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Fate? Destiny? Definitely Sugary Sickness

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Here is a story that I’m sure will tickles all the various cockles in yer body:

Newlyweds Alex and Donna Voutsinas accidentally stumbled upon photographic evidence proving that both were at Walt Disney World on the same day twenty years prior.

The photo, snapped when Donna was 5, shows a man in the background pushing a stroller with a toddler inside. That man was Alex’s father, and the boy in the stroller was none other than little baby Alex.

Okay, I’ll buy that. It’s a sweet story, something magnificently coincidental. Buy let’s get beyond that for a second and try to figure out this: Who in the hell is that mascot? Jacques the Pedo?

A good rule of thumb to follow, no matter if you’re at Disney or at the shopping center;  if ANYONE dressed in a messed up beret and wearing a prison outfit tries to pose for a picture with your children, blow the rape whistle you have hanging around your neck. Scratch and scream and do whatever it takes, because you are not in a safe place.


Shauna Sands Files Restraining Order Against Romain Chavent

Saturday, December 13th, 2008


Former Playboy Playmate, Shauna Sands, has filed a restraining order against husband Romain Chavent, claiming he hit her in the breasts, which she just had constructive surgery on. This is the second restraining order Shauna has had placed on Chavent, the first was due to this:

Shauna claims that in March this year, Chavent punched her in the stomach and threw her into a wall. She was granted a restraining order in 2007 when she claimed that he strangled, punched, and threw her across the room. Sand had the Temporary Restraining Order dismissed because “he promised to change.”

 He did change in the sense that he’s avoiding the strangling and throwing, unfortunately now he’s working on the breast hitting.

That’s not the reason for this article though, and it’s also not because it gives me an opportunity to showcase a fake blond with a monster rack, it was what Sands claims is another reason she wants a restraining order on Chavent:

 Shauna also maintains that Chavent once threatened to sell nude pictures of her children (from her marriage to Lamas)  that he took while he babysat them.

Huh? Is she claiming Chavent took nude photos of her kids while he babysat them? I’m not sure how the law works in Hollywood, but up here in Mitchieville, that’s not only a crime, that’s a crime with a severe prison beating. I would say that Hollywood police should probably look into that claim. Now I know Hollywood cops are probably very busy letting Hollywood *stars* off the hook for drug offences and drinking and driving, but something like this is worth looking into. Naked children, man with camera, babysitting–yup, that’s seems serious.

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