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The Many Benefits Of Being Single

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Oh ya, dining by yourself is a blast. There are so many benefits to being single it is impossible to list them all here and now, but one that pops into The Mayor’s shining bald head is that it’s probably really fun to die alone. Watching a movie alone is pretty cool, too. Sharing little private laughs is a hoot, especially when it’s you sharing a private little laugh with yourself. Not having anyone care about you – AMAZING. Sitting on a ferris wheel by yourself – GREAT. Walking hand-in-hand along a beach – by yourself – COOL. But dining alone is super. And when you do go out to eat alone, make sure to bring a book like the ugly woman in the picture suggests. And what book should you bring? None other than “I Hate My Life And Wish I Was Dead.”

The Mayor won’t spoil the ending (you die). PSYCH!

What, me remember?

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

O the spectacle worthy of the dead Romans that is the forked tongued progressives making wonder of the glorious dead. For days now they have openly worn plastic poppies upon their plastic souls. Now it is passed, they can shed their fashionable false skin and return true to their false nature. Not the red poppy; the red star. Our Canadian military men are only welcome in our tax spender cities and suburbs one day a year. I ask you, when are the many military men ever welcome in their uniforms on other times of the year? Did you count the multitude in downtown Toronto wearing poppies? Away from the bread and circus state media, I only counted one in twenty. I forgot it was Remembrance Day. In my youth, everybody wore them. It was more like Halloween for all the few wearing those red badges. What?, I said when I was reminded after the sun had set, What, me remember?


My prediction? The Bachelorette will still be an idiot

Monday, July 27th, 2009


All I ever hear about is this Bachelorette and how she’s from BC and I should really care about this. Jillian Harris, the patrician interior designer living in Vancouver, is the latest in the social experiment Outdated Arranged Marriage The Bachelorette. I have never cared for any of these reality shows except for the ones where people genuinely have to struggle, such as Boot Camp and Wipeout.

I wanted to find out the chances that Harris was going to find true love, and they don’t look good–the bachelors and bachelorettes from ABC’s shows have hit low scores:

Why is it that The Bachelor seasons are 0-for-12 when it comes to resulting in marriage, and only 2-for-12 for couples who at least remained together? We decided to take a look back — at both shows — to see where they all are now.

DeAnna Pappas eventually broke it off with Jesse Csincsak, Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas parted ways, and Byron Velvick is still engaged to Mary Delgado. That makes Trista Reihn and Byron Velvick who could arguably be the only two out of sixteen that made it work.

Does this tell us people selected for this show, arguably of the more aesthetically-advantaged, have a difficult time commiting? How about the consequences of arranged love versus the classic spirit of pursuit? Does the rise in online dating and matchmaking services tell us that we prefer arrangements?

Or maybe I am giving way too much credit to the makers of this show. What’s so remarkable about this woman is that she is entirely unremarkable, and from YouTube clips I watched she has a very detached presence from events going on in the show. I suppose anyone who will be making out with twenty different guys at one time has to have that approach. This show isn’t even voyeuristic glimpses into a romantic life–it’s speed-dating for people looking for failure over success.

That this annoyance of reality TV is lingering for so long is too much to bear, and that I have to drum up some excitement for her being from British Columbia is ridiculous. Her romp through BC with her suitors was nothing more than a commercial disguised as entertainment, with her decked out in Olympic gear at every possible turn. Send The Bachelorette her own rose and get rid of this sop already.