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Your best value in false religion

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

Face it, political correctness is a religion, not a science. As an adventure in magical thinking, Global Warming made a lot of money for a small number of people. Now that the climate has done the weather thing, the faithful forker overs of money are expected to lisp concern over ‘greenhouse gases’ even as they shiver in the snow. Sorry, the transition from Global Warming to Climate Change was like slipping on a fresh cow turd. Political correctness is a religion, one that benefits few and taxes many. Are you one of the few, or one of the many? How much money, power, and sex has political correctness given you? Instead of getting your invisible strap on of white privilege in a knot, accept reality. Embrace reality. You cannot choose you parents, but you can shop around for your religion. And what better religion than one that reflects your values, returns financial benefits, and caters to your lusts? That religion is the cult of Set, the Snake God.

Does political correctness give you an invitation to orgies, illicit drugs, liquor, revenge, and wealth? When was the last time the dried up husks of Climate Justice give you a blow job? How about a fistful of dollars handed to you from a fracking activist? Can the queers fix a speeding ticket for you? No way. These privileges are restricted to the high ranking activists. You are not one of them. You will never become one of them. So, time for you to consider the benefits, features, and advantages of membership in the cult of Set, the Snake God.

All members of the cult of Set, the Snake God can participate in orgies. There are other benefits which every cultist can enjoy. Let us just say that if you like guns, you will like belt fed, hydraulic boost, multi-barrel firepower better. What about atomic weapons? With Set. the Snake God, you can spend your quality basement time polishing a multi-kiloton device, rather than a wet vac. And your enemies, have them fed to an alligator.

The Future Oriented post Christian Pagan Viewpoint for Diversity

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Caring people care about what is going to happen to them in their next life. Worshipers of Set, the Snake God derive comfort from the Global Warming Science reality that they can capitalize their after life with slaves, servants, work animals, food, and recreations. Only this week I received dispensation from the Hierophant of the Etobicoke chapter of the cult of Set, the Snake God that I could populate my utopian after world with those common plastic figurines that accompany kids meals in fast food joints. Using the potent magic available only to loyal followers of Set, the Snake God, I am now able to gather my future household together. My first acquisitions are Hackus Smurf, Baker Smurf, and two Vexy Smurfs. Muah-hah-hah-haha. What sort of person has four (four) indentured servants? In one stroke, using only the worthless paper money of this transitory existence, I have made myself into a man of property in the next life. In the days to come I shall harvest other idols to act as containers for the enslaved souls who will serve me in the eternity to come. Thank You, Set, the Snake God .

You too can have slaves to serve you in the next life. You can populate your after life plantation with crops, animals, slaves, and servants. Any plastic figurine will do. But you need the magic power of Set, the Snake God to make it happen. When you are destined to be a powerful plantation owner in the next life, your present life will reflect your future grand status. I am going to fill my plantation with more kids meals figurines, and use necromancy to shape them into minions. Come over to Set, the Snake God and you can have this too.

I ask you, what tasks will you give to Vexy, Hackus, and Baker Smurf? What figurines would you set out to acquire?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

No title really required

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

I recently attended an orgy as a guest of the followers of Set, the Snake God. The Etobicoke chapter of the cult of the Emerald Eyed One hosts a fine orgy. There was food, drink, dope, whores, and weapons aplenty. Those of you that appreciate musical accompaniment to your orgy activities would have found much to soothe (or inflame) your lusts. There is no accounting for taste, was the theme of the sunset to sunrise events, as the greeter at the double doors of the Temple said to all who passed into, and down to the rites. What can you say when the Walmart trained greeter is done up as Don Rickles in drag? There is no accounting for taste

Children of Set, the Snake God

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Children are Special. Children, conceived during a ritual where the act is consummated upon a serpentine altar, are Special. At one time, the Christians would have told you to conceive children during pagan rituals was bad. The Christians also said that abortion, queers, and laziness was bad, too. Now, as enlightened progressives, we know that bad is now good. Conclusion: simple. And now the worshipers of Set, the Snake God can talk openly about a few aspects of The Special Children that now walk amongst you. Is not Diversity grand? An open door to allow the old ways back, to silence the racist, sexist Christians and their silly warnings.

Rituals of Set, the Snake God

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

When you attend ‘religious services’ do people sit in the back, avoid sitting in the front? Are you not tired of lack of commitment to the Diety of Your Choice? Perhaps it is time you embraced the falsest of religions, that is, the cult of Set, the Snake God. When you attend a ritual with the worshipers of the Emerald Eyed One, you will want to be in the front, to watch, to sing, to eat.

Practical Religious Practices of the cult of Set, the Snake God

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

So, what has your personal false religion done for you lately? At best, you have access to secret combinations. Some good deals on black market gasoline, conversation with like minded political fanatics, and pleasant evenings drinking whiskey standing around a map table. But you want more. If you are willing to sell your soul to some man made system of mumbo jumbo, and you want best value. Let me suggest the cult of Set, the Snake God. As we speak, the acolytes of Set, the Snake God are effecting social change, enjoying the destruction of their enemies, and living above the law.

Taking advantage of the Old Ways

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

I was having dinner with some recent initiates into the cult of Set, the Snake God. Everybody loves the cult of Set, the Snake God, the falsest religion that exists. I was telling the new members how everybody can enjoy the simple pleasures that Set, the Snake God has set aside for everybody. * . The greater pleasures are, of course, reserved for the followers of Set, the Snake God. Even the most casual worshiper of the Great Scaled Serpent can savor the delights of the sure knowledge of an afterlife of luxury and sloth. One uses sympathetic magic to prepare your mansion of the after world. A few figurine cows indicates livestock; some pigs, some chickens. Some figures of men indicates you will have servants, which implies superior cash flow. Indeed, you can prepare a plantation of happiness for yourself, your family, in the next life. For followers of Set, the Snake God, this is a great comfort, this use of necromancy to provide a feather bed in the after world. But it gets better …


The Sleeping Sword

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

When you wake up in the morning, you have the certainty that your oppressors are waking up too. Have they slept well? Did they giggle at the misfortune they have inflicted upon you? Gave an overgenerous tip with your confiscated money? Can you easily see them wallowing in your wealth, resources, and property; with a secure wall of nigoons, hacks, media, and acid freak university professors separating your hands from their windpipe? This is a common feeling in the morning, a common feeling for many. The multitude that is the working class is oppressed; they serve the never workers, they are ground under by the elites and their henchmen. There is nothing you can do. Your sword sleeps.


Put steel in your resolution

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Living in a country that lacks the certainty that comes with a state religion, I am sure you are following the useless tradition of New Years Resolutions. Do they work? The road to the future is littered with the rotting corpses of failed New Years Resolutions. Why participate in failure? Are you a stupid primate, throwing poo at the hungry leopard? Maybe it is time for you to evolve into a winner, someone who gets what he wants, obtains the choicest rewards, and dominates his world. This New Years, put some high alloy steel into your resolution by inviting Set, the Snake God into the picture.


Setting Set, the Snake God on your problems

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

You can fill a cloth gardening glove with french fries and tomatoes, and throw them to the snapping turtles to eat over a period of time. You can watch. You should watch, watch the happy river reptiles (turtles are reptiles, especially this one) eat. Everyone who can, should feed a snapping turtle this month. In this, you will appease Set, the Snake God, and your problems will be the problems of Set, the Snake God. And Set, the Snake God will set himself to solve these problems in the robust fashion that resembles that of Juno, the Destroyer of Cities.

Some of you cannot make an offering to Set, the Snake God in this fashion.
Instead, make a burnt offering. Go out and buy the cheapest, maple flavored pork food product you can afford; burn it to a cinder, making the fragrant smells that Set, the Snake God knows so much.

But, if you can, if you want more, if you want a bigger piece of the pie, give more to Set, the Snake God.
Feed the neighbors yappy poodles to the snapping turtles this next long weekend. Leave a gym bag filled with iron bars, gas masks, and hoodies at a transit stop. Make time for Set, the Snake God, in your life. Help the hungry One with the Emerald Eyes; be a chef, not a waiter, and certainly not an entree.

I care about you. Money is evil. Send me your money. I will make the evil go away. You will become calm and relaxed, like after you are injected with a narcotic.

Are you a scoffing sceptic? You believe that the worship of Set, the Snake God, through simple feeding of wild animals, making bar-b-que, or some lavish, grisly spectacle, does not work? Well, I challenge you to put Set, the Snake God to the test. Go out and shake your fist at the heavens and say, Come and Get me! or Here I am or I am a big, scary rabbit! Afterwards, you will have all the proof you can stomach.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

Dining out with Fenris Badwulf

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Set, the Snake God is the most attractive of the worlds pantheon of false religions. Unlike other false religions that push some sort of morality or mythology, the followers of the Green Eyed Serpent are simply in it for self gain, financial interest, lust, and having a good time. For superior value for your false religion dollar, Set, the Snake God is your best deal. What other false religion makes it a virtue to have those you hate fed to a river reptile? have those you lust for kidnapped, drugged, and subjected to your unnatural lusts? have your career and investment portfolio advanced through secret combinations or elevator accident? You need look no further than the meat eating reptile that lives in your subconscious, in the efficient and (unfortunately) autonomic structures of your brain. But before you accept the bag of gold, the lusty whores, the sack of dope of choice, and the adoration of weaker minds, that Set, the Snake God brings to the table, it is best you understand a bit more about the Emerald Eyed Serpent whose acolytes you must come to serve, if you are to be served at the banquet of the temple of Set, the Snake God.

Astrology and Hollywood

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Barry O’bama, his destiny is written in the stars.
For details, you will have to click to enlarge. Finally, the great unifier has his birth certificate out. So freshly typed looking, and with a birth time. Now the astrologer can go to work.