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CBC “Accidentally” Promotes Anti-Palin Book

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


So the CBC has admitted it “inadvertently” displayed the anti-Palin book during a story about the former vice-presidential candidate on the “National”. Are we expected to be surprised? The books look completely different. In fact they look like night, and much later that night.

The telltale signs to distinguish which parts of these very different books are different from one another:

1. The evil Palin book has stormy clouds and lightning flashing in the background. Scary.
2. The good Palin book has a mainly sunny sky, with some clouds. Perhaps a chance of showers. I’d say a POP of about 10%.
3. The evil Palin book has the byline “An American Nightmare”, which goes well with the stormy night behind her.
4. The good Palin book has the byline “An American Life”, not to be confused with American Beauty, American Psycho, American Pie 1 & 2, American Wedding [which is also American Pie III], American Graffiti, American Gigolo, and let us not forget, American Movie.
5. The final clue is that while Sarah Palin’s publishers appear to know how to spell “Rogue”, as in the female character class that shoots arrows in Diablo I, the evil Palin book spells it “Rouge”, as in the colour red in that cheese-eating surrender-monkey of a country, “France”.

Given all of these obvious telltale signs of which is the good Palin book and which is the evil Palin book, methinks it’s a mite bit difficult to swallow that the CBC promoted the wrong book. I could be wrong. But I’m not.

The Sarah Palin Look-Alike book

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009


Apparently, a look-alike book about Sarah Palin is due out in bookstores the same date the official Sarah Palin book, Going Rogue, is due out. Here’s the reason why:

November 17th that Sarah Palin’s autobiographical work Going Rogue: An American Life comes to shops. It’s also the day that the Nation release Going Rouge: An American Nightmare. Yes, the wicked liberals have come up with a book highlighting everything Sarah Palindoesn’t want you to know with a sleeve that looks the same but doesn’t feel the same (notice the lightning in the back). We hope some conservatives will get confused as some of them wouldn’t know the difference between “rouge” and “rogue” if they worked at a cosmetics counter.

This shows that we are no longer going to be live-and-let-live liberals and just going all the way combatting ignorance. The liberls are no longer indolent and will get to your even if they have to trick you. That’s always fun and great that it’s coming for the left side this time. Yes, we are the “internet left fringe” and we are here to stay.

Ah yes, ”The liberls are no longer indolent and will get to your even if they have to trick you.”

Truer words my friends, truer words. The author is right, of course. Liberls are no longer indolent and will get to your.

And how do these liberls intend on combating Conservative ignorance? By releasing a book that looks identical to Sarah Palin’s, with the ultimate hope that Conservatives will be tricked into making a purchase they didn’t intend on making.


That should teach those evil Conservatives a lesson. That should knock the ignorance right out of those disgusting neo-cons. That should win some additional “hearts and minds™” that liberals are obsessed in winning.

And I’m sure the Conservatives that do make the mistake of buying this copycat book won’t return it to the bookstore, so the bookstores won’t have to worry about having to fill out any additional paperwork, or have lines created at their Return Counter during the busy Christmas season.

But to tell you the truth, I’m not even sure there is a book being released that looks like Sarah Palin’s book. Surely this is some sort of silly rouse. Buehler? I mean, Sarah Palin is irrelevant, right? The state run media keep telling us that. Palin isn’t even in politics any more. A poll the other day showed that if she ran on the Republican ticket for President vs Huckabee and Romney, she would be in third place with 22% of the vote.

So why write a book disputing what a third place, irrelevant, private citizen has to say?

Good luck to the authors of the book and the author of the post that wrote the story I quoted from, I hope they are able to combat ignorance. And for starters, they may want to look inward.

For instance, did Sarah Palin really say she can see Russia from her backyard, or is that an ignorant misquote liberals use to make fun of her with? Do liberals still believe Trig is not Sarah’s child? Or is that just an ignorant smear liberals find they get traction from?

Etc, etc, etc.

Man, I should write a book…

The baby daddy has the megaphone

Friday, July 10th, 2009


The Kevin Federline of Alaska, Levi Johnston, has something to say:

Levi Johnston, 19, whose wedding to Bristol Palin was called off earlier this year, said Thursday he lived with the Palin family from early December to the second week in January.

He claimed he heard the governor several times say how nice it would be to take advantage of the lucrative deals that were being offered, including a reality show and a book.

A half million dollars debt from guerilla lawsuits will make a person just so greedy! What exactly is his position on Barack Obama writng a couple of books? How does a busy senator find the time to write a book?

“She had talked about how nice it would be to take some of this money people had been offering us and you know just run with it, say ‘forget everything else,”‘ he said.

This is from a high school dropout and a fellow walking out on his new baby. He thinks his sporadic visits make him a dad, too.

It’s interesting because he would go on several talk shows and say how hurtful it was when people accused him of trying to cash in on the Palin name, even after appearing in GQ, and as it states in the article, shopping a memoir around and getting a movie deal. Now he’s accusing the governor of doing the same.

Levi, if you think Ms. Palin was in over her head, you really have no idea. If this is some attempt to cull some favour with the Hollywood liberals, I have news for you–you have already served your purpose to them by getting Ms. Palin’s daughter knocked up. You aren’t going to steal an election like Al Franken. You aren’t, you know, like, uh, articulate enough to put in front of a camera. The left does not need you anymore, and the right still have enough pull in America to make your life a more miserable one. You can’t hide in the protection of the media spotlight for much longer. Get your GED and stop embarrassing yourself.

Palin’s resignation indicative that we don’t want “change” in politics

Monday, July 6th, 2009


Our supposedly right-wing National Post:

But it soon became clear that her intellect was shallow: Her debates and interviews were painful exercises in which every subject was brought back to the handful of superficial talking points she’d memorized. Rather than strike blows in the culture wars, she reinforced the false stereotype of conservatives as embittered hillbillies.


Arson Causes $1.5 Million In Damage To Sarah Palin’s Church

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

Arson is described as the cause of a 1.2 million dollar fire that roared through the church Sarah Palin attends in Wassili Alaska:

No one was hurt in the fire on Friday night although a handful of people, including two children, were inside the Wasilla Bible Church, said the Central Mat-Su fire chief, James Steele.

Mr Steele said the blaze was being treated as arson, but he did not know of any threats to the church. Authorities also did not know whether Mrs Palin’s connection to the church was relevant to the fire.

“It’s hard to say at this point. Everything is just speculation,” he said. “We have no information on intent or motive.”

Damage to the church was estimated at $US1 million ($1.52 million), authorities said.

Mr Steele said the fire was lit at the entrance and moved inward as a small group of women were working on crafts. A fire alarm alerted them to the fire. Firefighters fought the blaze in temperatures of minus 17 degrees.

Although it is just speculation that the fire was started because of Sarah Palin’s connection to the church, the Sydney Herald decided to stoke the flames of the fire by adding this nugget of information:

The 1000-member evangelical church was the subject of scrutiny after Mrs Palin was named John McCain’s Republican Party running mate.

Early in her campaign, the church was criticised for promoting a Focus on the Family “Love Won Out Conference” in Anchorage. It promised to “help men and women dissatisfied with living homosexually understand that same-sex attractions can be overcome”.

From the cricket sounds that are emanating by the msm this weekend, I take it that the burning down of the Wasilli Bible Church is no big deal, as it shouldn’t be. It’s not like bigots and haters burned down the Trinity United Church of anything.

Now that would be news!

Keyser Can’t Decide Whether to Vomit or Punch Dick Cavett in the Face

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

We just had a piece on how the once esteemed Nude York Times has turned into some sort of claustrophobic echo chamber in which all the clever people on both coasts can preen about how much smarter they are than hoi polloi in betwixt (oh, and aren’t we cleverest people for knowing that “hoi” is the definite article in Greek, so only rubes from Wasilla or Nebraska or some such place would say “the” hoi polloi). Well, as if we needed confirmation, down the LIE comes the inimitable Dick Cavett. (As an aside, Keyser has to interject that he’d been under the impression that Mr. Cavett had died giving birth to Garrison Keilor, but rumors of his demise appear to have been unfortunately premature.)

Seems the esteemed wordsmith himself is not too fond of Sarah Palin. No! You could have knocked Keyser over with a copy of the Arts section of the Times. But it’s true, as he smirks in his piece entitled “The Wild Wordsmith of Wassilla” (and “wild” really isn’t the right word, is it, Mr. Smartass?): (more…)

Barry O vs. Sarah P

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

You know, Keyser was wandering around the Interwebz last night looking for photos of Sarah Palin (yeah, yeah, but it’s not that kind of obsession), when a thought occurred to him. Whereas Keyser has read a number of articles saying that people who meet Palin like here (even Tina Fey:

), Keyser couldn’t remember ever reading about someone saying that they actually liked Obama. (more…)

Asshole of the Day: George Will

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

George Will the Third, that pretentious twit with the twee little bow ties, is among the crowd of Palin haters. This quasi-Republican is spending the last days of the campaign slagging the Republican ticket, with that smug “I’m smarter than you but I’ll talk in comparatively small syllables so cretins like you can see how much smarter I am than you” tone of his: (more…)

Media Admits Bias, But It Ain’t Their Fault

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Keyser often finds it funny when people go into contortions to deny reality. Here we have an even funnier example in that the phenomenon (media coverage of the election campaign being biased in Barry O’s favor) is admitted, then the obvious cause (reporters being liberals) is cavalierly and disingnuously dismissed. Here’s a supposed analysis of why the imbalance in coverage really isn’t a problem at all from the website Politico: (more…)

Palin Rocks the Shoe Store

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

They say that the Republican Party spent $150,000 for Sarah Palin’s togs (and on sprucing up her family too). The HuffPo types are all vexed about this, but what would you expect from them? First they bitch that she’s a rube, then they complain if the RNC spends the necessary dough to bring her up to Beltway standards.

In Keyser’s opinion, it’s totally worth it. You want to look at some guy with big ears for the next four years (regardless of whether he looks like the guys on the paper money) or this:

Geez, and She Seemed so Nice

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

From the same sort of people who brought you the “Sarah Palin is a Cunt” campaign comes this:

Here’s a detail (NSFW TYMMV): (more…)

“What the Fuck is Wrong with You People?”

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Such is the most succinct comment on this classy piece of political analysis posted on some stupid hipster site (click on the image to see it in its full glory):

Keyser has a pretty high tolerance for bad taste, but you’ll have to excuse him while he goes and washes his mind out.