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Ruby Dhalla–Stick A Fork In Her, She’s Done

Sunday, May 17th, 2009


A caregivers advocate for a Toronto support group for immigrant caregivers has come forward and stated that Ruby Dhalla is a liar:

“This is one of those occasions when I wish the childhood story of Pinocchio was true,” said Agatha Mason, the executive director of Intercede, a Toronto support group for immigrant caregivers.

On Tuesday, Dhalla said her brother, Neil Dhalla, employed and supervised the women and she told the committee that when Mason called her at her Ottawa office, she redirected the call to her brother.

“In fact, it was the opposite,” Mason told the House of Commons immigration committee Thursday. “I had a conversation with her brother and I was directed to her.”

Mason testified her later phone conversation with Dhalla to retrieve personal documents of nanny Richelyn Tongson was unpleasant, The Globe and Mail reported.

“I gave her clear directions that she was breaking the law and she has 24 hours in which to return the documents. I remember that clearly,” Mason said. “And, as far as I remember, the documents were returned the following day.”

Tongson testified Tuesday Dhalla took her passport, birth certificate and marriage license and that she got the documents back only after the outside agency intervened.

I’m sure Ruby Dhalla will explain this away, saying all THREE caregivers are lying as well as the advocate for the caregivers rights group. I’m sure Ruby Dhalla will stick to her story that this is all a plot by the Conservatives to sully her good name. Because when it comes down to it, immigrants love Conservatives and will do most anything to fill the wishes of the great right-wing slam-machine™.

Liberal leader, Count Chocula, who says he stands by Ruby Dhalla and found her testimony *captivating*, and wouldn’t answer a question from a reporter as to whether he think s the caregivers are lying, would do well to drop Dhalla and move on. Ruby Dhalla is finished, her lies have come back and bitten her. If Count Chocula doesn’t denounce Ruby Dhalla immediately, he faces disenfranchising the massive liberal immigrant voting block. Haha, just kidding, Chocula can always count on the liberal immigrant crowd to deliver massive swaths of votes. Still though, Chocula should forget about being a liberal for a second and try to do the right thing.

Ruby Dhalla Denies Abusing Caregivers

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Ruby Dhalla 20090508

Testifying in front of Members of a parliamentary committee in Ottawa today, Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla disputed claims that she and her family abused two foreign caregivers that were employed by the Dhalla’s.

The caregivers (now there are actually three caregivers claiming abuse) told a parliamentary committee that the Dhalla’s took and held onto their passports, made them wash the Dhalla’s cars, clean their family-owned business, and shine their shoes, among other things.

Ruby Dhalla had this to say:

Dhalla also held up documents, including signed receipts, that she said proved the women were paid by her mother and that their passports were returned to them by her brother.

“I was not their employer. I was not their sponsor,” Dhalla said on several occasions.

But no one has disputed this. No one claimed Ruby Dhalla paid the caregivers, or gave back the passports to the abused women. But speaking of passports, if the Dhalla’s never took the caregivers passports in the first place like Ruby claimed, how on earth did they give them back? You can’t give something back that you never had in the first place, oui?

Moving on:

Gordo told the committee Dhalla was typically home from Thursday until Monday each week. But Dhalla appeared at one point to deny that she even lived in the home with her brother and mother and thus was not aware of any perceived impropriety.

“I visit the home,” she said, citing a busy work schedule, waving airline boarding passes as evidence of her whereabouts at particular times being discussed.

However, after prodding by parliamentary secretary Rick Dykstra, she conceded it was also her residence.

That lie self-destructed in Ruby’s face, let’s just move on to the next giant lie:

“I, Ruby Dhalla, did not sponsor Magdalene or Richelyn.

Once again, no one said Ruby Dhalla did sponsor these women. What Ruby Dhalla is doing here is the political bait and switch. She’s denying everything that no one has accused her of, making it look like the other party is lying, even though they never accused her of these things in the first place. In other words, Ruby is putting all these red herrings out in the public space so some of this non-starter garbage will stick. It’s a dirty trick designed to make her accusers look like liars.

Finally, caught in her grotesque lies and backed into a corner, knowing her political future is finished, Ruby Dhalla tries one last time to get out of her web of deceit–by saying she’s been set up by her political opponents:

Dhalla hinted that a political conspiracy was behind the nannies’ stories. She said she saw Immigration Minister Jason Kenney with her Conservative opponent at a recent Sikh parade in her riding.

Referring to a media report, she suggested that perhaps the nannies were promised permanent residency status in Canada in return for their going public a year after leaving her home.

In other words, the Immigration Minister of Canada and his Conservative comrades went to the Philippines and two other foreign countries, found three women to work in Dhalla’s house, promised them permanent residency in Canada if they would go work in BRAMPTON at an obscure MP’s home for a few months, then come out a year later and accuse this nobody MP of abuse.

Yes, that certainly seems plausible.

Ruby Dhalla, you are finished. Put out your torch and get the hell off my island.

**And one last thing, stop calling yourself Dr. Ruby Dhalla, you’re a freaking chiropractor

Ruby Dhalla & Family May Have Kept Slaves

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009


At a public meeting held two weeks ago by provincial Education Minister Kathleen Wynne and Labour Minister Peter Fonseca, when asked to freely speak her mind about the Canadian federal Live-In Caregiver Program, nannies Magdalene Gordo, 31, told the ministers that Ruby Dhalla and family had kept her passport, refused to pay her when she quit, forced her to perform non-nanny jobs, and hired them illegally, and that the Dhalla family did not obtain the necessary federal approval under the Live-In Caregiver Program for the women to live and work in their home:

The nannies also allege Dhalla improperly seized their passports and family members forced them to do non-nanny jobs such as washing cars, shining shoes and cleaning family-owned chiropractic clinics.

Magdalene Gordo, 31, and Richelyn Tongson, 37, say they were hired by Dhalla to work at the family home in Mississauga and routinely toiled five days a week, earning $250 a week while working 12- to 16-hour days.

The nannies were hired in early 2008 to care for Tavinder Dhalla, Ruby’s mother. According to an application submitted to Service Canada for hiring the second nanny, Ruby’s brother, Neil Dhalla, said Tavinder has “a disability which makes it difficult for her to walk and stand for long periods.” Preliminary approval documents did not arrive until after the nanny quit.

Both nannies say Tavinder appeared quite healthy, but had a foot problem that required massaging late in the evening. They claimed that, beyond providing morning and nightly tea for Tavinder, most jobs were cleaning-related, either in the house, outside or in chiropractic clinics owned by the family.

Nanny advocates say these jobs fall outside the federal guidelines for caregivers hired under the program. “Her mother had had me shovelling snow at midnight,” said Gordo. “She wanted a slave, not a caregiver.”

The Dhalla family deny everything the nannies have accused them of, but it warrants the question: Why the hell would the nannies lie about this? If Ruby Dhalla is correct and the Dhalla family treated the nannies, as Ruby Dhalla says in the article, “with a lot of love, with a lot of care and compassion”, then it really is bizarre that not one, but TWO nannies have made such serious allegations against the Dhalla family.

An investigation will have to be launched into Nannygate. If the allegations are proven to be true, then Ruby Dhalla must step down immediately and charges have to be laid against her and her family. If the allegations are false, then the nannies must be sent back to the countries from whence they came. In the mean time, if the liberal leader, Count Chocula, is as open and transparent as he and his handlers claim he is, then he should ask Ruby Dhalla to step down until the investigation is complete.

Ruby Dhalla is described as an *upcoming star* in the liberal party. I would say she certainly fits the liberal prototype–always mired in controversy, and never admitting when she’s wrong.