segment? Not an awful lot really, I just thought I’d give you a kickin’ visual that you can take with you all week.

The reason I’m posting this guy is because TLDG and I watched the movie Screamers II last night and he was in it. Neither TLDG or I could remember his name, but Screamers II was a movie we’ll never forget. And not in a good way. Watching that movie was slow torture, like being strapped to a board while a pack of cats blow nose air from their nostrils right onto your face.

Not that I have given you any information about this guy, but what I have given you may have been too much. I’m generous to a fault, just ask the sperm bank, they’ll confirm that for you.

Who is that Guy?

Finally: Good News For Dead European Males

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Leftists in academia these days tend to rag off about the excessive press coverage given in the past to what they sneeringly refer to as “dem” (dead european males: guys like Plato and George Washington). But now we have some good news for “dem”:


Keyser Doesn’t Know Which Way to Turn

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Oh. Keyser’s. God!

Two abstract works by the American [artist Mark Rothko] are displayed at the Tate Modern in London but there have been claims that they are being displayed on their side, against his wishes.

The two paintings from the Black on Maroon series have been hung vertically with bold stripes running from top to bottom.
However, Rothko is thought to have wanted the works – which he donated to the Tate before committing suicide in February 1970 – to be hung with the stripes running horizontally and the location of his signature on the back of the paintings is believed to reflect this wish.

What a Way to Make a Living

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

And there was Keyser thinking that he leads a dangerous life!

Hans-Jürgen Weise, one of Germany’s most experienced bomb disposal experts, will never forget his hairiest moment.

Slow News Day

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Since the world seems to be taking something of a breather from the relentless maelstrom of economic meltdown and electoral craziness, what better time for a bit of body art?

Mildly NSFW (for the rather faint-hearted) (more…)

Self-Satisfaction for Obama

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Here’s the latest on the “Orgasms for Obama” band wagon. Feel free to clamber on board and join the “friction for change” that’s building up to a climax among the Sanfranciskovites: (more…)

(Parts of) America Still in Love with Sarah Palin?

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Keyser is genuinely puzzled. The polls seem to indicate that that fake Obama (and who’s even heard him say a word in weeks?) is pulling ahead of McCain, and McCain supposedly gives up on Michigan, and SNL continues to make fun of Palin, and Letterman continues to be an asshole about her and McCain. So if you just read the news, it sounds like McCain may as well pack it in. But then things like this come up: