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The First Day Of School

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

The first day of school is never easy and can be a real nerve-wracking experience; just ask this young student at Toronto’s M’Kawi B’Molisi Public School at Jane/Finch. Good thing for the young transsexual that Grief Councillors, Psychotherapists, Equity Directors, Diversity Case Manager’s, Bilingual Race Relations Expert’s and the Rainbow Lesbian/Bi and Transgendered Dance Troupe were all on hand to help this marginalized youth cope through his first day.

Remember, there is no “I” in team, but there are two “I’s” in dIversIty.

Guy Fawkes crashed the Enola Gay into the Twin Towers

Friday, November 6th, 2009


Every kid knows that history is the subject where you can fall asleep face-first in your book and still appear to be learning. What’s the big deal about mistaking a full-grown male propagandist and a little girl?

One in 20 Scottish children think Adolf Hitler was Germany’s national football coach, while six percent believe the Holocaust was a celebration at the end of World War II, according to a new poll.

One in five also mixed up Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels with Anne Frank, the young Jewish girl who wrote a diary of her time hiding from the Nazis in an attic.


Just walk away from 18th century philosophers you disagree with

Monday, August 24th, 2009


Mom can only protect you so much, and then she has to train her boy into how to defend himself:

A Winnipeg mother has sent her bullied son to learn kick-boxing and given him a green light to “kick the snot out of” his alleged tormentor when school starts next month.

The mother, who asked not to be named, said a bully has been tormenting her son for years.

I’m just hoping it’s not this kickboxing that bored housewives take to feel “empowered” only to find out they’re still no match for a 200-plus-pound man. This story is a perfect example of a typical government-run institution. Kids don’t have rights quite like you and me–any typical assault in the real adult world invites the police under the smallest circumstances, but kids are subject to the discretion of their teachers and school administrators as to what is technically a crime. (Yet another argument against ObamaCare–imagine the medical equivalent of the DMV deciding if Grandma is a depletion of resources instead of…oh, I don’t know…a doctor or something.)

Bullies are easy to spot in any crowd, and they don’t really change all that much. The website By Parents For Parents tries to nail down an answer with elusive statistics. 40%, huh? Is there a “previous bully” checkbox you can enter in somewhere on the census? Basically it’s a mish-mash of analysis with no proper means of dealing with the situation. Remember Gramps telling you to grab the smallest kid and busting his nose open? Well, we can’t do that anymore because fighting solves nothing. No, really, they have socialized the most rudimentary survival skills out of kids now.

Even worse is the advice doled out by Keep Kids Healthy. (Fun quote from their page: “Some victims may actually bring on the bullying attack by teasing or provoking a bully.”) How could they help out the afore-mentioned mom? Talk with school officials? Well, after years of this she lost her patience. Meet with the bully’s parents? They were probably proud of the little thug. Walk away? And go where? Role playing? Leave it to a banner-laden site to dispense such drivel, and I wish I could say they’re alone. Worse, they would probably condemn the mother:

Parents often turn to enrolling their children in a martial arts class, and while this can be helpful to build his self-esteem and help him be more assertive, the aim of the classes should not be so that he can fight back.

Right, and a woman looking to confront her rapist should not resort to fighting back, either. Use a stern, calm voice and a lot of eye contact. I’d like front row seating at that thesis at a U of T symposium.

These “experts” never concern themselves with the psychology of the victim, just what he or she needs to do to deal with the bully. What we need is a new breed of confident, dynamic kid that isn’t prone to being dictated to by a government institution and assured that eventually help is on its way. You see, it’s no coincidence that kids come out of school acting like little obedient to the system drones. It sets them up for later in life for when they are surrending a third of their income to the state. How can schools possibly hate bullies? They’re like unpaid “community organizers.”

School is just a smaller extension of the kickboxing kid’s life. If Mom wants this kid to go onto college and avoid the bullying nature of the elite liberal intelligentsia, he’ll need to be armed with something more powerful than a few kicks. Give the kid Adam Smith, Montesquieu, Buckley, and Rush to read. Luckily, when the bullies in higher education have their half-witted ideas shot down and they resort to violence, the kid will remember everything he knew about bullies back in junior high.

Why is upgrades of skills for teachers so ridiculous?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009


Imagine if you found out that over 70% of all airline pilots didn’t know what half of the knobs on their instrument panel did. This is the same crisis facing our schools right now.


Failure Is Never An Option (but it should be)

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Plano school officials are considering a new policy in its schools whereby teachers wouldn’t grade homework, and students wouldn’t be docked for cheating or handing in late assignments. The school officials are looking to change policy based on this view:

“A lot of the times, our grading practices are things we do just because that’s the way we’ve done them historically,” said Jim Wussow, who oversees the district’s secondary curriculum. “We’ve been examining why we do what we do.”

What school officials are saying is that there is a need to change the way teachers look at marking grades. The only reason why school officials are doing what they are doing is because they haven’t known anything different. The way teachers marked grades in the past shouldn’t be the way teachers mark grades in the present or the future. Fair enough, let’s look at how teachers marked grades in the past compared to how teachers are told to mark grades in the present.

To backtrack just a tad, when a school official harkens back to the *olden days* and uses the past as an example, it’s never to prop up what was taught or learnt in the past, but rather it’s to mock what was learnt and to remind us that the antiquated way our parents and grandparents did things was completely wrong.

In the *olden days*, students that did their homework, were vigilant, and studied every day, were rewarded with passing grades. These students would compete with other students, jockying for positions to get into the different colleges and universities across the land. The best and brightest students continued their hard work throughout college and upon completion were hired by companies that valued ability, good grades, and dedication. Then, if the graduating student applied themselves to their job, they would make enough money to buy a house.

Today, America’s educational system speaks for itself. Going to class is optional, cheating isn’t discouraged, and no one is allowed to get under 50%. Failure isn’t an option, and most likely the majority of students couldn’t spell failure if they tried. Ability has been replaced by a quota system that is based on the colour of ones skin. If you are stupid as a brick but are from a *marginalized minority who is railing against the effects of colonialism in Africa by the evil heteronormative white Christian male®*, you will go to the front of any line . After another 3-5 years of socialist indoctrination, you will be hired by a company that is also on a quota system. If you cannot afford a house, you will be given one from the government. If you cannot make the payments on that house, the government will take the money from someone who did make their payments, and give it to you. If you ever get in trouble or cannot complete a task, you can always blame someone other than yourself. It is never your fault.

Yup, I sure would hate to have to live in the *olden days*. Those people were complete idiots. Look how smart our children are now.